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Санта-Барбара/Santa Barbara (1984 - 1993) - США (на англ.яз.)

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Original airdate: July 30, 1984
"Santa Barbara" premiered with Kelly Capwell and Joe Perkins' engagement party on July 30, 1979. It was at this party Joe and Channing had a fight. Later Channing was called into the Capwell library, where he was shot. The show then jumped forward to present day, July 30, 1984, at Kelly and Peter's engagement party. The Capwell mansion was filled with festive guests and elegant music playing. Meanwhile at the prison, Joe Perkins was informed he was being released, he shouted with joy at the revelation, and SB's opening theme played for the first time.

At the party, C.C. was informed that Joe has been released. C.C. becomes angered and blames Mason for not stopping this from happening. A mysterious woman receives a phone call, she becomes shocked when she learns Joe Perkins has been released from prison (the woman is Augusta, however for some reason Augusta's face was not shown throughout SB's premiere episode).

Ted and Danny have a drink at the beach bar, where they see Laken. Ted invites Laken to come back to the Capwell mansion to join the party. Laken refuses because she isn't dressed for the occasion (Laken had been riding a bike). Ted insists and they both hop on the bike for a romantic bike ride.

Minx gets mad at her chauffeur for stopping in the middle of the road, she demands to know why he has stopped the car. He informs her that there is too many people at the Capwell Estate and he can't get through the road to the Lockridge mansion. Minx curses C.C. and demands that her driver takes her home.

Augusta phones someone and orders them to stop Joe Perkins from returning to Santa Barbara. Jade screams in delight when she hears a special report on television announcing that Joe has been released, she runs to tell her mother, Marisa the good news.

Santana becomes angered when learning Joe has been released, she later steals a gun from the Capwell mansion. Minx calls the cops on C.C. for being too noisy, she orders them to arrest C.C. It was when the police asked for her name when Minx growled "T as in Tiger", referring to T as her middle initial. When Joe refuses to accept bus fare to San Francisco from two strangers, they attack him at at bus station (the two strangers were the two goons Augusta sent out to stop Joe from returning to Santa Barbara).

The police arrive at the Capwell estate and inform C.C. of Minx's complaint. C.C. dismisses the cops, and orders the band to play a little louder because Minx can't hear the music with all of her windows closed. C.C. arranges for a helicopter to take Kelly and Peter away for a romantic trip.

While on the bus to Santa Barbara, Joe dreams about what it was like with Kelly before he was sent to prison. The men Augusta sent are driving along the bus. One of the men takes out a gun and aims at Joe, and he takes a shot at him. Luckily, he missed. Augusta became angered when she is informed what the men had done, she yells at them that she didn't want to kill Joe, just keep him away from Santa Barbara. Rosa follows Santana to the bus station, where Marisa and Jade were also waiting for Joe's arrival. Santana aims a gun at the door where Joe is suppose to come through when he arrives. When Joe's bus pulls into the SB bus station, he is greeted by many protesters who are demonstrating his return to Santa Barbara. At the same time Kelly and Peter's helicopter is flying overhead. As Joe looks up into the sky he sees Kelly in the helicopter, she is stunned when she realizes it is Joe.

SB's theme music played and ended Episode #1.



Original airdate: July 31, 1984
In the helicopter, Peter notices that Kelly is bothered by something. Is something wrong?, he asks. No of course not, says Kelly and gives him a kiss, but it is obvious that she's concerned about Joe down there... Police officers has to escort Joe off the bus, to prevent people from attacking him. Rose panics when she sees her daughter pulling out a gun from her purse, and runs towards her. Santana drops the gun and someone steps on it. That someone is Mason, and he's come to save Santana from making a mistake. Joe is reunited with his mother and sister, and they share a warm hug. They don't notice that the 'secret woman' is lurking around. "Oh no, he's back", she says with a harsh tone of voice. Joe wants to know where his father is, and Marisa tells him he couldn't make it because of his wounded leg. Yeah right, says Joe, disappointed.

Meanwhile, John pays C.C. a visit and says that he will do everything to cooperate. He's afraid that Joe will cause even more trouble for his family now that he's out from prison and he doesn't want to see that happen. It turns out that C.C. gave John a job when he was out of work, and now we are to believed that John has to repay the favor by getting rid of Joe.

Mason wants to know why Santana was carrying a gun - killing Joe is not the answer here. Santana cries that she couldn't have killed him even if she wanted to - she's just upset and confused. Mason offers a hug.

Grandma Minx gives Laken the third degree about 'the Capwell boy'. What's going on here, and for how long has she been seeing him?! The Capwells are off limits - in fact she doesn't even want that name mentioned in this house! Laken thinks that the family feud is just plain stupid, and there is no reason for them all not to get along. At this moment, Lakens mother Augusta makes an appearance, and it turns out that she's the 'secret woman' who was giving orders to assassins in the previous episode. I can se no reason for why her head was concealed in the first place, but I guess it just was to create a more dramatic effect. Anyway, here she is, with her head firmly on the top of her shoulders and she wants to know where Laken has been all day. Laken doesn't offer an explanation though, and just exits the room. Later, Ted sneaks up to the Lockridge house, and starts climbing up the wall. Laken gets the surprise of her life when there is a knock on the window. Ted explains that he just couldn't stay away from her - he just had to come and see her. They are about to lean in for a kiss, when Augusta knocks on the door. Ted makes a quick escape and hides under Lakens bed, while Augusta and her Doberman, Breeze, lets themselves in. She tells her daughter that she needs some help with her manicure. After she leaves, Ted gets out from underneath the bed, and says that was a close call. Well, he has to get going now, so he starts climbing out the window again. Minx notices this from a window on the other side of the house, and says; "Well, it looks like the termites are getting bigger every year"...

Peter and Kelly is taken to a beautiful yacht at sea. There awaits a perfectly set table - complete with dinner and champagne - all courtesy of C.C. Capwell. Kelly remembers her childhood when the whole family used to get together on the boat and have dinner to celebrate mother's day... but that was way back when her mother was still alive. Peter says they will have many kids together after they get married, and then they will celebrate mother's day everyday. The lovebirds decides to go swimming before supper. After the swim, Peter is hot to trot and wants to make some good ole' luvvin! But Kellys mind is elsewhere, and she asks for a rain check. Peter wants to know what's wrong, but Kelly doesn't know herself (classic soap-queen line #32). She assures her beau that it has nothing to do with him though, she's just not in the mood. She wants to go out for another swim, and Peter follows...

Rose wants to know why Santana was carrying a gun. After some pointless babble, Santana finally explains that she was in love with Channing Capwell, and that they had a relationship. She breaks down in tears, and tells her mother that she gave birth to a son, but C.C. made her give him up for adoption. Santana gives us the scoop on the baby: she was working for the Capwells in their Acapulco-spa when she gave birth. She only got to see the boy once - but it was a real Kodak-moment. "Why have you been keeping this from your parents?", a shocked Rosa asks. Well, says Santana, I was so ashamed for having been intimate with a man without a ring on my finger - what would papa have said?

Joe is happy to be home, but it's obvious that papa John doesn't share his enthusiasm - he just walks right pass his son without saying a word. Later, John wants to know what Joe plans to do now that he's out of prison. He sure ain't gonna get a job in this town - not after all that's happened. Joe explains that he's determined to find the real killer and clear his name - he wants to know why he spent five years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Joe gets the feeling that his father doesn't believe in his innocence, and he can't stay in the house with him if that is the case. Marisa fights to hold back her tears, as father and son square off in a battle... Johns starts fuming that things hasn't exactly been going great while Joe was in prison - his legal bills and attorney fees put them into debt for the rest of their lives - they even had to take out a second mortgage on the house! "You got out of prison in five years - we won't be out of debt in twenty! - that is if we live that long!". Papa John is getting all worked up, and Joe is stunned, but papa goes on yelling; "You were the one that was supposed to be so successful - you were the one who was going to marry a rich girl. You were supposed to be the one we could count on, but instead you sent us straight to hell!" Joe offers to leave the house, but suddenly his mother takes a stand; "NO! Joe is going nowhere! If anyone is leaving this house, it's you John Perkins - you get out of this house and out of our family!", she screams with tears running down her face. (This really gave me chills, I'll tell you...) Later, John has packed his bags and is ready to leave the house, since he's convinced that Marisa loves their son more then she loves him, and he can't take it anymore. Joe proclaims for the umpteenth time that he's an innocent man, but John has only one advice for his son - stay away from Kelly Capwell!



Original airdate: August 1, 1984
Mason has some bad news for Santana today - apparently there were two witnesses to the little gun-incident at the bus station the other day, and now the D.A wants to press charges. Why oh why?, says Santana, pointing out that nothing actually happened. Well, Mason explains that she doesn't have a license to carry a gun, so she's in some serious trouble. Fortunately for her - he's very eager to help her out of the mess. Santana wonders if she should get an attorney, but she's still having trouble believing why someone would want to press charges against her when she didn't do anything (actually she has all the reason not to believe it - Mason is bluffing big time). Mason promises once again that he will take care of it, and all he wants in return, is for her to 'get jiggly wid it' with him... Santana pulls away. Later, Santana contacts an attorney-friend of hers, and explains why she was carrying a gun that day, and that she doesn't trust Mason. The friend promises to sniff around and see if there is any truth to Masons story, or if he's just taking her for a ride. Santana agrees to go out to breakfast with Mason, and at the restaurant they rehash the gun-incident a third time. He then says that he will go and make some calls to see if anyone has pressed charges against her. He goes off to a pay phone, but makes a totally different phone call that has nothing to do with Santana. He later returns with some good news - he managed to persuade the prosecutor not to press any charges, and he has saved her from the whole mess. Now aren't you grateful Santana dear? Mason takes her home, and wants to come in for some more chatting, but she says she's tired and wants to go to bed. Mason offers to let himself out while Santana goes into the bathroom. However, he just pretends to leave, but he actually stays in her apartment and watches her take off her clothes...

The sun is shining bright at the beach, and Danny is preparing for his latest stunt - he's gonna go 'hanggliding' down a mountain in an attempt to impress miss Jade Perkins. Jade arrives moments later, and Danny starts to make the moves on her right away. Unfortunately she gets somewhat distracted when the buffy lifeguard Warren Lockridge shows up. Danny gets ready to make his hanggliding-stunt, that will be sure to take Jades eyes off of Warren. Indeed, Danny gives an impressive show with his stunt, and everyone is very impressed. Especially a big-time movie producer who just happened to be at the beach and witness the whole stunt. She offers him a part in her movie if he will do it again - in front of the camera. Danny is hesitant... maybe he won't be so lucky the next time? Maybe he'll crash and die in the process... However, Jade is all jiggy at the thought of Danny in a blockbuster-movie, so she convinces him to go along with it. Maybe there's even a small role for her in the movie?, the starstruck teeny bopper asks. Jade asks Danny to put in a good word for her with the casting director, and he promises to do that. Suddenly that hunky lifeguard makes a new appearance, and Jade starts drooling once again. Danny is mighty annoyed...

Rosa is doing some cleaning in C.C.s office, and takes the opportunity to confront him about Santanas baby. She is very disappointed in all of them for keeping her in the dark about this, and she wants the whole truth now. C.C. gently explains to his housekeeper that the adoption was a mutual decision - he, Channing and Santana were all in agreement that it would be in the best interest of the child. "Well now what? Don't we have the right to know where our grandson is?", Rosa asks. She doesn't believe that Santana was in agreement about the adoption, and suspects that C.C. forced her will. Not at all, says C.C. and goes on to explain that he had such high aspirations for Channing - at one point he even dreamed that he would become the president of the United States. A child would only have gotten in the way of my sons future, you can understand that Rosa dear, right? Grrrrrr... fumes Rosa.

Joe and Marisa are having breakfast at the Perkins household. Joe tells his mom that he's going Kelly-hunting today! Why she must be so happy to see him after all these years, right? Marisa takes him down to earth and shows him a newspaper article about Kelly and Peters engagement. "Joe, she testified against you at the trial, and she didn't write you a single letter during your five years in prison - can't you see that she doesn't love you anymore?". No, Joe can't see that - sure, he's been away for awhile, but now that he's back, things will get back to normal again - you'll see mom, says Joe with a smile on his face!

Later, Marisa gets a visit from her rejected husband John. He starts going on again about Joe, and that he's nothing but trouble, but Marisa refuses to listen to him, and hints around that she wants a divorce...

After taking care of the Rosa-situation, C.C. is ready for work (and exactly what does C.C. do for a living, might I ask? Perhaps we'll never know). Anyway, he is rudely interrupted by eager beaver Joe Perkins, who has come to see Kelly. C.C. throws a fit, and says that she's not home - and even if she was, she wouldn't want anything to do with a lowlife like him! Now get out of here before I do something I'll regret! But Joe proclaims that he's going nowhere; "I'll find your sons real killer", he says firmly. C.C. believes he's looking at him right now, and promises to make his life a living hell if he ever tries to contact his daughter again! Later, Joe does some digging and finds out where Peter and Kellys boat will be docking. Unfortunately, the helicopter pilot that offers him this information, smells a rat and decides to call and alert C.C. of this...

On the boat, Kelly tells Peter that she wants to go home. Why? Oh, there's a storm coming their way and... then there's that Joe Perkins-thing. Kelly wants to be with her family now that her ex-boyfriend/killer is on the loose. Peter thinks there is more to it than that, but agrees to turn the boat around. Later, the boat is reaching harbor, and Kelly decides to get some last-minute suntanning on the deck. And wouldn't you know it - Joe is standing on the docks with binoculars in his hand, doing some birdwatching (Yeah, right). All of a sudden he gets a really pretty sight - it's Kelly posing in a blue bikini on the boat! Looking every bit as lovely as she did five years ago. Yummy, he thinks for himself, as we are once again treated to that sentimental love song from 1979, along with flashing images of Kelly in different poses... thank you, Santa Barbara! :-)



Original airdate: August 2, 1984
Santana is almost fully undressed, and about to pour herself a lovely bubblebath, when she realizes that Mason is still in the apartment - watching her every move. She quickly puts on a robe and goes out to confront him. "Oh, silly me, just forgot my keys", says Mason but Santana isn't buying it for one second and makes him leave. Later, mama Rosa stops by, and Santana admits that she misses her son more than ever. She is now determined to find him. Rosa tries to change her mind, but there's nothing stopping Santana; "He's my son - my flesh and blood. I have to make sure he's all right", she says firmly. She heads over to C.C.s to lurk around and try to find a clue to her sons whereabouts. She tries to get into Channings old room, but suddenly C.C. appears and explains that the door has been locked since the day of his sons murder, and he's not about to open it. He encourages her to move on with her life, and forget all about her son. Santana gets quite upset, and leaves with the words; "I WILL find him!" Later, C.C. picks up his phone and calls a women named Gina. "So how is our little Brandon doing? You know he has a birthday coming up, don't you?". It is obvious that C.C. has been in contact with his adopted grandchild for some time. Santana gets more bad news today - her lawyer-friend tells her that no charges was made against her for the gun-incident, so therefore Mason must have been lying all along. "I knew it!", snaps Santana and makes a point that revenge is sweet...

Peter and Kelly are about to dock the yacht, when they see Joe Perkins standing at the pier. Peter panics, and grabs Kelly back inside the boat. He wants to know exactly what she felt when she saw him - did it stir up some unresolved feelings perhaps? Don't be ridiculous, says Kelly and tells her fiance that she feels nothing for Joe. However, her eyes tell a different story...

Moments later, Joe is accompanied by C.C. and his bodyguards. C.C. orders him once again to stay away from Kelly and leave Santa Barbara, or else! Joe nixes that idea, and still proclaims that he's an innocent man - and one day he'll prove it to all of them. C.C. is less than interested in listening to Joe's *I'm innocent-speech* and threatens him with various ramifications if he doesn't take a hike immediately. The bodyguards gets a hold of him and throws him in the water...

After drying off, Joe goes to that beach-restaurant to have some supper. He is soon joined by Augusta and her evil dog, Breeze. Augusta pretends that she doesn't know who he is, but then she 'realizes' that he is that infamous murderer who was recently released from jail. She goes on to spew out some incriminating comments about his reputation, and finally Joe can't take it anymore. He gets up from the table and says that he's tired of all these accusations from people. "I'm an innocent man - and I will clear my name", he says, in case the show has a new viewer tuning in late. Augusta is mighty impressed with his little speech, and seems fascinated with the young man...

Since this is the year 1984, and e-mail is only a thing in the science-fiction movies, Ted and Danny amuse themselves by sending messages back and forth with a carrier pigeon. This pigeon is called Mr. T, and he's one darn good mailman. Laken is mighty impressed by this... Unfortunately, Augusta has forbidden Laken from dating 'that Capwell-boy', but that doesn't stop them from having secret rendez-vouz. Ted gives her a carrier pigeon of her own, and they make plans to meet at the beach the following day.

Something strange is going on at the Perkins house. A peculiar man breaks a window and throws in a firebomb. Marisa discovers the bomb way to late, and it goes off - causing a severe explosion and some damage to the house. At this very moment, Joe is entering the house, and causes a backdraft when he opens the door. He soon finds his mother unconscious on the floor, and carries her out to the porch for some fresh air. It looks like she's going to be all right under the circumstances. However, Joe is devastated when he realizes that the bomb must have been meant for him. Marisa assures him that it's not his fault.

Later, Joe is standing at his front porch, when a strange man with a disguised voice approaches him from behind. He orders Joe not to turn around and face him, but says they need to talk (Yeah right, like I ever would agree to that - that's just stupid - turn around Joe!). Joe agrees to this, and asks what he wants with him. The mystery-man says; "You don't know me, but we have a common interest - I can help you find Channing Jr:s killer - meet me at the abandoned warehouse at midnight sharp". When Joe turns around, the mystery-man is gone. Joe goes down to the agreed meeting-spot, and is once again approached by the man from behind. "I believe in your innocence, and I might be able to help you on the right track", he says before disappearing once again. Seems like a big waste of time for Joe to go all the way down to the warehouse just to hear him say those words - couldn't he just have said them at the porch? Well, Joe is intrigued none the less, and so am I...



Original airdate: August 3, 1984
John gets a small shock when he arrives at his house and discovers that there has been a bombing. After making sure that Jade and Marisa are all right, he asks if they know who is behind this. Marisa explains that the police doesn't have a clue, since there are no witnesses to the crime. However, John is sure that it must be someone who is out to get Joe. At that very moment, Joe arrives and John instantly attacks him about the bombing - this is all your fault!, he fumes, and it's apparent that Joe is hurt by his fathers accusations. Marisa is quick to jump to his defense, and tells John to get out of the house.

Joe meets with the mystery-man once again at the abandoned warehouse. He wears a big hat, sunglasses and a large beard, and he doesn't want to reveal his true identity, but says that Joe can call him Dominic. He asks Joe to focus on the night of the murder, and not to let his anger blind him from discovering some important detail that he might have overlooked. Suddenly, Joe remembers that there was another witness to the murder - one of the guests at the party. He didn't come forward at the time, and Joe doesn't know who he is or how to get in touch with him.

Later, Joe goes down to the restaurant to have breakfast, and Augusta pretends to run in to him by accident (actually she was planning on him being there, and told her dog that they were going Joe-hunting). She sits down at his table, and orders some breakfast. Moments later, the waitress approach Joe with a note - it's Dominic who wants to see him right away at the warehouse. Joe excuses himself from the table, and rushes down there. Dominic tells him specifically NOT to reveal anything about himself to Augusta. Joe wants to know why, but he doesn't get an answer - Dominic has disappeared. Once again, I'm amazed why Dominic couldn't just write this in the note he left for Joe at the restaurant? Guess we'll never know...

It's time for Danny's big day in the spotlight! Today he's gonna skydive in front of the camera and become a movie star in the process! Jade is obviously thrilled about this, as she's hoping some of his success will rub off on her. Danny is very nervous as he's about to make the stunt, but his friends assures him that everything will go smooth. Indeed, Danny's stunt is a success, and the movie-producer is very pleased. He gets a warm welcome from his friends, and Jade even lets him kiss her.

Danny's instant success, turns to big dreams about becoming a real Hollywood-stuntman. Jade is jumping of joy, and asks to join him in Hollywood. There's only one problem - mom and dad Andrade isn't so pleased with Danny's aspirations. Finally, Rosa tells her husband that Danny has to learn from his own mistakes - maybe he just needs to get this out of his system - and they give him their blessing.

Santana is more determined than ever to track down her son. She relives the painful delivery in a vivid flashback, and says aloud that she has to find out who adopted him - or at least make sure he's all right. She calls the airport and gets a standby ticket to Acapulco that very night.

Since learning that Mason deceived her, Santana starts to plan her sweet revenge... she's gonna treat him to a very spicy dinner! Rosa warns her from putting that much chili in the casserole, but Santana assures her that she knows exactly what she's doing. Later, Mason arrives with two bottles of champagne - looking forward to a romantic evening with the elusive Santana. He takes one bite of the casserole, and grabs for the glass of water. Santana wants to know if her cooking is all right, and Mason says it delicious - while trying to put out the fire in his throat.

Peter Flint discovers that being engaged to Kelly Capwell is a quite lucrative venture. Why today the head honcho of the family, C.C. The Mighty, offers him a job as president of 'Capwell Hotel'! Peter is very grateful, but Kelly asks him if he's sure he wants to do this - she would just as well marry a high school teacher as a hotel-owner, and she doesn't want him to feel pressured by her father. That's quite all right dear, Peter says with a glee, I'm looking forward to my new life as an Executive Nothing - it's a big carйer-move for me! Moments later, Peter is enjoying his comfortable couch in his brand new office, when he hears a noise outside the door. It seems as if some uninvited visitor is trying to get passed the secretary without permission. Why it's Joe Perkins - angrier than hell, who wants a chat with his 'ol rival Peter. After some bickering back and forth, Peter reluctantly agrees to see him. Joe goes off accusing him of throwing the firebomb in his family home, but Peter firmly denies the accusation. Then the conversation turns to Kelly, and how Peter managed to break up Joe's relationship with her five years ago. Peter insists that Kelly is much better off with him, and assures Joe that he will make her his wife in a short matter of time. Joe fumes with anger...

Later, Joe arranges a little bluff for Peter... he calls him up on the boat, pretending to be a next door neighbor from his apartment building, and says that someone is breaking into his apartment. Peter leaves the boat in a jiffy, to check this out, and leaves Kelly by herself. It doesn't take long before Joe shows up on the boat - determined to have a word with the love of his life. Kelly shivers with shock when she suddenly finds herself face to face with Joe in the boat...



Original airdate: August 6, 1984
Peter arrives at his apartment and is surprised to see that no one has been trying to break in. "Perkins must be behind this", he fumes and heads back to the boat. Indeed, at the boat Kelly is stunned to see Joe face to face. She realises that he tricked Peter to get her alone, and she's quite upset about this. "I had to see you", Joe says with a strong conviction in his voice, "I still love you - I never stopped, and I know you still have feelings for me too. Don't deny it Kelly". Not likely, Kelly snaps, with her upper lip shaking like a leaf, and explains that her feelings for Joe died the day he killed her brother. By now we all know what Joe's going to say; "I'm an innocent man, I'll tell you!", but Kelly refuse to even give him the time of day. "I saw you standing there, over his dead body, with a gun in your hand!". Joe assures her that Channing was already dead when he arrived at the scene. Sure, he had a fight with him moments before his death, but he didn't kill him. In fact, all this is Peter's fault, yells Joe. He was the one who told Channing about their planned eloping, and that was the topic of their argument. If Peter had just kept his mouth shut - Joe wouldn't have a motive to kill Channing. Kelly thinks Joe only has himself to blame, and she refuses to listen to anymore of his lame excuses. She assures him once again that she has no unresolved feelings for him, but Joe can tell by the look in her eyes that she's not being truthful... Moments later, Peter enters the boat and throws a fit when he finds his fiancee together with that lowlife Joe Perkins. He pulls out a gun and fires a tranquilizer-shot at him, but misses by an inch... He warns Joe to keep his filthy hands of Kelly, but Joe counter attacks and pushes him to the wall. Kelly gets hysterical and asks the two gentlemen to stop it right now, and Joe leaves the boat... Peter blames himself for leaving Kelly alone on the boat, and asks if she's all right. Sure, says Kelly, I'm just peachy, but I do have a couple of questions; "Did you tell Channing that me and Joe were about to elope?". Peter gets upset and starts to yell; "Why, two minutes with that bastard and you're already starting to act strange!". Later he apologizes, and Kelly forgives him. In fact she does more than just forgive him - she suggests they go to Las Vegas right away and become husband and wife! If you ask me, Kelly suggested this because she knows that Joe's presence in town will make her fall for him again eventually, and she's probably frightened by her own feelings... Pure speculation of course...

Joe arrives home and tells his mom about the encounter with Kelly. "She was so lovely mom... so beautiful". But mama Marisa wants her son to wake up and smell the coffee; "When are you going to realize that she doesn't love you anymore? She's engaged to another man!". Joe refuses to listen to this; She doesn't love him - she couldn't possibly be over me yet. I'm just that unforgettable, you see. Well anyway, Marisa has a note for him that was delivered to the house while he was away - it's from Dominic and he wants to meet with Joe at the warehouse again.

Down at the warehouse, Dominic tells Joe that he knows all bout his visit with Kelly tonight. Joe gets upset and pulls out a gun. He points it towards Dominic and says; "Ever since I got out of prison, I've been shot at, bombed at and threatened to death on more than one occasion. I'm getting pretty darn sick and tired about this!". Dominic warns him not to point a gun at the one person that believes in his innocence.

Ted, Danny, Laken and Jade continue to plan their trip to Hollywood. Only one problem - the parents have to be persuaded to let the kids go. Ted explains to C.C. why he wants to go to Hollywood, but C.C. doesn't seem to like the idea at first. Later he realizes that it might do Ted some good to stand on his own to feet, and eventually gives him permission to go. Laken doesn't have as much luck with Augusta. She tells her daughter that it's completely out of the question! Laken becomes disappointed, but Ted gets her in a better mood when I spends a romantic evening with her at the top of a mountain. They seal the date with a kiss... Danny realizes that Jade Perkins is one popular girl these days - why today she's about to go and grab a burger with that annoying lifeguard Warren Lockridge. "What a turkey", Danny says, referring to Warren. Later it appears as if someone has let the air out of Danny's tires. Danny is right up there on the list of suspects, and Warren fumes with anger; "Listen tuna-brain, you better NOT have anything to do with this!". But Danny counter attacks; "Don't mess with the Mexican mustang!" (That must be one of Danny's all time most embarrassing comment ever)

Mason doesn't like to be played for a fool, and tells Santana that he doesn't appreciate her spicy dinner. However, he gets distracted when he finds out that Santana is leaving for Acapulco tonight. She seems very secretive about this trip, and doesn't want anyone to know why she's going there. Later, Mason tells C.C. that Santana is going to Mexico, and C.C. knows exactly why! "I warned her not to try and find the baby", he fumes and goes to make a phone call. He calls up a doctor in Acapulco, and tells him that Santana is on her way - and he's under no circumstances to reveal the truth about the baby's adoption. The corrupt doctor assures C.C. that his lips are sealed. Meanwhile, Santana has boarded the plane, and has a vivid flashback to the day she gave birth to the baby. "Dear God, I have to find him", she thinks aloud (is there any other way to think?).



Original airdate: August 7, 1984
Ted and Danny have arrived in Hollywood, and they are quite sure that they will make it big time as movie stars. And they are off to a good start - after only five minutes in the movie capitol of the world, they have already managed to get themselves a fly apartment downtown, and a swingin' job at a theme restaurant! Sure, there are some cockroaches in the apartment... and the job requires them to wear silly pirat-uniforms at all times, but this is only temporary, Danny points out. Surely the movie producers will start hounding them in no time! Later, our friends goes to see Miss Thomas, the producer that put Danny in one of her movie a few days ago. However, it turns out that Miss Thomas is one busy woman, and not even superstars like Danny Andrade can get to see her without an appointment. Eventually they get a word with her, but she has nothing to offer them, other than a small advice - get an agent!

Joe is greeted by two police officers, who inform him that there's been a robbery in the neighborhood last night. So exactly what were you doing at 9.07 last night, Mr. Perkins? Well, says Joe, I was meeting my mystery-friend Dominick in an empty warehouse. Unfortunately, Dominick doesn't have a last name, or an address, so there is no way that the police can get him to verify this story. But Joe swears that he's innocent. At this moment, Mason enters and rescue him from the interrogation. He warns Joe that people in this town will always look at him as a murderer, so maybe he should consider moving somewhere else? Joe nixes that idea, and adds for the umpteenth time that he's innocent of any wrongdoing. Later, Joe is looking for his framed photo of Kelly that was on his dresser. Mama Marisa admits that she was going to get rid of the photo. She tore it into pieces, and considered to dump it in the trash, but changed her mind at the last minute and saved the pieces in an envelope. Here you go Joe, happy puzzling, she says and hands over the envelope to her son. Joe fumes that he WILL make Kelly his girlfriend again. In fact, he's planning to see her today and give her a gift - all the love letters that he wrote to her from behind bars but never sent away. Surely Kelly would just love to read them now...

Santana has arrived in Acapulco, and makes a b-line towards the clinic where she gave birth five years ago. "My name is Santana Andrade, and I've come to see Dr. Ramirez", she tells a grumpy nurse in the reception. Sorry Mrs Andrade, but Dr. Ramirez is vacationing in Germany - can't help you in any way. Santana is surprised to hear this, since she phoned the clinic a few days ago and was told that Dr. Ramirez would be working all week. She hunts down another nurse, who was present at the time when she gave birth, and asks her for some information on her sons whereabouts. I know nothing, says the nurse with her lips tightly sealed. Santana smells a rat, and returns to the hotel to make a phone call to the clinic. Under an assumed name, she asks to speak to Dr. Ramirez, and is told that he's having lunch at the local bar. "I knew it!", fumes Santana and heads down to the bar. Indeed, Dr. Ramirez is sitting at the bar, having a few Margaritas for lunch (we can only hope that he's not scheduled to perform any surgery this afternoon). Santana enters with a clever disguise - a large hat and some dark sunglasses, and sits down next to Ramirez in the bar. "Care to buy a lonely woman a drink", she says, while batting her eyelashes in a very seductive manner. "Sure!", smiles the doctor with a glee. However, later he calls her bluff and says he knows exactly who she is - Santana Andrade from California. "Speaking of deceptions, how are you enjoying your vacation in Germany?", Santana fumes. She realizes that C.C. alerted the doctor of her visit, but she swears that she's not leaving the country until she gets the scoop on her baby!

Warren's having lunch with her mother at the beach. He explains that he spotted her having drinks with convicted killer Joe Perkins the other day, and noticed that she was giving him 'bedroom eyes'. Augusta gets upset and assures her son that she's not involved in some improper situation with Perkins, but adds that she doesn't like to be told what do do... or who to date!

Kelly and C.C. are at the country club to watch Peter play polo. C.C. tells his daughter that he's planning a cocktail-party in Peter's honor, and he would like her to be the hostess at the party. Sounds wonderful, says Kelly with a smile, and gladly accepts the offer. Shortly after C.C. exits, Joe arrives. Kelly is annoyed to see him again, and explains that she wants nothing to do with him. Joe says he has to give her something, and hands over the letters. "Here you go - these are some letter that I wrote to you while I was in prison. You should read them. I wrote all about our wonderful times together... it was all I could I could think about", he says. Kelly is less then interested in reading up on five years worth of Joe's emotional garbage, but reluctantly agrees to accept the letters... might be handy to have around in case we run out of toilet paper... Meanwhile, out on the polo-field, Peters spots his fiancee in the company of that annoying Joe Perkins, and quickly goes of the horse to rescue her. Unfortunately, as he's running across the field, he's attacked by another horse, and is in a nasty accident. Kelly, who sees this from afar, screams with horror! Peter's in quite bad shape, and he's carried on a stretcher to the side of the field while waiting for an ambulance. Kelly is fuming mad and tells Joe that this is all his fault!

Later, while Joe's driving home in his car, he gets the surprise of his life when he notices that someone is hiding in the back seat and points a gun at him. Who could it be...? Monday can't come soon enough!



Original airdate: August 8, 1984
Of course, the man that showed up in the back seat of Joe's car, turned out to be Dominick. He explains that they have to start trusting each other if they are going to solve this murder-mystery together. Joe thinks that it would be a good start if he takes down his gun then, but Dominick says that he only wants to make sure that Joe doesn't turn around and blow his cover. He also suggests that Joe go over to the Capwell-house and takes a peak inside Channings old room. It has been locked ever since his death, Dominick says, and there might be a clue to the real killer there. Quite odd that Dominick would know this, huh? Well, the plot thickens I suppose...

Santana continues to bother Dr. Ramirez with questions about her baby, and she wants to know what happened to him. Sure, says the doc with a glee, but everything has a price. Luckily the truth is on sale today, and Santana is offered to get the whole scoop if she only agrees to give him some 'whoopee between the sheets' in return. Thanks, but no thanks, says Santana and starts to walk away. Ramirez is surprised that she's not willing to take him up on the offer, as he thought she were willing to do ANYTHING to get the truth. "I've heard enough to get the rest of the truth - and you will know exactly what I mean by that in a matter of minutes", she says and leaves the restaurant. Indeed, five minutes later, Ramirez receives a call from Santana. He hopes that she's changed her mind about his indecent proposal, but she just asks him to listen carefully. She then places a tape recorder next to the phone, and reveals that she was taping their entire conversation at the bar. Surely, the medical board would be just thrilled to hear about the good doc's bedside manner? Ramirez panics, and offers to tell the whole truth about her baby. Here's the scoop: C.C. Capwell came to the clinic and picked up the baby personally, right after the delivery. He drove off in a limousine with a mysterious lady in red. That's all I know, the doc promises. Santana hangs up the phone and fumes angrily that C.C. has known of her baby's whereabouts this whole time! That bastard! Grrrrr... well, he's not gonna get away with this! She calls him up at his house, and says she knows EVERYTHING about the baby. She's returning to Santa Barbara tonight, and expects to have a chat with him first thing in the morning! C.C. looks mighty worried...

As I reported in the last summary, Kelly was fuming mad at Joe and held him responsible for Peter's recent polo-accident. Well, today she's singing a different tune - Joe is completely innocent of any wrongdoing, and Peter only has himself to blame. "But Kelly, look at me - I'm laying here in pain just because I tried to rescue you from that murdering bastard", Peter says angrily. That's right, you only have yourself to blame honey, Kelly says to her hubby-to-be. She also adds that she doesn't want any charges held against Joe because of this, and Mason swears that he will treat the situation fair and square. Later, Kelly has a heart-to-heart with housekeeper Rosa, who also has been the only mother-figure in her life since her real mother died. (Rosa sure does deserve a raise if you ask me!). Kelly admits that Joe's return has stirred up some old feelings, but the wise woman tells her that marrying Peter is the right thing to do. "That's just it... sometimes I don't know what is the right or wrong thing to do", a troubled Kelly says. Later, she considers to read Joe's old loveletters, but ultimately decides against it, since she has to get ready for C.C.'s cocktail-party.

Shortly before the party is about to begin, C.C. enters the living room and compliments Kelly on the lovely dress that she's wearing. Surely, Robin Wright is a true beauty, but the dress she has on is quite strange-looking... it's very "puffed up" in the back-area, and makes her behind look HUGE. Maybe this was a cool trend in 1984, but it looks rather ridiculous these days... Anyway, Kelly appreciates her fathers compliment and goes to work on his tie. Speaking of nothing, how come you haven't remarried since mom died, dad? Well, says C.C., surely a lot of women have passed by my bedroom in the last couple of years (I'm just that charming), but none of them could compare to your mother, Sophia... she was my soulmate, and there's no one like her. How true, says Kelly - glad that she's still the only girl in her daddy's life...

Mason arrives to the party with his date for the evening - a hefty blond with a unique personality. "Oh, this place rocks! So where's the bar?", is her first comment as she enters the house. C.C. looks less than pleased and wants to know where he found this bimbo-golddigger. Mason snaps that he is fully capable of choosing his own dates without daddy's interference.

Then it's time for C.C. to make a toast. First he would like to toast his soon to be son-in-law, Peter Flint, who is resting upstairs due to his nasty polo-accident. "And then, I would like to propose a toast to my son - the next district attorney of Santa Barbara - Channing Capwell!" Kelly discreetly reminds him that his son's name is Mason, and C.C. apologizes for the unfortunate slip of the tounge. But it's too late - Mason is upset, and about to head out the door. C.C. stops him, and assures him that he didn't mean to call him by the wrong name. However, Mason feels that he has to get something off his chest - True, I was your firstborn, but I always came in second place. Channing was your favourite-son, and that's why you made him your namesake, right? Wrong, says C.C. and explains that Pamela (Mason's mother I presume?), wouldn't let him name the boy after himself. Mason isn't buying his fathers story, and fumes that he surely wishes that he had died instead of Channing... C.C. doesn't argue this point...

Jade is on her way to a party at the beach, and asks Joe for some fashion-advice (and boy could she use some...). Joe says she looks fine, but comments that her dress is a little too revealing for a beautiful young woman to wear alone at night. I'll be fine, she assures her over protective big brother, and goes off to the party. And Jade truly is the life at the party. All the guys are really impressed with her ability to tie a knot of a cherry-twig, using only her tounge... Everybody cheers, and then Jade is asked to the dance floor by some young John Travolta-impersonator. Later, the party-mood takes a big halt, when a young hooligan sits down at the bar and starts to make comments about "Killer-Perkins younger sister". Jade gets upset, and demands that he never calls her innocent brother by that name ever again! At this moment, Joe arrives to the party, and he's got something to say to everyone: He's and innocent man - and they will all live to regret their nasty comments! C'mon sis, let's blow this joint! Sure, big-bro - nothin' but sickos here anyway!

Back home, Jade is upset at what happened. Joe assures her that he's all right and offers a hug. Later, he suggests that Jade go on a vacation, and stays out of town until he has been able to clear his name. Why, isn't there's someplace where she always wanted to go? Hollywood, smiles Jade! Wow, that would be a dream come true for me! I'll go pack right away! Yahoo!

Celebrity-appearances today! In addition to the happenings above, we were also treated to some celebrity-appearances today:
Janine Turner
Janine has appeared in the hit TV-show "Northern Exposure", and also starred opposite Sylvester Stallone in the movie "Cliffhanger". Today, she ordered a pizza from our very own Ted Capwell, who's currently working as a delivery-boy in downtown L.A.

Renee Jones
If the lady to Kelly's left seems familiar, it might be because she's currently starring in the soap opera "Days of Our Lives", where she plays Alexia Carver. Today, she played a doctor who ordered Peter Flint to rest in bed due to his polo-accident the other day.

Tim Robbins
One of my favourite-actors, who starred in one of my favourite-movies; "The Shawshank Redemption", appeared in Santa Barbara today as that nasty hooligan who taunted Joe Perkins at the beach-party. I guess we all have to start somewhere...



Original airdate: August 9, 1984
Today we start with Kelly, who's suffering from some torn feelings. Should she read Joe's letter or not? No, it'll do nothing good, she says and throws them in the fireplace. But then she changes her mind, and picks up one of the letters. Then she sent it my way, so I could post it here on the page! So grab a tissue and let's get to it:

Image no longer available.

After reading this, she has tears in her eyes, and flashes back to some memorable moments at the beach a la 1979. But finally she throws the letter in the fireplace...

Joe has his daily visit with Dominick, but I'll spare you the transcript, because it was just a lot of rehashing from yesterday. Fresh from his meeting with Dominick, he arrives at the Capwell gate - determined to search through Channings old room for clues. Kelly stops him and says that it's out of the question - the Capwell estate is off limits for him. Joe gives her his old "I'm innocent"-speech, but it does no good - Kelly is still fuming that she doesn't believe a word he says. Joe then asks if she read any of his letters, but Kelly snaps that she burned them without reading a single one! (Is Kelly's nose growing or what?!). None of them notices that Peter is watching them from his bedroom-window, and he is NOT happy!

Peter is even more upset when Kelly doesn't immediately admit that she had a chat with Perkins. He has to drag it out of her, and he fears that she never would have told him otherwise. Kelly looks less then concerned, and says it was no big deal - and she is fully capable of taking care of herself! She assures her fiance that she loves him, and seals it with a kiss. Later, Kelly has a big surprise for Peter - C.C. has bought him a brand new Mercedes! Peter jumps with joy and can hardly believe it's true, but Kelly says that he is her fiance, and therefor he's the best - and he deserves the best... (Oh, please...) Peter is thrilled!

Jade tries to talk her parents into letting her go on a trip to Hollywood. Daddy Perkins doesn't like the idea at first - that town could be very dangerous for a lonely 17-year old girl. But then he's reminded that Santa Barbara could also be quite dangerous ever since Joe got out of jail, so maybe Hollywood wouldn't be such a bad place for her to be... Jade is thrilled, and then goes to work on her mother: Marisa says she wants to talk it over with her dad first, but if he agrees to this, then she will let her go. Jade tells her that John already gave her his blessing, so that means she could go right away! Watch out Debra Winger - there's a new girl in town!, she says, smiling from ear to ear. She stops by to see Laken, and asks if she wants to go with her, but Augusta won't hear of it! Laken will go nowhere until her father returns from Bali. Later, there's a knock on Ted and Danny's door in Hollywood. They are surprised to see that Jade has arrived.

Santana is home from her trip to Acapulco, and tells her mother about what happened. Rosa is shocked to hear that C.C. has been lying all along, and now she's tempted to quit her job. Santana assures her that won't be necessary - she can handle this situation all by herself. She goes over to confront C.C., and he admits that he has contact with the boy - and he knows where he is, but it really would be best if Santana just forgot this and got on with her life... He reminds her that she was in favor of the adoption all those years ago. I was 17 years old - and scared to death when I found out I was pregnant, Santana fumes, and you used that! You really are a CRUEL man, you know that?! C.C. maintains that he only did what he thought was right for both her and his successful son. You took away a part of me!, cries Santana, but this is where it ends! She's determined to find him, and nothing is going to stop her. She has to make sure that he's all right... that his new mother loves him as much as she should... that she tucks him in at night... that she packs a lunchbox for him when he goes to school... C.C. and Santana's chat is rudely interrupted by a man who bursts through the door and says that one of the oilrigs have exploded. C.C. panics and rush out of the house... leaving Santana alone with her tears.

Joe finds an envelope in his mail when he gets home. There's the floor-plan of the Capwell-house that Dominick has sent him. Now he knows exactly where to find Channings room - it's right next to Kelly's. "Well, let's get to it then", says Joe. I couldn't agree more - let's go in there and see what we can find... can't wait!



Original airdate: August 10, 1984
Ted and Danny are happy to see Jade in Hollywood - especially Danny who sees an opportunity to make a move on the women of his dreams... The boys offer to sleep in the living room, so that Jade can have the bedroom to herself. She is so thankful that she gives them permission to use the bathroom - even though they have to walk through 'her' bedroom to get there! What a lovely girl - the guys are ever so grateful! However, it turns out that being roommates with a girl, is harder then they had thought. All of a sudden there are a million 'absolutely necessary items' that has to be bought. Things like cotton-tips and cleaning supplies. Ted and Danny try very hard to bite their tongue, while Jade hands out the new apartment-rules: "Ted - you will do the dishes at Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Danny - you will do them at Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On Sundays you can alternate. Now, about the bathroom...." Later at night, Danny is 'sleepless in Hollywood' as he can only think about Jade. I wonder if she sleeps nude?, he says to a less then interested Ted. You know, some chicks do sleep nude, and Danny just bets that Jade is one of them. She's probably lying there in her bed right now, sleeping... nude... with a big smile on her face. "Why does she have a smile on her face?", Ted wants to know. "Because I just walked right into her dream", Danny replies.

As you might remember from yesterdays recap, C.C. and Santana were rudely interrupted by a man who proclaimed that one of C.C.'s oilrigs had exploded. What a disaster - just think about the environmental problems this could cause... and what about my good reputation?!, fumes C.C. There's only one thing they can do in a crisis like this - they have to get a hold of disaster-expert Cruz Castillo (Oh, please do!) - he's the only man that can help them now! C.C. holds a press conference, where he assures the citizens of Santa Barbara that he will do everything in his power to get the situation under control. Meanwhile, Minx Lockridge decides to use the situation to throw some dirt on the Capwell's in the media. She takes part in a tv-interview, and says: "I want everyone to know that the Capwell's have for generations personified greed. The rape the land - they destroy our natural recourses - all for the mighty dollar! The dollars with which they stuff their bank accounts, their wine cellar and their garage... My grandchildren - your grandchildren, all of them could be robbed of the beauty that is Santa Barbara - and all because of the vile, disgusting Capwell-greed!" C.C. watches the intervju on TV and fumes that he has to do something about that old hag!

For some unknown reason, Kelly is lurking around in the attic today - searching for her mother's wedding pictures. She flips when she finds thousands of pictures and newspaper articles about Joe's trial and Channing's death. Who the hell has saved all these?, she fumes at poor old Rosa. She learns that Mason ordered Rosa to save them all, and Kelly looks worried.... She wants to get rid of them because they only bring back those old Joe-flashbacks, and we can't have that! She confronts Mason about this, but he proclaims that the articles are going nowhere - this is a part of our family history, and it's to be archived for generations to come...

Since Santana didn't have much luck at getting any information from C.C., she decides to take matters into her own hands. She hires a private investigator to follow C.C. around. She wants to know what he does, where he goes and most importantly - who he sees! This is the only way for her to get to know the whereabouts of her son. Sure, says the P.I, and gladly accepts her check. Later, he picks up a phone and calls C.C.... of course he's on his payroll as well as everyone else in town. C.C. orders him to go along with Santana's orders, but to send her on a wild goose chase...

Augusta has a proposition for Joe today - she wants to offer him a job at her house! Why? Oh, because she feels so sympathetic to him now that everyone believes he's a killer, so she just wants to do a good deed. This is quite a surprise, since she sent goon's to kill him in episode one... Anyway, now he's supposed to be her personal all-purpose-handyman, and there are plenty of things that needs to be done around the house: She need new bookshelves for her books... the tap in the kitchen is dripping... the lawn needs to be mowed... the pool needs to be cleaned... and she's also in need of a personal gym-instructor! Indeed, Joe will be very busy for years to come... "Well, I really am in the need of a good job", says Joe with a concerned look on his face. "Oh good, because so am I", says the elusive Augusta while fondling his chest...

Warren doesn't like this one bit, and fumes with anger when he learn what his mother has done. Augusta rolls her eyes and says it's none of his business. He's just as grumpy as his father. "Good, because I happen to like my father", snaps Warren.

But hold on - didn't Joe promise us yesterday that he was going to break into the Capwell-house today? Indeed he did, and today he gets another reminder from his mystery-friend Dominick - who has delivered an envelope with the keys to Channing's room. So how on earth did Dominick get a hold of the keys? Maybe we'll never know... Anyway, late at night, Joe heads for the Capwell-mansion and breaks in through an opened window. Meanwhile, Kelly is upstairs in her room sleeping. She awakens by a late night booty-call from her fiance. Peter is 'in the mood' and wants her to come over to his room, but Kelly says she's tired and needs to get back to sleep. She does this, and shortly thereafter she has a steamy dream about Joe... they are dancing at a fancy ballroom - all dressed up. They share a passionate kiss, but then they are rudely interrupted by Evil-Peter, who demands that Joe takes his filthy hands of his girl! Joe proclaims that he's going to marry Kelly, but Peter disagrees and throws a punch in his face. At this point, Kelly awakens from her nightmare with a terrified look in her eyes. Oh no - two men love me - what to do...? At this point, Joe is upstairs, and puts the key in Channing's door. But OH NO! - the alarm goes off! Horrors!



Original airdate: August 13, 1984
Joe panics when he realize that he accidentally set of the alarm and runs in to a wardrobe to take cover. The butler with the British accent, Philip, is awaken by the alarm and tries to calm down Kelly. "Don't worry Ms. Kelly - the police are on their way and if there is an intruder in the house - he won't get away!" C.C. is still at the office, trying to solve his crisis with the burning oilrigs, but drops everything when he learns what has happened at the house. Kelly calls Peter and tells him what happened and he too rush over to the house. Finally, when everyone has gone downstairs, Joe manages to escape through the open window where he got inside in the first place. The police are sure that the intruder, whoever he was, was hiding in the closet since there are stains from grass and footprints there. They also find the open window and concludes that he got in there. Kelly shivers as she realize that the intruder was right outside her bedroom, but Peter assures her that he'll protect her. Peter can't help but to wonder if the intruder was Joe Perkins - his guts tells him that he's the one. But Kelly dismiss his accusations, saying that there's no proof that Joe's involved in this. Anyway, why would Joe break into there house?, she asks. To get into your bedroom, Peter fumes with anger. Oh well, it's all behind them now, and Peter want to join Kelly in her bedroom. He's got that lovin' feeling, and he assures his fiancee that he will make her forget all about what happened... but Kelly is tired and wants to get back to sleep. See ya tomorrow Peter. Good night now. Hmmm, guess Kelly just wasn't in the mood right? Wrong - cause as soon as she's alone in her bedroom, she starts to have a steamy fantasy about Joe... I think this was the hottest one so far. Here's what happened: In Kelly's fantasy, she and Joe are standing in her bedroom in their underwear. Joe tells her that he's been cleared of all charges, and he's ready to love her like he did before... Then he carries her to the bed and they start to make love. When Kelly snaps out of her fantasy, she tells herself that she HAS TO get rid of these Joe-flashbacks somehow...

The morning after, Kelly goes for a jog with her good friend Toni (played by Days of Our Lives-actress Renee Jones - the one that was treating Peter after his polo-accident). Toni notice right away that Kelly's mind is elsewhere, and she suspects that it has something to do which Joe... Kelly gets quite upset and assures her friend that Joe is part of her past - while Peter is her future. Oh, you just keep telling yourself that dear, says Toni. (I like Toni!)

Later, Peter stops by and Kelly has a proposition - Why don't we move to New York, Peter! You know I've always wanted to move there! No I didn't know that, says Peter, surprised at this sudden urge to relocate. Why is it that you thought of this all of a sudden? Could it have something to do with Joe Perkins perhaps? Are you afraid of Joe Perkins - or are you afraid of your FEELINGS for Joe Perkins?!, Peter fumes with anger. Neither, says Kelly (but it's obvious that she's lying). She just likes the restaurants in New York, Broadway and Central Park - it has nothing to do with Joe. Well, it's out of the question, says Peter firmly. He just got a new job that he loves, and they are staying in Santa Barbara! By the way - I've noticed that Peter has been having these outbursts every now and again. One minute he's all over Kelly and tells her how much he loves her, and the other he's yelling like a maniac and is all upset. I smell trouble...

Joe goes job hunting today. Obviously he's not that keen on being Augusta's new love-slave, so he tries to get another job. He goes down to a mechanic-shop and tells the manager that he's very competent in this line of work. Unfortunately, the manager is not that interested in hiring an ex-con for the job, and says that he won't hire him. Joe is about to give up, when an old friend knock at the door. Why, it's Sally Taylor from high school! Nice to see you Sally, now what do you want? Sally tells Joe that she's come to help him. She has read everything in the newspapers, but she just can't believe that he's capable of murder. Surely he's an innocent man, she tells him. Now she wants to help him get back on his feet, and she's come to offer him a job at the restaurant where she works. You'll do dishes, won't you Joe? Sure, that sounds just fine - he'll take whatever he can get!

C.C. has agreed to let Santana's architecture-firm do some remodeling at his office, and Santana has just drawn up the contract for him to sign. However, now it seems as if C.C. has no interest in doing business with her after the argument they had the other day. Santana can't believe this - is he really gonna let their silly argument affect his business-decisions? Surely, he's not that childish? After a lot of bickering back and forth, C.C. ultimately agrees to sign the contract, but tells Mason that he'll have to handle this - cause C.C. wants nothing more to do with Santana ever again!

Jade is very disappointed to learn that 'making it' in Hollywood is far more difficult that she thought. After running around all day, seeing eight different casting-directors with no luck, she's starting to give up... This will never happen!, she tells Danny with tears in her eyes. She's to short, to fat and her boobs are way too small! Maybe she should just go home to Santa Barbara... Danny assures her that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on, and she will make it - she can't throw in the towel yet! Later, Jade goes to a phonebooth and calls Laken. She tells her what a mess everything is, and that his was way harder than she had ever imagined. Suddenly, she notice that a strange man is lurking around the phonebooth. She tries to leave, but he stops her and says he can help her. However, it's obvious that he's got some shady intentions... Jade looks horrified!

Out at sea, C.C.'s oilrig is about to go up in flames, and the situation is more critical than ever. Fortunately, they have managed to get a hold of disaster-expert Cruz Castillo, and he's working mighty hard at getting the situation under control. Everyone is running around in the control room... the viles are fuming, the red lights are blinking... it's basically one big mess! Our hero Cruz, gets in an aluminum-suit and runs straight trough the flames, trying to get to the vile and lower the pressure. However, nothing seems to work, and Cruz realize that he has to evacuate the platform and blow it up in pieces. He place a bomb in the control room, and is about to leave the platform. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking and it doesn't look like he's going to make it... Later, C.C. gets the word that the oilrig has exploded, and that Cruz Castillo probably died in the process.... Now isn't that just too bad... obviously Cruz Castillo wasn't supposed to make a very lasting appearance in this show... Too bad, I was just starting to like him... Oh, but wait! Suddenly there's a knock on C.C.'s door, and it's Cruz - he's alive with just a few minor bruises! He steps in to C.C.'s house, and panics when he sees Santana standing at the other side of the room. He walks over to her and says; "Well, I'll be darned... you look great these days Santana".



Original airdate: August 14, 1984
Cruz is exhausted after the heroic acts he pulled today, and seeing his old friend Santana his more than he can handle - he faints and has to be taken to the hospital. C.C. is very proud of his work at the oilrig, and tells the reporters that Cruz Castillo is a true American hero! And they all know how much C.C. likes American heroes - if the aren't a part of his family, he wants them to work for him! Indeed, he's about to reward Cruz with a permanent job at Capwell Enterprises. He will be just thrilled! Later, C.C. visits Cruz at the hospital and tells him that he wants to hire him, and Cruz promises that he'll give it some thought and get back to him later... Mason is mighty curious as to how Santana knows Cruz Castillo (and so are we!), and she tells him that they practically grew up together. They are both from Mexico, and lived next door to each other while they were growing up. Mason says that they should notify his wife of what has happened, but Santana is quick to point out that Cruz isn't married. "Oh great, 1984 is a good year for us bachelors", says Mason...

Mason wants a chat with his dad concerning his future. He's well aware that C.C. wants to get him into politics, but Mason isn't quite sure that it's what he wants to do. C.C. makes a long speech about what big plans he had for his son - it's Mason's obligation to keep the Capwell name in the history books. When Mason was a kid, C.C. had such big plans for his son - at one time he even wanted him to become the president of the USA. No, dad... that was Channing whom you had those hopes for, says Mason bitterly... He adds that C.C. wanted him to 'act like a real man' and 'take a stand' and that's exactly what he's doing when he refuses to go into the politics, just because his father says so, right? C.C. looks very disappointed and tries to persuade his son some more, but Mason won't budge. "Maybe you should cut me of from my inheritance - maybe that will do the trick?", says Mason and walks away...

Santana is furious when she realize that her private investigator is taking her for a ride. "I hired you to follow C.C. Capwell, but instead it turns out you're working for him!", she says angrily. The P.I. denies all accusations, but Santana doesn't buy it - she won't be taken for a fool and she wants her money back NOW!"

Jade panics when the weirdo Seymore makes an indecent proposal. A cute girl like you could easily make 200 bucks a night - you'll be a rich girl in no time, he says with a glee. "Are you saying you're a pimp!?", yells Jade loud and clear. She gracefully decline the offer and runs off... Back at the apartment, she tells Ted and Danny of what happened. She has tears running down her face, as the guys tell her that maybe she should just return home to Santa Barbara. No way - Jade Perkins isn't one to give up without a fight, she tells them. It doesn't take long before there's a knock at the door - it's Seymore and he wants a chat with the lady of the house. Ted and Danny let him hin, but says they are her pimps, so he can just crawl back were he came from. Okay, says Seymore, and hands Jade his business card. "If you ever get tired of these loosers, give me a call".

Joe goes out to lunch with his old classmate Sally Taylor. She starts to tell him all sorts of things about herself... like the fact that she's a die hard Lionel Richie-fan! Indeed, she has everyone of his albums and sometimes she pours herself a bubble-bath and turns the volume way up... and 'bathes in Lionel Richie' (Hold on Sally - that's WAY to much information on a first date!!). She then asks if Joe might be interested in 'bathing in music' with her? Sure, sounds lovely, says Joe politely. However, he tells her that he already has a girlfriend - Kelly Capwell. Really, says Sally, and adds that she thought Kelly were engaged to be married to someone else. Sure, says Joe, but she's the love of my life. Sally is amazed... Joe truly is a BEAUTIFUL person! (Get rid of her Joe - she's a nutcase, can't you see??) Later, Sally comes by his house with some bad news - her boss won't hire him at the restaurant since he's concerned about hiring a convicted killer. Sally says she's sorry, but gives him a paycheck for a week of labour since she did promise him that he'd get the job... Okay, let me just say that I hope that's the last we see of Sally - I really didn't like her...

Actually, I should tell you that it was Augusta who made sure that Joe didn't get the job at the restaurant. She got words that he had applied for a job there (don't ask me how), and she made some threatening calls to make sure that he didn't get the job. Looks like she wants Joe all for herself, doesn't it...? Speaking of Augusta - today she has some good news for daughter Laken. She can go to Hollywood if she wants to! Laken gets all excited and starts to pack her bags right away. She can't wait to see Ted again! Later, Daddy Lockridge (Lionel) calls from Bali and chats with his children over the phone. However, he doesn't want to talk to either Minx or Augusta. Later, Minx says that if Lionel were HER husband - he surely wouldn't be on the other side of the world right now. Augusta replies that if Lionel had been her husband, it would have been pretty sick!

Kelly is starting to get tired of her overprotective fiance, and tells him that she needs some space in their relationship. Seems as if wherever she goes, he follows and she's sick of it! Why don't you just put a leach around my neck!, she fumes. Peter gets somewhat annoyed and tells her that he only wants to protect her from Joe Perkins. Huh, so excuse me if I'm smothering you with love?! Kelly assures him that she's a grown woman who can take care of herself - she doesn't need him breathing down her neck all the time! (You go girl!) Meanwhile, Joe is meeting Dominick in the empty warehouse, and tells him about what happened at the Capwells. He needs some help with disarming the alarm, or else he can't get into Channing's old room. Dominick seems somewhat concerned, but promises that he will think of something... Later, Joe gets a strange envelope delivered to his door. There's a note that says he's to be at North Mountain Drive at 11.30 the next morning. Joe has a strange look on his face and doesn't have a clue to what's up... Coincidentally, at the same time, Kelly finds a note attached to her car that says she's supposed to appear at North Mountain Drive at 11.30 the next morning... The letter is signed "from a friend", and Peter is immediately suspicious. But Kelly knows exactly what this is about - there's a horse there that her father has been trying to buy for years, but it's never been for sale until now! This is just great! Kelly can go there a buy the horse and surprise her dad with it on his birthday! Kelly's going - and there's no need for Peter to come along. Remember, I'm a big girl and can take care of myself, she says... Oh, this is going to be great! Joe and Kelly together at North Mountain alone... some good must come of this! I just know it! Monday can't come soon enough!



Original airdate: August 15, 1984
Cruz is feeling a lot better today. C.C. visits him at the hospital and offers him to continue his recuperating at the Capwell mansion. Cruz gladly accepts the offer. Later, Ruben Andrade stops by to see Cruz, and offers him an update on what's been going on with his family in the last episodes - Danny has gone to Hollywood to try his luck as a stuntman, and Santana is now climbing the corporate-ladder as a successful decorator. Ruben admits that he's a little bit disappointed in Santana - as he had thought she would be married by now. Cruz assures him that she will be eventually, but Ruben doubts that - she's only focused on her career.

Indeed, Santana is really a hard working woman. Why, today she's even taken five minutes off from her baby-search to conduct some business with Peter at his office. She wants to show him some ideas she have about rebuilding the Capwell Hotel. Mason stops by and asks if he can sit in on the meeting. Peter shows clear indications that he's attracted to Santana, by making some compliments about her outfit and the perfume she's wearing. Later, when Mason and Peter are alone in the office, Mason fumes that if he intends to marry his sister, he better stop sniffing other women's perfumes! Peter throws a fit and tells him that it's none of his business who's perfume he sniffs!

In Los Angeles, Ted, Danny and Jade are just about to head out the door for an audition, when they become witnesses to a robbery in the apartment building. An elderly lady, Peaches Delight, becomes the victim of a ruthless bag-snatcher who runs up the stairs. But have no fear - Ted and Danny are here, and they catch up with the snatcher and gets her purse back. Peaches is ever so grateful, and asks the youngsters to come in for a visit in her apartment. She offers them a soda, and starts telling them her life story of how she was an actress and exotic dancer in her youth... Jade is very impressed with Peaches life story... Ted gets a pleasant surprise when Laken shows up at his door! She tells him that Augusta finally agreed to let her come to L.A., but she can only stay during the day. Ted is disappointed that she can't sleep over, but then gets a brilliant idea... They ask their new friend Peaches to make a phonecall to Augusta, and tell her that Laken is in very good hands as a guest at her house - would it be totally impossible for her to spend the night? Augusta reluctantly agrees to this, and Ted and Laken are jumping of joy. Peaches offers them to spend the night alone in her apartment, while she goes to bed. They gladly accept her offer, and spend the night watching an old movie on tv. Laken falls asleep in Ted's lap, and he gives her a gentle kiss...

Over to more important stuff - as you might remember from the last episode, Joe and Kelly each got a strange note that said they would be at North Mountain Drive at the exact same time. Indeed, today Kelly arrive at the stables, and gets the surprise of her life when Joe shows up. She gets upset and accuses him of setting this whole thing up. Joe denies this, and shows her the note he got - obviously someone wants them to spend some time together alone... Well, Kelly is not interested in this, and threatens to leave immediately, but Joe convince her to stay... he wants them to talk. Kelly offers him five minutes to say what he has to say, and Joe really takes advantage of these five minutes: "All the years in prison I continued to love you. I know it didn't make much sense, but that's the way it is. Kelly, I know you have a mental block about me - you even testified against me at the trial". "Yeah, cause you killed my brother!", fumes Kelly. "No, I didn't - you have to believe me! I still love you - I haven't given up. And I won't... you wanna know why? You and I had something so incredibly special. We know what it is to really love another person - very few people know that. I just can't believe you feel that way about Peter - you can't. I came back to Santa Barbara for you... and to find the real killer of your brother. I think that you're afraid to let the old feelings come back. They are there - I know, cause I can see it in your eyes when you look at me. You still love me". Kelly begs to differ, and tells him that his five minutes are up, and she has to go. Joe offers to leave instead, so that she won't think he's following her. After he has left, Kelly stands in the stable and looks quite thoughtful...

Santana asks her mother to snoop around the Capwell-house and see if she can find some information about her baby's whereabouts. Rosa is shocked that she'd even ask such a thing, and she refuses to go along with it. C.C. lets Santana know that he's fully aware of her attempt to hire a private investigator to follow him around. However, she might as well give up, cause it won't do her any good. No, I bet it won't, fumes Santana, you've probably bribed all the P.I.'s in town by now! C.C. tells her to forget about her son and get on with her life. After C.C. has left, Santana discovers that he left his wallet on the table. Maybe he has a photograph of her son there? She's just about to open the wallet, when Rosa appears behind her and tells her to stop these foolishness right now! Searching through C.C.'s wallet is just as bad as stealing!, she says angrily. Santana replies that C.C. is the one who is guilty of stealing - he stole her baby! Later, Santana realize that she's gone about this all wrong... Instead of making C.C. her enemy, she's gonna use her feminine charm to get close to him... Rosa shivers at the thought of what her daughter is scheming now...

Joe realize that he's not gonna get a job from anyone in this town, so he might as well take Augusta up on her offer. He knocks at her door late at night, and she invites him in for a martini. She hopes that he's come to tell her that he's going to accept her job offer, and he says that he has. Great!, beams Augusta, this we have to celebrate with some champagne! "Champagne?! - for a guy that does some odd jobs around the house?", says Joe surprised. "No, champagne for YOU to do some odd jobs around the house", Augusta replies with a seductive tone of voice, while she raises the glass up to his mouth...



Original airdate: August 16, 1984
Santana has decided to try a fresh approach with C.C. - instead of trying to pick a fight with him, she's gonna use her female charm to get close to him... Indeed, today she beams through the door of his house and makes comments about 'what a beautiful day it is'. C.C., who's doing his morning exercise, notices right away that she's in a much better mood than before. Santana explains that she has changed - instead of sulking around, regretting what could have been, she's gonna take C.C. up on his advice and move forward with her life. Surely she realizes now that her boy is well taken care of, so there's no need for her to worry. C.C. is very pleased to hear this... Mason on the other hand smells a rat. "Ever since you got home from Acapulco, you and my father have been going at each other - and now all of a sudden you to a total 180 - what's up with that?", Mason asks suspiciously. "Well you know what they say about Santana's - hot winds from the desert. They are hot and unpredictable", the elusive Santana replies with a smile.

Peter and Kelly is at the hospital to see Cruz, but Peter's mighty annoyed to find that Joe is there to visit him as well. He barks at Joe to stay away from everything and anyone who's connected to the Capwells. And he would only dare as to even cast a glance at Kelly! Later, Cruz wonders what all the commotion was about, and Peter explains that Joe was there but he got rid of him. "Why? He's my main man! - get him back in here!", Cruz demands. Peter has no choice but to swallow his pride, and get him back in again... Joe tells Cruz about his time behind bars, and Cruz says it killed him to see him take the rap for something he couldn't have done. He believes in his innocence 100%, and says that he's gonna help him catch the real killer as soon as he's up and about again. Just as Joe's about to leave the hospital, he run's into Toni, and it's apparent that they are old friends (Joe sure has got more friends than one would have thought, huh?). He asks her out to dinner later that night, and she gladly accepts. Later, Toni tells Kelly about her run in with Joe. Kelly gets very upset that she'd going on a date with the man who killed her brother, but Tony says he couldn't have done it - and Kelly knows this deep down in her heart. Kelly nixes that, but Toni suspects that she still has some unresolved feelings for Joe. At this moment Peter comes by and interrupts their conversation. He says firmly that they will do whatever it takes to get Joe out of town. Toni says that might be easier said that done, now that Joe's got a job at the Lockridge house. Peter fumes when he hears this, and says to Kelly that they have to *do something!*

Cruz gets settled in at the Capwell house, to finish his recuperating there. He gets a warm welcome from Rosa and Santana who brings him some tacos and guacamole. Cruz is stunned that Santana grew up to be such a lovely woman - the last time he saw her, she was just a little girl in ponytails, but now she's turned in to quite a beauty. "It's healing me just to look at you", he says flattering.

Joe stops by the Lockridge house - ready to report for duty! Augusta is more than pleased to see him, but Warren fumes with anger and questions if his mother knows what she's getting herself into. "Oh Warren, just go away and do that thing you do at the beach", Augusta barks and wooshes him out of the house. Joe gets to work on repairing some broken borders on the floor, but soon it's obvious that Augusta has something else in mind for him to do... She struts around the house in a tiny bikini and makes many comments with a sexual innuendo... Finally she asks him to put down his hammer and join her for a drink. They sit in the couch and she leans in for a kiss. Joe pulls back and questions what exactly she hired him to do... Joe goes back to his hammering, when Minx appears and wants to know where that noise is coming from. She's terrified to find that convicted killer Joe Perkins is standing in front of her with a hammer in his hand. "Drop that hammer immediately!", she demands. Joe assured the lady that he's harmless - and he's innocent of that murder he was accused for. After a while, it appears as if Minx starts to trust him, and says that she's got some other stuff for him to do around the house. "Forget it granny - he's much to young for you", Augusta snaps... Joe's first day at his new job is about to come to an end, and he starts to leave the house. "You surely are a handy man to have around Joe", says Augusta. "Oh thanks, yeah I like to work with my hands - I can come back tomorrow if you need me?", says Joe. "Oh Joe, I NEED you bad!", says the elusive Augusta. Their conversation is interrupted by the phone. It's Dominick, and he wants to meet Joe at their usual place.

Peter stops by and confronts Augusta about hiring Joe as her carpenter. "I recommend that you fire him immediately", he says. "Well, what a lovely little recommendation", says Augusta with a smile, but adds that Joe is a very handy man to have around. "Let me rephrase that - I URGE you to get rid of him!", fumes Peter, but it's clear he's getting nowhere with Augusta... Some time later, we get the strong impression that Peter and Augusta are more acquainted that we would have thought. He sits on her couch, sipping on a scotch with his shirt unbuttoned. Augusta sneaks up behind him and says; "Did I ever thank you for getting Warren through physics?" "As I recall, you couldn't stop thanking me... You've been a very bad girl Augusta...", says Peter with a glee. "Oh Peter, I'm at my best when I'm bad", Augusta replies. Peter insists that she gets rid of Joe - he wants him out of town. Augusta presumes that he's afraid he will loose Kelly to him again, and Peter gets quite upset at that comment.

Joe stops by the hospital to pick up Toni for their date, but she says she has to cancel - they are swamped in work at the hospital, and she won't be able to get away. They start to talk about Kelly, and Joe asks if she has told her anything about him. "Can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me that she's in love with Peter Flint?", he asks. "No, I can't", says Toni, but adds that Kelly still insists that she loves him. Well, that's all Joe needed to know - and now he's more sure than ever that he will win Kelly back eventually...

Later, Joe goes down to the warehouse to see Dominick. The Capwell's will be at a party on their yacht tomorrow, so the house will be completely empty - so therefor Joe should take the opportunity to sneak into Channings room again. Joe explains that the house won't be completely empty since Cruz is staying there now, but Dominick says he has to risk it. He hands over a note with instructions on how to disarm the alarm, and wish him good luck...



Original airdate: August 17, 1984
Cruz is resting in a room at the Capwell house, when C.C. stops by for a chat. Apparently he has discovered about Cruz's friendship with Joe, and he's not happy about it. "I like you Cruz, but there's one thing that I won't tolerate - I won't have you hanging around with a murderer." C.C. says. "Well, that's not gonna work Mr. C - the man is my friend", says Cruz and adds that Joe must be innocent of the murder - he didn't kill your boy Mr. C. However, C.C. is not convinced, and questions if Cruz believes that he knows better that the legal system. "Not at all, I just believe that they are wrong sometimes", Cruz says. C.C. doesn't want to discuss the matter any further, and fumes out the door. (Do we like Cruz or what!)

Later, Cruz gets a visit from Mason. Cruz wants to know how the investigation is going - did they find those thugs that beat up Joe at the bus-station? And what about that shooter who tried to kill him on the bus? Or the man that through the fire bomb in his house? Mason says they haven't found any suspects for these crimes. Cruz finds this to be very odd - and questions weather or not Mason is really doing his best to help Joe. "I get the distinct impression that Joe would be a lot better off if you removed yourself from the case. It's very obvious that you're not exactly eager to press chargers against someone who tried to hurt Joe Perkins." Mason is insulted at his accusations, and says it's just not true. "Look, he's my friend and someone have been trying to kill him a couple of times. I think maybe someone should get off their but and do something about it! If not - he and I are gonna raise one big stink in this community!", Cruz threatens.

Augusta stops by at Peter's apartment, and says she'll help him get rid of Joe Perkins. But she won't do it for free - she wants 100 000 dollars. Peter fumes that he couldn't possibly get that kind of money, but Augusta can't see why not - he is about to marry into the Capwell family, and 100 g's wouldn't make a difference to them. And if Peter doesn't come up with the money, she might just be tempted to spill the beans about their little indiscretions. "Oh Peter, when I think about those poor girls in your classes... I can see your sympathetic hand on their knees when they came to see you in your office..." "Oh Augusta, your mind makes a gutter seam elevated!", fumes Peter. "I've worked hard for a long time. I've taught to a lot of spoiled rotten kids, and now I'm on the break of something really good and I'm not gonna let anyone spoil it for me!" He adds that Kelly is the core of his life - and Augusta would only dare to strike at him...

C.C. throws a party at his luxurious yacht today. When Mason finds out that Santana hasn't planned to attend the party, he calls up hid date and cancels. Then he calls Santana and suggests that she goes to the party with him. She gladly accepts. However, at the party it seems as if Santana is more interested in spending time with C.C. rather then with him. Santana tells C.C. that she's always looked at him as her second father, and surely that old grudge they had won't stand in the way of them being friends, right? C.C. agrees to start fresh, and doesn't realize that Santana has ulterior motives for being so friendly...

Jade's luck is really turning now! Why today, when she sits in a reception awaiting an audition, she's approached by a friendly gentleman who introduces himself as Lloyd. He tells her that he's a very good friend to a European movie producer, and he might be able to get Jade a part in one of his movies! So who is this producer then? Jade asks. Lloyd tells her that his name is Baron Winterset, and he's behind such successful blockbusters as L'amour est mort and Moi s'il-vous-plait. Jade has never heard of any of these flicks, but Lloyd assures her that they are big hits in Europe. He promises to give her photo to Mr. Winterset, and he will probably get back to her by the end of the day. Jade couldn't be happier!

Laken is back home in Santa Barbara, and gets a shock when she discovers that her mom has hired Joe Perkins as their all-purpose handyman. Augusta assures her daughter that he's a very nice man, and very gifted with his hands...

Joe is out in the garden drilling on the fence (or something), when Augusta appears in a tiny bikini. We are then treated to numerous silly lines that could easily have been plucked straight out of a cheesy porno-movie. There are all kinds of sexual innuendos flying around, lines like *It's really HOT today*, and *Are you sure you've got the right TOOL'S for this job*... Then Augusta suggests that he takes a swim in the pool. "Lionel's swim trunks are in the changing room - they'll fit you if you pull the string tight enough. Go on now - I won't dock you paycheck". Joe looks very concerned, and says it might not be such a good idea - what if Laken were to come home and get the wrong impression? "Mr. Perkins, I have never lived my life according to what other people think - I'm totally selfish. And I think you would look divine in Lionel's swim trunks". It looks like Joe's about to go and change, but then he turns around and dives straight into the swimming pool - with his clothes on. Then he swims up to the side where Augusta sits and admires him. She's just about to kiss him, when he pulls away and asks if she now believe in his innocence? Augusta plants a wet kiss on his lips and says that "There's my answer Joe".

After drying off, they are back in the house again, and Augusta asks how his investigation's going? Has he managed to find the real killer yet? No, says Joe, but he's working on it... Augusta is awfully curious to what he's going to do, and finally he tells her that he's gonna break into the Capwell house and snoop around Channing's old room for clues. Augusta is very concerned that he'll get caught, and tells him to be careful.

Later that night, Joe sneaks through the Capwell gates, and heads for the house. He manages to disarm the security alarm, and goes upstairs. Cruz is the only one who's home, and he's lying in his bed reading a book. But meanwhile, Augusta picks up her phone and makes an anonymous phonecall to C.C. at the party. With a fake accent, she tells him that an intruder was spotted breaking into his house, and he should call the police...



Original airdate: August 20, 1984
Jade is very enthusiastic about her meeting with the great movie producer Baron Winterset. Ted and Danny however, are not quite as optimistic, since they can see all the warning signals here - why would a big movie producer waste his time with a girl like Jade, and why did he want to see her in the middle of the night... something ain't right here, they say, and asks to go with her to the meeting. Jade refuses - it would only look ridiculous if she had a chaperon with her...

Said and done, Jade heads down to Baron's office and sits in the waiting room. Next to her there are two women in trashy outfits who's also waiting to see Baron. They ask themselves what kind of script they will have this time - or maybe they'll get to improvise like they did on the last movie, the say and start to giggle hysterically. Later, Baron asks Jade to step into his office. He tells her that's very impressed with her good looks, and he will make her a big star! All she has to do is sign this contract right now, and she'll be on her way to stardom! Jade couldn't be happier, and signs the agreement without giving it a second glance. Then Baron asks her to stand up and twirl around. Jade does this, but Baron wants more... you see, the girl who gets this part has to have nice looking legs, so could you please lift your skirt up a little? Jade hesitates, but then does so. Oh nice... very nice, chuckles Baron. See you tomorrow at your screen test!

Jade arrives home and she's beaming with joy! Finally her dream is gonna come true - she's gonna be a big Hollywood superstar! Danny is surprised, but congratulates her to the screen test and assures her she'll do just fine.

Santana questions her mother about C.C. She wants to know all about him - what's his favorite dish, his favorite sport... what kind of wines does he like to drink? Rosa can't understand why Santana wants all this information, but tells her daughter what she knows. Santana says that she only wants to get to know her son's grandfather a little better, but then she admits that she's still trying to find out information on her son's whereabouts. Rosa asks her to stop these silliness right now, but Santana swears that she'll never give up looking for her baby...

Joe has managed to break inside the Capwell house unnoticed, and everything is going just fine. He enters Channing's room and searches for clues with a flashlight. Since he doesn't have time to be picky, he just throws some stuff in his backpack...

What Joe doesn't know, is that Augusta has place an anonymous phonecall to C.C. and alerted him about what's going on. C.C. immediately calls the police and tells them to rush over to his house - but they are not to use any sirens, cause he doesn't want to scare the prowler away - he wants to catch him!

Cruz is awaken by the servant Philip, who informs him of what's happened. Meanwhile, Joe notice that there are police officers in the house, and he realize that he's surrounded. What to do? Joe makes an escape towards Cruz's room, and asks for help. Cruz is shocked to see him at first, but then agrees to help him. He stash him away in the closet, while the police starts to question him. Cruz says he has neither seen or heard anything suspicious. Well, the police are confident that the prowler is still lurking around somewhere on the grounds, and they will find him sooner or later - he won't get away!

Kelly enters Cruz's room, and tells him about her up and coming marriage to Peter (not knowing that Joe's hiding in the closet and can hear every word she says). Cruz is glad that Kelly has found happiness again, but does she really have no feelings left for Joe? Kelly tells him about the night when she saw Joe standing over Channing's body with a gun in his hand, and says he has to be guilty. However, she does admit that she has difficulties to stop thinking about him... Meanwhile, Joe's standing in the closet and he looks quite upset to hear Kelly's harsh words.

Cruz has a plan to get Joe out of the house. He's gonna hide in the trunk of Cruz's car, and then someone will drive it out of the mansion. He hands Joe the keys to his car, and tells him good luck. Joe is just about to make an escape towards the garage, when he is caught in the act by Kelly! She freaks when she sees him!

Celebrity sighting:

Barbara Crampton
Barbara Cramton might look familiar from her roles on the soap operas The Bold and the Beautiful and The Guiding Light. She has also starred in the movies Fraternity Vacation and The Puppet Master. Today she made a brief appearance in Santa Barbara as one of the girls who where waiting outside Baron Winterset's office along with Jade.



Original airdate: August 21, 1984
A new day is dawning in Hollywood, and our buddies Ted and Danny wake up to the tune of Cindy Lauper's oldie goldie Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Seems as if Jade is busy practicing for her upcoming screen test later today. She jumps up and down to the beat in her room... Both Ted and Danny smells a rat... what if this is just some big scam? Even the name 'Baron Winterset' sounds fake. Jade nixes their warnings as rubbish, and tells them they are only jealous because she's 'making it' in Hollywood, while they are still working at that hamburger joint.

Later, Jade receives a phonecall from the producer, who tells her that the screen test will take place at the corner of Melrose Avenue at midnight. Jade doesn't question the strange location, or the odd hour of the day, but she does have a concerned look on her face... however, she tells Danny that the screen test will take place at Universal Studios.

Kelly gets an unpleasant morning surprise when she catches Joe while he's trying to escape from the house. She gets upset and threatens to hand him over to the police! Joe manages to persuade her from doing that, and after some bickering back and forth, she agrees to help him escape through her window. Joe gets inside the trunk of Cruz's car, as planned, and the car is driven of by doctor Toni. Later, Kelly enters Cruz's bedroom and moans about what happened. She wants Joe to get out of town, because she can't take anymore of this! Her loyalties are getting all mixed up and she doesn't know what to believe anymore. "Well, maybe that should tell you something about your feelings for him", Cruz suggests.

Mason stops by Cruz's bedroom and says he has pondered about their last conversation. He doesn't like that Cruz takes Joe's side in this, and maybe it would be best if he just found somewhere else to live. They start to square off with each other, and finally Masons tells him to be very careful - there are nasty rumors flying around about what Cruz was up to in Texas, and Mason is determined to find out more... Cruz realizes that he's being blackmailed, and looks concerned. Later, Cruz ask to speak to Santana, and asks her to find him a house. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a small place near the beach. He also needs some new furniture... especially a large bed. He tells Santana to pick one out - not to firm and not to soft, but big. "Try it out - if it's good enough for you, then it'll be good enough for me", he says with a glee...

Joe arrives home and goes through the stuff that he managed to get from Channings room. There's a framed photo of Kelly (can't get enough of those), some diary notes and a love letter that Channing apparently wrote to his girlfriend. Here's what the letter says: "I can see your face everytime I close my eyes. It's like your with me all the time. I can almost feel you breathing, touch your hair, smell your perfume... I love you so much". Who could he have written this note to? Who could she be?, Joe asks no one in particular. (My guess is Santana)

Speaking of Santana, today she shows up at C.C.'s house with a big present. It's one of those typical soap-opera gifts. You know the ones where the box and the top is wrapped separately, so that the actor can easily open it in two seconds. I like to call them soap opera gifts, cause I don't know anyone who wraps their presents that way. Anyway, this gift is not for C.C. - it's for her son, and she wants C.C. to give it to him on his birthday. Okay, I know what you're thinking - Santana has probably slipped a note in the box where it says 'Hi, I'm your mama - please call me", and that's exactly what C.C. thinks. But no, he opens the soap opera gift and finds nothing but a pair of trousers and a polo-helmet (every five year olds favorite toy - hey Santana, get with the program - where's the Playstation?!) C.C. also finds a card that says 'Happy birthday', but she hasn't signed it with her name. C.C. feels assured that she's not up to any tricks, so he promises to make sure that the boy receives her gift. Later, home at her apartment, Santana has baked a cake and put five candles on it. 'Happy birthday my boy', she says which tears in her eyes. You know, that was a really sad party for one...

Joe gets the stuff he got from Channing's room, and gives it to Dominick at the warehouse. Dominick says he has to take the stuff home with him, to see if there's any valuable information there. Joe questions weather or not he will ever see the stuff again, but Dominick pulls a gun at him and says to trust him...



I'm so terribly sorry, but I missed Monday's episode. I messed it up with my VCR and accidentally taped The Home Shopping Network instead... Since you're probably not interested in a summary of what the 'Fitness Flyer' can do for you - we'd better just jump to Tuesday's episode and try to figure out what we missed...

Original airdate: August 23, 1984
When we open up on Tuesday, it seems as if Kelly had herself a little accident in the missed Monday-episode. Apparently she was riding her bike outside Augusta's garden, and caught a glimpse of Joe and Augusta kissing! Oh the horrors! Kelly was so stunned that she crashed her bicycle right into Augustas rosebushes and got caught up in some barbed wire! But have no fear - Joe is here, and very eager to help her. After having wrapped a little bandage over her arm, Joe tries to ease her pain by giving her a big wet kiss! At first, it seems as if Kelly is responding to the kiss, but then she realizes what she's about to do, so she pulls back and gives him a big slap in the face. Ouch! But that doesn't stop Joe from proclaiming his feelings for her... "Kelly, I love you. For five years I've been dreaming about this. You still love me - nothing has changed", says Joe firmly. Kelly begs to differ and orders him to stop. "I hate you!", she fumes. "Well, if you do, then why did you hide me the other day? You could have turned me in to the cops, but you didn't", says Joe referring to that incident the other day when Kelly caught him breaking into the Capwell house. "I don't know why! I should have turned you in! I'm free of you and I'm gonna fight to stay that way!" Joe can't understand why she has to fight her feelings for him, if she doesn't have any feelings for him (good point Joe) - obviously she must care about him after all! "We belong together", says Joe, but Kelly fumes that he belongs in prison and if he doesn't stay away from her, she's gonna make sure he goes back there. Augusta interrupts their argument, and Kelly gives her a look that could kill - you're a fool Augusta, the way you're carrying on with him. Well you can have him!, she snaps and runs from the scene. After Kelly has left, Joe is pretty upset and Augusta tries to calm him down, but to no avail.

When Kelly gets home, Mason notices right away that something ain't right here. He wants to know what has happened, and Kelly simply replies "Joe Perkins - that's what happened!". Mason picks up a phone and makes a call to book charges against Joe for harassment.

Jade has arrived at a sleazy motel to make her screen test. An elderly gentleman with a British accent asks her to dance in front of the camera and strut her stuff. "I wanna see how you relate to the camera. How you move, how relaxed you can be, how uninhibited you are..." Jade puts a tape in the tape player and starts to wiggle her behind to the music. The producer is very impressed; "That's nice Jade... maybe a little TOO nice. You see, the part in my movie calls for incredible sexuality", he says. "You mean you want it to be sexier?", asks the ever so innocent Jade. "I want every man in this country to want this girl. Maybe you could fool around with your clothes... show us those fabulous legs. Maybe you could undo a button or two". Jade looks stunned as her blouse is already unbuttoned to the point of no return, but she agrees to be a little bit more seductive. She gives him another dance where she tries to 'seduce the camera', but the producer stops her once again and wants her to take it one step further. Maybe she could just remove all her clothes? "You want me to dance her naked?!", asks Jade, and the producer seems to like that idea. Has she ever seen a movie lately that didn't contain nudity? Come on Jade - this is 1984! "I don't mind taking my clothes of, but there would have to be a reason, right?", says Jade. The producer gives her several reasons - stardom, money and fame! Jade is still hesitant and says she can't do this... surely she wants this part more than anything else, but she can't dance naked. Too bad, says the producer, but I'll be here till twelve o'clock tonight if you change your mind...

As you might remember, Santana promised Cruz she would get him a house near the beach. Well, she hasn't succeeded in doing this just yet, but she has gotten him a houseboat near the pier. Santana promises to turn his houseboat into a 'floating palace' if he would just agree to help her with something... She wants Cruz to teach her how to ride (horses, that is). Cruz wants to know why, but doesn't really get an answer to that question. However, it's obvious that this is another step for her to get closer to C.C....

It seems as if Kelly's confrontation with Joe earlier, has spurred some sudden urges to make love to Peter. She calls him up at work, and asks him to get home to his apartment immediately. When Peter arrives home, he finds Kelly waiting for him in some revealing lingerie - ready to make love! She apologizes for being so torn and confused lately, but now there's no doubt in her mind about who she loves - she wants Peter.

Joe goes down to the pub to wash away his sorrows with beer. He asks papa John to join him for a chat. John wonders why he called him, but Joe says he wants to apologize for all the trouble his return has caused between his mom and dad. Maybe it would be best if he just left Santa Barbara after all? Yeah, maybe, says John. A few beers later, Joe is joined by his old pal Cruz, and he starts to moan about Kelly not responding to his feelings. Well, that all 'beer under the bridge' now, and he's not gonna mope around over Kelly Capwell anymore - he's gonna forget all about her and leave Santa Barbara. Later they are joined by Mason and his dukes - and he want to arrest Joe for stalking his sister. Cruz stops them and demands to know why - who brought charges against Joe? No one, says Mason, but Mr. Perkins is stalking his sister and that is reason enough to be arrested. Cruz threatens to go to the press and say that district attorney Mason Capwell is harassing Joe for no reason, and finally Mason gives up. However, he swears that he will get Joe sooner and later. Cruz notices that Joe is getting a bit drunk, and asks to drive him home. "And where is home - I have no home!", cries Joe and says that he doesn't want to burden his mother anymore. Cruz then offers to take him to a motel, but Joe says there's someplace else he can take him...

Later there's a knock on Augusta's door - and it's Joe. "Hey beautiful", he sludders and walks through the door. Augusta is pleasantly surprised by this late night booty-visit...



Original airdate: August 24, 1984
It's *the day after the nigh before* and Joe wakes up next to Augusta in her bed. He looks somewhat regretful and suffers from a serious hangover, but gets other things to ponder when the phone rings. It's Dominick, and he wants to meet with Joe at the usual place. Joe gets up from bed and starts to get ready, but Augusta persuades him to crawl back under the covers with her... then it's time for lovemaking session #2.

Kelly wakes up next to Peter after their night of passion, and she almost looks as regretful as Joe. However, she assures Peter that she loves him and that their night together was wonderful... Peter couldn't be happier - finally Joe Perkins is no longer a threat to their relationship!

Peter heads over to Augustas and tells her that their deal is off - rumors say that Joe is planning to leave Santa Barbara anyway, so he's no longer in need of Augusta's services. And also, it doesn't matter what Joe does anymore, since Kelly has made clear with whom she wants to be. Augusta is annoyed to hear this, and fumes at him for breaking their agreement. At this very moment, Joe arrives to get to work, and Peter sees an opportunity to throw some salt in his wounds; "You know, I was really against you staying in Santa Barbara. I couldn't picture the killer of my fiancee's brother living in our otherwise tranquil surroundings. I just want to assure you that Kelly is a very happy young woman - and I'm gonna keep her happy for the rest of her life. She's used to the best - and I'm gonna give her the best. As the guy that hurt her the most, I'd think you be glad to hear that.", says Peter with a smug look on his face. "You act like you own her!", fumes Joe. "Well, I do. Heart, soul, mind and BODY." Joe's ready to attack him, but Augusta manages to keep them apart, and Peter leaves the house. But Joe is still upset; "I know I'm not to be with Kelly anymore. But I love her to much to let her marry Peter Flint. She's making a big mistake, and it makes me sick just to think about it!". Joe leaves Augusta's house and says he's gonna find a way to prevent Kelly from marrying Peter!

The rumor of Joe and Augusta's affair has reached Minx, and she's not happy with her daughter-in-law's promiscuous behavior. "Do you wish to explain your behaviour? How dare you have assignations in my home? How dare you bring your lover here? You've fouled my home - Lionel's home - you're children's home!", fumes Minx angrily. "Oh, stop it! What do you know about my needs? What do I have to be guilty of? I love Lionel - he's my husband, but he rejects me with other women! Minx, how can you be so blind and so naive when it comes to your own son?", asks Augusta. "I will defend my son - although he's imperfect. I will defend him when his wife betrays him. If you're husband is enjoying the company of other women - the reason is here at home!"

Laken is also very disgusted over her mother's behavior, and now she wants to leave for Los Angeles to 'get away' from it all. Augusta forbids her from going, and says she doesn't want to be alone in the house. Laken presumes she won't be very lonely as her lover probably will keep her company! "Are you saying that I can't go to Los Angeles to be with friends, when you've just been in bed with my best friends brother?! I'm disgusted with you! I'm disgusted with the double standards in this family!", fumes Laken and makes it perfectly clear that she's going to L.A. no matter what her mother says. Later, Laken is all packed and ready to go, when Minx stop her at the last minute. Laken explains the situation, and Minx can understand why she want's to get away. You go to L.A. dear, and I'll handle your mother, she says and gives her grand daughter a hug.

Santana, who's wearing a darker hair color today, continues her quest to get close to C.C. Today she tells him about a house that she's found, and it would be just perfect for Peter and Kelly after they've married. She asks C.C. to go with her and have a look at the house, and he agrees. Later, it appears that the house Santana had picked out, was just the kind of house that his late wife Sophia would have picked. Remarkable how similar taste Santana and Sophia has.... Santana also shows him a scarf that she's wearing. Sophia gave it to her when she was just a kid, and it's her favorite scarf. C.C. immediately starts to open up to her about his feelings for his dead wife... Rosa notices right away what Santana is trying to do, and she asks to speak to her daughter in private. She warns her for playing with C.C.'s emotions, and says nothing good can come out of this. "I'm determined to find my boy, and if it means having to win C.C's confidence - I will do it!", says Santana firmly.

Jade ponders about yesterdays meeting with that sleazy movie producer, and starts to regret that she didn't agree to his terms. She calls him up and asks for a second chance, and he suggests that they discuss the matter over dinner. Ted and Danny are immediately suspicious about this - why would he want to have dinner with her? Why can't he just see her in his office like everyone else? Something ain't right here, and they decide to follow them to the fancy restaurant to check things out...

Joe arrives at the warehouse for his meeting with Dominick, but it seems as if he's not there. Joe goes outside and starts to look for him, and suddenly we see that someone in a car is about to run him over! Who could it be?



Original airdate: August 27, 1984
Joe's about to be hit by a car, and it turns out Augusta is the driver. She claims that she followed Joe to the warehouse because she's jealous and though he was seeing another woman. Joe gets upset and tells her never to follow him again. After he has gotten rid of Augusta, Joe goes to a phonebooth and calls Dominicks answering machine. He apologizes for the interruption, but assures him that he's all alone now and he has to meet with him tonight.

Later, Dominick appears at the warehouse, and tells Joe to stay away from Augusta. "Stop seeing that woman! Stop working for that viper! You're affair with Augusta Lockridge is killing your chances with Kelly.", fumes Dominick. Joe gets irritated and tells him not to interfere with his private life. "I'd be aware of Augusta - she's treacherous! She may have perverse interest in you finding Channing's killer!", Dominick warns him. Then Dominick wants to go through the stuff that Joe got from Channing's room the other day. There were some interesting things there... like Channing's journal where he writes about a break-in that appeared in the Capwell-house before his death. Why did Channing write this down in his diary? Maybe he was behind the break-in himself?, Joe suggests. Dominick has also found another loveletter and in this one Santana's name is mentioned. Joe is stunned - did Channing and Santana have a secret affair? Yes, it appears so, and maybe this is another clue to finding the real killer. Joe asks to keep the loveletter so that he can confront Santana with it and watch her reaction. Dominick asks him to be careful, since Santana was lurking around the bus station with a gun, and tried to kill him the day he got out of jail. Joe can't understand why...

Ted and Danny are worried about Jade's safety, so they've followed her and the sleazy Hollywood-producer to the fancy restaurant to make sure that everything is okay. The producer, who's name we find out is William Homeby, is acting very charming towards young Jade, and promises her that she's gonna be the next Brooke Shields! He leans forward to kiss her hand, and Danny can barley stop himself from running over to their table... Both Ted and Danny are stunned to see how expensive everything on the menu is, and when the waiter comes by to take their order, they simply reply that they would like to split a shrimp-cocktail - and that would be all. The waiter suspects that cash is a problem here, so he presumes that they will have some water with that. "That's right - on the rocks", replies Danny. Just as Jade and William are about to leave the restaurant, they spot the guys at their table. William introduces himself, and it's clear that Danny doesn't like him one bit. At this very moment, the waiter comes by with their shrimp-cocktail. William insists that they let him choose the main-course for them, and tells the waiter that the boys would like the Chateaubriand - the most expensive dish on the menu. Ted and Danny tries to protest, but to no avail... "And give them a bottle of your finest chardonnay and put the bottle on my tab". The waiter explains that the boys are minors, so William changes the order to grape-juice. After Jade and William has left the restaurant, Ted and Danny tries to cancel the order - but it's too late, cause their steak is already on the grill... The guys enjoy their expensive dinner, but then starts to worry how they are gonna pay for it. They tell the waiter that they too are in the restaurant business - as proud owners of the seafood place Pirate's Catch. Now isn't it customary in the restaurant business that you trade favors with one another? If the waiter were to treat them to this meal, then he could just stop by Pirate's Catch tomorrow and get himself a free dinner, Danny suggests. The waiter declines the offer, and insists that the bill has to be paid. Then the guess claim that they forgot their wallets... Finally, the waiter agrees to stay with Danny at the restaurant, while Ted goes to get some money...

When Ted gets home, he's pleasantly surprised to find that Laken is back. After having exchanged some hugs and kisses, he remembers that he has to bail Danny out of the restaurant, and asks Laken and Jade for some cash. Finally, they manage to get enough money to cover the dinner, and Jade offers to go down to the restaurant with it so that Ted and Laken can have a moment alone. Laken explains that she has something difficult to tell him. Ted presumes that she's seeing someone else, but she says it's nothing like that. It's her mother, and she has started seeing Joe Perkins. Ted throws a fit and fumes that Perkins killed his brother - how can Augusta be sleeping with him?! It's obvious that this could turn out to be a big problem in his relationship with Laken.

Santana is at Cruz's houseboat, and tells him of her plans to transform the boat into a 'floating palace'. She shows him some fabrics and suggests that beige would look great for his couch. But beige doesn't match with the blonde women that he intends to seduce on the couch, says Cruz, so we can't have that... Their conversation is interrupted by Mason, who desperately needs Santana for an "interior-crises" at the Capwell hotel. There's supposed to be a convention at the hotel tomorrow, and the ballroom has to be perfect. Santana agrees to go with him and help with this crises... Later, Mason and Santana is back at her apartment, and Mason wants to be invited in for a little nightcap. Santana is pretty quick to dismiss him though... Shortly thereafter, there's a knock on Santana's door, and she is stunned to see Joe standing there. She wants him to leave, but he hands over the love letter from Channing to her, and she starts to read it... It's obvious that she's upset by the letter, cause she gets tears in her eyes and slams the door on Joe... Joe is intrigued...


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