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Capitulo 1

     The story is set in 1867 in California (it was part of Mexico before the Mexican-American War in the 1840s). Ramona Moreno lives at a convent and has been there for many years. She is called into the Mother Superior's office and is told that the convent will be closing. At the ranch, Doña Moreno (Ramona's mother and a widow) has heard the same news via letter and is upset to learn that Ramona will be coming home to live.

     Felipe comes into the sala, where the Doña (his mother) tells him the "terrible" news. Instead, Felipe is happy to learn that Ramona is coming home. The Doña tries to explain that things are better for her at the convent (but she has no choice; it's closing). Felipe tries to console his mother and remains positive. He is confused, however, why Ramona's return makes the Doña so upset. Felipe and the Doña also discuss the situation regarding American gold prospectors in the area.

     In a nearby cabin, two gringos named Dr. Thomas and Rex share whisky and discuss their dislike for Mexicans (like the Morenos) living in California. At the same time, two gringo prospectors pan for gold in a part of the river that is on the Moreno's property. They have little respect for the Mexicans as well.

     At the convent Ramona packs up her few belongings because she will be leaving the next day. She admits to the Mother Superior that a religious vocation isn't for her, anyway, although she loves the convent and the nuns, etc. The Mother understands, and the two discuss how life will be outside the safe walls of the convent. Ramona is a bit scared but the Mother comforts her.

     Ramona asks the Mother Superior about her mother, the Doña. Ramona is very sad that the Doña never has come to visit her at the convent, etc. The Mother Superior defends the Doña and tells Ramona that the Doña is a widow with the ranch to think about, as well as other obligations. The Mother also reminds Ramona that it's not always safe for children to be living on the ranches during this time.

     Felipe goes into the kitchen and is thrilled to tell Martha that Ramona is coming home. At first she's excited along with him, but she quiets down when Felipe mentions his mother (the Doña). Martha knows the Doña doesn't like Ramona very much and right away knows there could be trouble.

     The ranch hands work on a fence and hear the gold prospectors, who have found a large nugget in the river. The ranch hands ride over to the river and with guns drawn, tell the prospectors they are on private property. One of the prospectors escapes, but the other is lassoed and captured.

     Felipe and the Doña eat lunch and discuss Padre Salvatierra, whom they are expecting. During the meal Martha comes in to serve them and mentions how nice it is that Ramona is coming home. The Doña is mad that she knows, and Felipe explains that he told her. It doesn't matter; the Doña becomes upset anyway and leaves the room in a huff. Martha apologizes to Felipe, who isn't mad at all. He tells her that he just doesn't understand his mother. He also tries to get Martha to tell him anything that would explain the Doña's behavior. Martha doesn't offer much.

     Meanwhile Padre Salvatierra is trying to get to the Moreno's ranch but his horse won't obey him. At that moment a gringo puts a gun to his head and within seconds steals the Padre's horse.

     At the Indian village Alejandro speaks with his father and others about going to the Doña's ranch the following day.

     That night, Ramona is spending her last night at the convent and dreams that she is a little girl again. In her dream she overhears two servants discussing "pobre Ramona" and the situation involving her parents. Ramona wakes up from the dream all of a sudden, confused.

     Felipe is in his study writing in his journal. He continues to not understand his mother and her attitude towards Ramona. While he is writing Juan comes in and tells Felipe about the gringo they caught at the river.

     Padre Salvatierra has arrived, and Martha and Felipe welcome him with food and drink (the Doña has already gone to bed). They talk about gringos, and Felipe tells the Padre that Ramona is coming home from the convent. Because he knows the Doña's secrets, the Padre is immediately worried but tries not to let his concern show.

     The next day, Alejandro and his father get their horses ready to leave. A female Indian, Manuela, likes Alejando and gives him an amulet for good luck on his journey. In return she wants the cross around his neck, but he explains that it was his mother's. After Manuela leaves Alejandro's father sees the amulet and gets mad, reminding Alejando they are now Christians. They saddle up and leave.

     Dr. Thomas and Rex sit in their cabin/shack and consult a map, making plans.

     In the ranch kitchen Martha tells Margarita, her daughter, that Ramona is coming home. Margarita seems pleased but wonders why Ramona is returning. Martha doesn't really know. Later Martha and Juan discuss Ramona's return. The more that Martha thinks about it, the more worried she gets.

     Felipe and the ranch hands have the gringo in a barn strung up by his hands. They want to know what the gringos were doing on the Moreno's property, and where the other guy is. The prospector, his hands and arms in pain, offers as little information as possible. At that moment the Doña comes in the barn to look the gringo over. She whips him once, then lets Lucio continue the lashings.

     Ramona is dressed and ready to leave the convent for good. She and the Mother Superior cry, knowing they will miss each other. Later Ramona is in a stagecoach for the ride back to the ranch. She is accompanied by two nuns who don't appreciate the scenery and wide open spaces as much as Ramona does.

     Cliffhanger: The Doña and Padre Salvatierra are alone, and she is (still) upset about Ramona's imminent return to the ranch. The Padre has a hard time understanding why the Doña harbors ill feelings after all these years. The Doña exclaims, ¡No la quiero! ¡No la quiero! The Padre responds that no matter what has occurred, none of it is Ramona's fault.

     Fin del capitulo



Capitulo 2

     Ramona and the nuns take a break from the ride and sit eating lunch by the side of a tree. Ramona tells them how she cant she wait to get to the hacienda. She reminisces about how she cant wait to go horse-backing riding, bathe in the river, and how she cant wait to see her Nana and Margarita. And also ,of course, her brother Felipe. One of the nuns asks her if she cant wait to see her mother also. Ramona answers of course. Ramona gets up and asks if theres still a lot of land to travel they arrive. One of the nuns says that by the evening theyll arrive to Todos Los Santos and by morning will continue the last part of the trip, and God willing, theyll arrive at the hacienda by afternoon. One of the nuns (what are their names?? Hehe) is worried that these lands are becoming more and more populated by Americans who have no regard for foreigners. Ramona argues that theyre not foreigners and explains how her great-grandparents established theses lands for hundreds of years ago. But since the Mexicans lost the war, the nun responses, theyll have to adapt.

     Meanwhile, the ranch hands leave the captured gringo Davis on the side of some road without untying his hands and without his horse. He tells them that some day theyll get their comeuppance. The Mexicans respond that theyre ready and waiting for anything.

     Back in Todos Los Santos Jack is still with Doc Johnson, but now Maris has joined them. Theyre all playing poker. Jack is angrily asking him how could he let them take Davis. Maris covers up by saying that there were like 50 Mexicans that took him. Jack tells him that he better hope that Davis doesnt talk that he was the one who sent him up there, or else he [Maris] will see whats coming to him. He doesnt want his reputation ruined.

     Back in the town a drunkard by the name of Nepo goes to the sheriffs office and tells him that Jack Green sent some men to the Moreno-Gonzaga property to search for gold. The Sheriff decides to go have a little chat with Jack Green. The sheriff arrives at Jack Greens house and confronts him about sending men to the Moreno-Gonzaga ranch to search for gold and tells him that if its true hell have to arrest him. Jack Green tells him thats its true but tells him there will be no arrest. He pulls out a gun and points it to the sheriff. He tells them that this lands belong to America now, he puts the gun to the sheriffs forehead and pulls the trigger. Killing the sheriff instantly. Jack convinces the doctor to help him cover up the murder.

     Back at the hacienda Alejandro and the Yahi Indian tribe arrive to the ranch and they are greeted with open arms. Felipe tells them to get settled in and to get ready for the blessing that the Padre Salvatierra is going to have for the good-fortune of this hunting season.

     Meanwhile Doña Ramona is in her room on her bead with a small case remembering a lost love. She takes out a photo and calls out his name, Angus. She wonders how could she forget him, today of all days, and especially since his daughter is arriving soon. Felipe interrupts her reminiscing by knocking on the door. She quickly hides the case in her closet and tells him to come in. He came to inform her that the Indians have arrived and to ask if she would like to come to greet them and to attend the blessing that Padre Salvatierra is gonna have later. Shes reluctant and gives no answer.

     Meanwhile the ranch-hands Juan and (????) and tying wooden fences and notice Padre Salvatierra praying near a tree. (???) wonders if the rumor is true that somebody is buried there. Juan tells him to stop gossiping and to his job better, since his knots are very loose.

     Back in the house near the courtyard Martha is on her way to take a statue of the virgin to Ramonas room, but Doña Ramona stops her in the courtyard. She asks her where is she taking the statue. Martha tells her that Felipe told her to put in Ramonas room for her arrival. Doña Ramona is annoyed that Felipes making too many considerations for Ramona. Martha tells her that what does she expect, shes his only sister. Doña Ramona allows her to take it to the room. Doña Ramona asks her if she knows where Padre Salvatierra is. Martha tells her that hes praying by the tree.

     Back in Todos Los Santos Ramona and the nuns arrive to El Pueblo de Todos Los Santos. Ramona is mesmerized by seeing how the town has changed from when she was a child.

     The next morning Doc Johnson is telling the Americans in the town that the sheriff was found murdered, and that the responsible was a group of Mexican bandits. He tells them that they got to get rid of all the Mexicanisms in the town and they can start by appointing a new sheriff, an American. He tells them that he has the perfect candidate, Jack Green. Ramona and the nuns hear all this when theyre on their way to continue the voyage. Ramona wants to go see whats happening since they mentioned Mexicans but the nuns convince it that its better that they go on their way. The townspeople are convinced by Doc Johnson and cheer Green on. Later on, at the saloon, Jack Green is telling the patrons that theyre first step towards progress is by changing the town name, he proposes Spur Town. Most of the saloon agrees and cheers the approval of the new name, although one of ladies in the saloon is not at all pleased by these changes and by this new sheriff. Jack Green orders a round of drinks for everyone, on him.

     Meanwhile, the stagecoach is on the path to the Gonzaga-Moreno hacienda when they see a man slowly going through the path. Its Davis, he begs the nuns to give him some water. The nun tells one the drivers to give him some water and bread.

     Back at the hacienda Felipe shows Alejandro the horse that hes gonna give to Ramona. Alejandro asks him if he can test-drive it, Felipe tells him, of course.

     Meanwhile Doña Ramona and Padre Salvatierra are near the tree talking about Angus. Doña Ramona wishes she had seen him buried in the chapel, like he deserved. Doña Ramona has flashbacks of the night where Angus asks her why didnt she wait for him. Younger Ramona tries to explain that after many long cold nights and months she thought he had been killed in battle. Her parents arranged a marriage between her and Alonso Moreno. Angus tries to convince her to run away with him, but she refuses. Shes expecting a child. He tells her that that doesnt matter to him, that hell give the child his name. She tells him that she loves him but that she cant do that to her family. She walks awayback to the present: Doña Ramona tells Padre Salvatierra that she never forgot Angus and the sinful love that has stayed with her through all these years.

     Meanwhile, in Ramonas room Martha, Margarita and Delgadina are arranging Ramonas room and bed, supervised by Felipe. He wants the room to be perfect for her arrival.

     Meanwhile, the stagecoach is approaching the Moreno-Gonzaga hacienda but Alejandro and the horse get in the way of the road. One of the drivers yells at him to get out of the way. Ramona tries to peek through the window to see what is happening. Alejandro rides by Ramonas window and they see each other. He stops behind the stagecoach and looks back. Ramona lifts her veil to look back at Alejandro.



Episode 3

     Jack Green interrogates the man who confesses to having told the Sheriff that his men were panning for gold on the Morenos land. He says he can work for him. Hes got the best ears in all of California. He tells him hell think about it. When he leaves he says hes a rat but he may be useful.

     Dona Ramona gives the priest a donation for the San Juan Capestrano mission for converting the Indians to Christianity. Father Salvatierras says with the influx of so many foreigners there are less and less Catholics. They dont value their culture or values. Dona Ramona says they dont value their land either. The interloper they just had was just one example. They bend the rules to suit themselves.

     We hear the rider coming. Hes crying out Ahi viene la nina Ramona. The churchbells sound and all the people on the ranch rush out to greet her. Felipe is the first to welcom Ramona. Dona Ramona doesnt go out, she doesnt want to see her. Shes afraid because she doesnt come aloneshe brings her memories.

     The workers gather around Ramona, Felipe says he cant believe how pretty shes gotten. First Marta hugs her, then Margarita. A little girl comes forward. Her name is Delgadina. She says Ramona is the prettiest one of all. She gives her flowers and Ramona gives her a pin (probably religious).

     Felipe is introduced to the nuns. Dona Ramona comes out. Ramona embraces her and says shes missed her very much. Her mother says she has to, although her expression belies her statement.

     The nuns, priest and the family are seated for dinner. Felipe wants to toast Ramona but her mother says its impolite since the nuns and priest dont drink. They said theyd make an exception so the mother makes a simple toast To Ramona. Ramona toasts them and the happiness she has in seeing them again. Its been so many years she could hardly recognize them. Felipe says shes so pretty he would recognize her anywhere.

     Dona Ramona will put the nuns up for the night. They say shes been very generous. Ramona says shes going to miss them. The nuns say Ramona behaved very well, she was exemplary in her behavior. Dona Ramona says thats why she sent her, so that she would temper her spirit. They gave her a rigid discipline to mold her character. Felipe says hes proud of her and knows she had to follow the strict rules. He says he has a surprise for her and wants to take her outside to show her. Dona Ramona objects but is convinced to let her go.

     Alejandro rides up on Ruby. Felipe tells her that the horse is her surprise. He asks if she remembers Alejandro. She tells him she saw him on the road yesterday. She didnt speak to him because she didnt know who he was. Felipe says not to be so formal, she can speak to him as tu. He says they should all go for a horseback ride tomorrow. When Alejandro says Ruby might not be ready yet, Ramona says shell dominate her.

     Dona Ramona is praying to the virgin. She says shes back. I cant help but see Angus in her gestures, in her look. I must accept her.

     Felipe shows Ramona around the house. She says he must be a very good manager because everything looks beautiful. He cant help ittheres nothing else to do. Ramona asks if hes got lots of girlfriends. He says no, mothers so alone he doesnt go out much.

     Ramona says she was afraid to see her mother again. Maybe it was because she never knew why she was sent away. Felipe thinks its because shes old fashioned and thought shed receive the best upbringing in the convent. Fortunately for her, Ramona says, the convent closed and shes not going back. He says shell find lots to do. She says shes missed him very much.

     Ramona goes to say goodnight to her mother who objects to her using tu and says she prefers Ud like Felipe. Ramona says shes forgotten. Dona Ramona says she must behave like a decent young woman. She shouldnt get familiar with the servants and there are a lot of strangers around.

     Ramona wonders if she wants to lock her up again? Her mother says that in a way she does. Ramona was looking forward to some freedomhorseback riding, swimming in the river. Being locked in between four walls wasnt easy. Her mother wants to know if shes faulting her? She says no, but it was like being a prisoner. Her mother says that the house has rules. She cant go out without getting permission. A young lady cant be running about. She must obeydidnt they show her that?

     Dona Ramona says she s tired and Ramona asks her what she has to do to make her love her? She says she must obey her.

     Ramona is crying and asks Marta why her mother doesnt love her. Marta tries to tell her she does.

     Felipe is in his room writing in his diary. He says its been so many years waiting for her. He never thought he would feel this way. Shes so pretty. Things would be so different if she werent his sister. He shouldn't allow these feelings to fester in him.

     Alejandro is shown playing a horn and thinking about when he saw Ramona. At the Indian village the Manuela asks her mother if she can tell what Alejandro is thinking. Shes looking into a bowl filled with water and some rocks. She says she sees him thinking of an Indian girl from around there.

     The next day theres a mass in honor of Alonso Moreno. Ramona tries to take her mothers hand but she recoils. The priest said he was a good father, husband, peacemaker and soldier. Dona Ramona thinks back to her husbands sick bed. He says she knew she never really loved him. She loved the Irishman, but even so she was a loyal companion and Christian. Above all a good mother for his son. She asks for forgiveness. She wanted to love him, to be the best wife. He appreciates that she never abandoned him.

     Alejandro goes to the stable and tells Eugenio hes not going with Felipe and Ramona on their ride.

     Ramona says goodbye to the nuns. They were like family to her. They gave her love and happiness. The sister says she was meant for something bigger.

     Dona Ramona gives them something for the mother superior. The nuns said Ramona made herself be loved right from the beginning and they are going to miss her.

     Back at Jack Greens office the guy who was caught at the Morens ranch returns. He tells Jack that the Morenos ranch is very well guarded. They have about 100 men.

     Ramona and Felipe go riding. She says that which you learn well is never forgotten. Its like yesterday that she rode last. Too bad Alexander couldnt be with them. She remembers him and his penetrating stare. She says its too bad hes an Indian and Felipe asks her not to be like mother. She doesnt mean to say it that way.

     She says maybe it would be best for him to marry and fill the house with grandchildren for mother. He says theres no one around, unless he marries Margarita. They both laugh at their mothers reaction to that. Ramona asks about some old friends of the family, Ana Lupe Coronado and Fernando, but he says he hasnt seen them in years. There arent many women around, but now theres Ramona.

     Analupes father comes home and tells her that the name of the town has changed to Spurtown. The Americans killed the sheriff and put one of their own in. They want to take over everything. His son comes in. He says he heard Ramona is back and shes prettier than ever. Her mother was the prettiest woman in all of California and the richest too. The father says he would like to see her again but its just too far. He tells his son in private that it might be necessary for them to leave Spurtown.

     Dona Ramona is looking for Felipe. Shes annoyed that he went riding with Ramona when he should have been supervising the Indians at work.

     Ramona wants to play hide and seek. Felipe thinks she wont remember the area but she points out major landmarks.

     Dona Ramona is at her desk and finds Felipes diary. Marta comes in with tea but she tells her to close the door and not disturb her. Once shes gone she opens it and reads how Felipe feels about Ramona!!

     Ramona meets Alejandro. He senses shes approaching even though his back is to her. She says they waited for him to go riding. He says it wouldnt be seemly because he came there to work. People would look at it poorly. Ramona says not if she asked him to. He says Indians are not treated like people. She remembers him as a child when they played hide and seek.



Episode 4

Doña Ramona (DR) is reading Felipe's(F) diary entry about his changing and confusing feelings for Ramona (R).

     Ramona y Alejandro are talking about the way he can tell when someone is approaching or nearby. He tells her someone else is coming... she can't see or hear anyone and thinks he's teasing. She asks why he didn't go riding with her and Felipe. A. says that other people wouldn't approve of her friendship with a "redskin". Ramona frowns but then tells him she was remembering him last night... the way they played together when they were kids. Padre Salvatierra walks up, and rather accusingly asks what she is doing alone with A. (he makes a point of A.'s shirtlessness). Felipe rides up and jokes that he and Ramona are playing hide-and-seek the way they did when they were little. Padre S. says she shouldn't be alone, and A. says he told her that too, and he rides off, offended. Padre S. says perhaps he was unfair. F. tells Ramona to go back to the house w/the padre.

     In la cocina, Margarita (?) and el Norteño are talking... he wants to see her, but doesn´t want to tell her dad. He doesn´t want any "compromisos". She is a little offended, and her mom walks in and rebukes her for neglecting her duties.

     DR is still reading Felipe´s diary. She utters what we all know as the fateful telenovela phrase... "No Puede Ser".

     Padre S. wants to talk to Ramona. He tells her that she should be careful of being around Indians... uses the (old and ridiculous) analogy about each bird keeping to its own kind... she is mexicana and should stay with her own people. Ramona says... but before God, we are all equal. Are you saying that nature tells us to see things differently than the Lord does? he has no answer.

     Felipe and Alejandro talk about their friendship and F. convinces him they should be friends regardless of what people say.

     En el pueblo, an old black man is trying to sell a snakebite remedy. Prescott (the eyepatch guy) hits him, says we don't want you around here, and says he will see about the snake bite, and takes the snake the old man has, apparently meaning to let it bite him.

     Green and an old man (Nepo?) are talking... he wants to know how many people are on the ranch... does the old lady have another son? el viejo says she has a daughter, and Green says women don't count, how many men are there and what kind of weapons do they have.

     DR gets on Felipe's case, says Ramona is "spoiling" him. Then separately she goes to Ramona, and says she is not to distract her brother. Ramona sits down alone and says... this is worse than the convent, I can't even see my brother... "No Puede Ser!"

     Felipe is talking to Juan about the shearing, etc. F. locks the drawer (too late, buddy!).

     The Indian shepherds/shearers are sitting around their fires, and someone is playing the violin. We see Ramona walk slowly around the corner of the house, as if drawn by the music. Alejandro gets up from beside his father, and walks towards her slowly... their eyes meet...

     Felipe is standing outside Ramona's door knocking... no answer, so he too follows the music.

     Ramona turns away from Alejandro, and walks back towards the house, into Felipe's arms. They embrace, and he tenderly kisses her forehead. (In all this time, no one has said a word.)

     A's dad tells him he saw how A was looking at Ramona, and those are not the eyes with which one should watch the señorita... he ought not to think of Ramona, they are of different races...

     DR and the older lady, Juan's wife, are talking... DR says Angus's ghost has returned with Ramona. The servant says it's because she loves him, and that sometimes one loves those that have died even more, but it's best to leave them in peace. DR says people thing she is strong, but inside she trembles like the flame of one of her candles.

     Felipe comes upon the Padre praying in the chapel and asks if he can confess... "It's Ramona.. I don't love her as one loves a sister. I've always loved her but never this way... she's so beautiful. The padre tells him he has a pure heart... it's just that he hasn't been around many young women, and the presence of Ramona, his sister, has reminded him that he doesn't have a woman in his life. The padre advises that he look for a wife.

     In a room I don't recognize, Ramona corners Felipe..."you're rejecting's almost like you're hiding from me" he claims he has been too busy, because of the shearing and his ranch duties. She wants to go riding, because she's been shut up in the house too long. He doesn't want to at first... they discuss the fiesta that DR is planning to celebrate Ramona's return. She finally manages to sweet-talk him into taking her riding anyway. (Good acting on Strickler's part... Felipe's emotions were glass-clear).

     DR and the padre talk about her real reason for la fiesta... a girl for Felipe.

     Green and some other guys are talking in el pueblo... they want someone called Douglas, apparently a lawyer or sbth, to help them turn la gente del pueblo against los mexicanos.

     In the countryside, the old black man and an indian are talking (the snake wasn't actually poisinous, luckily for him) and they discuss how the whites don't see them as people.

     Ramona and Felipe are riding. (I could swear that the horse she is riding is too brown-colored to be the mare F. chose for her, but maybe it was just the light.) They get off and walk. She says her mom doesn't want her there, and she hugs Felipe, asking him not to abandon her again. "You're the best brother in the world!"

     El pueblo: Green wants to get cattle into the country, and the heck with the law. He wants to get sheep raisers out of his way.

     La Cocina: Delgadina and Margarita come into the kitchen and says they saw DR sitting under the old tree near the house. Delgadina asks if someone really is buried there. Her mom reproves Marg. for telling stories, and reassures the little girl.

     Outside, beneath the tree, DR wonders if she should tell Ramona "the truth". There is a flashback to her past, baby Felipe sitting on the bed (dressed in a bonnet and one of those dreadful white ruffly baby outfits they used to put both boy and girl babies in.) and her packing her clothes. She explains to la criada that though her husband is a good man, Angus is her true love, and she will take Felipe with her. The criada says don't go, you know he's a heavy drinker now.. and more than that, he lives with a Yaqui woman.

DR comes back to the present... "We live together now... with you, beneath this tree here on my hacienda".

     Back to Felipe and Ramona riding... he tells her it's too dangerous to cross the river there, and of course she has to try to prove that she can do it... but once she is out into the current, the horse spooks and Ramona falls off. She is caught by the current and pulled towards the rocks. Felipe is trying to get off his horse and run towards her, but Alejandro, riding on the other side of the stream, has seen everything, and dives into the water after her. With some difficulty, he carries her to shore... they look deep into eachothers eyes, and he hands her into Felipe's arms.

     Alejandro says something (I couldn't understand his words because of the sound of the stream) and turns away. Felipe closes his eyes and embraces Ramona tightly.



Episode 5

Author: Gina   Date:   01-19-01 19:40 PST

     Ramona and Felipe are riding horses. Ramona wants to cross the river but Felipe tells her it's dangerous. She does anyway, and falls in the river. Felipe just watches

     her. Alejandro appears and jumps in and saves her. He hands her over to Felipe who wants to kiss her but resists.

     D. Ramona is eating with Padre S. She says how Ramona disobeyed her again. She also says how she's making Felipe become disobedient too. The Padre tells her that she can't keep Ramona locked up. D. Ramona says that she's doing the best for her.

     That there are many dangerous out there, including...her son.

     Ramona, Felipe and Alejandro are resting by the river. Fel. says that if it wasn't for Alej. Ramona would've drowned. Ramona also thanks Alej. Alej. says that he would've done it for anyone. Ram. and Fel. leave for the house.

     Juan and another guy find the fences for the sheep destroyed.

     The Jack Green people are destroying the fences. They say that one day, D.Ramona and her people will pay for capturing that one guy.

     It's raining and D. Ramona is looking out the window. She is scared of thunder. Ram. and Fel. come in. She yells at them for being out late in this kind of weather. She especially yells at Ram. Ram. tries to explain about what happened but D. Ram. yells at her more. Fel. tries to defend Ram. but Dona Ramona sends her to her room. Ram. says, that if she knew her life at home was going to be like this, she would've rather stayed at the convent. Fel. tries to go after her but D.R. stops him.Thye get in a little argument and he leaves. D.R. says that it's all Ramona's fault.

     Ramona is in her room with Marta. She tells Marta how she's in love with Alej. Marta tells her that it's very wrong and that she shouldn't think like that.

     Don Pablo tells Alejandro a story about an Indian woman named Tegua who lived with a white man named Angus. She died at a very young age. Alej. wonders why his father told him this. His father says that it's because he wants him to see that white people and Indians being together can never be good.

     D. Ram. is alone in her room. She's very nervous because of the thunder. Fel. comes in to apoligize for this afternoon. She tells him that he is very noble unlike Ramona who

     never even showed up. Fel. defends her. D.Ramona says that she is very rebelious.

     Fel. says that Ram. has the same character as her mother. D. R. says that thats impossible. Fel. says that she's her daughter. D.R. assures him that Ram. looks and acts like her father. Fel. leaves. D.R. thinks back to when Angus was brought in dying.

     Marta and Juan are there with her. Marta is holding baby Ramona. D.R. tells them to leave her alone with Angus. She hugs and kisses him and cries. Time comes back to the present. D.R. continues to cry.

     Ram. is taking Fel. boots off. He tells her that she should apoliize to their mother. Ram. says she doesn't have a reason to but she'll think it over. She asks him if he thnks that it's bad for her to talk to Alej. He says that he doesn't know. Even though he and Alej. are best friends, it's not good for a young woman to speak with an Indian. Ram. says that it's a shame that they can't be friends like before. Fel. leaves.

     Marta and Juan are in the kitchen. Marta sees a light in D.R. bedroom. Juan asks her if she remembers the night of Angus' death. She says of course. It was just like this the night Angus and D.R's husband died. They died the same night. Then Marta says that the only good thing to come of that night was little Ramona.



Capitulo 6

     Jack Green pulls a fast one on Juan and kicks the gun out of Juan's hands. Now Jack has the gun but there are no bullets left. Jack gets on his horse and rides away. Juan tries to shoot him with another gun laying on the ground, but the shot misses and Jack escapes.

     Back at the hacienda it has gotten dark, and Ramona is in a frenzy because no one knows what has happened with the men. Martha comes in and tells Ramona that Felipe was wounded in the arm, but Alejandro is fine.

     Out on the range, the gringos have built a fire and are trying to help one of their men who was shot during the skirmish. Jack paces around, grateful to escape Juan but furious about the close call. Meanwhile the gringo who was shot dies, and this makes Jack even more mad.

     Alejandro and Juan carry Felipe into the sala and place him on the couch. Ramona immediately begins to comfort him and Felipe passes out. She thinks he's dying but Alejandro tells her not to worry. Alejandro is upset, however, that the gringos wounded his best friend.

     Doña Ramona and Padre Salvatierra hurry into the sala, worried about Felipe. She wants to call the doctor but Alejandro reminds her they are far away from town and he wouldn't arrive until tomorrow. He also tells her that if he (Alejandro) doesn't try to operate on Felipe's arm now, he might die. They can't wait for the doctor. During this time Doña Ramona sits beside Felipe and says, " only son...." Ramona just stares at her, not believing what her mother is saying. Doña Ramona doesn't notice her.

     Outside Juan helps the ranch hands drag the body of one of their men into the barn. One of the Mexicans tries on a gringo hat that was left behind from the skirmish and mocks the gringos.

     It's decided that Alejandro will operate on Felipe's arm. Felipe is placed on the floor of the sala and he is fed whisky to dull the pain. Then Alejandro uses his knife to operate on Felipe, who yells out in pain. Ramona and Doña Ramona can't bear to watch. Padre Salvatierra stands a few feet away, silently reciting the rosary.

     Later, after the impromptu surgery Alejandro and Ramona sit in the kitchen and have tea. Martha is also there and asks if Ramona will be going (up to her room to sleep). Ramona wants some time alone with Alejandro and says she will stay in the kitchen for a little while. So Alejandro and Ramona are alone, and Alejandro says that he'd better be leaving because his father will be expecting him. Ramona uses the opportunity to thank Alejandro for saving Felipe's life. She reminds Alejandro that just a few days earlier he had saved her from the river; now he's saved Felipe. Alejandro tells her that Felipe is his best friend, etc. He says good night and leaves.

     Up in Felipe's bedroom he is drowsy but not asleep. Doña Ramona asks Martha if Ramona has gone to bed, and Martha says she's in the kitchen having tea. Padre Salvatierra is also in the bedroom, and tells Doña Ramona that Felipe needs to sleep. Doña Ramona tells the padre that she wants Felipe to be evaluated by the doctor the next day (she's not sure about Alejandro's surgical job).

     Right then Felipe tells Doña Ramona that he wants to see Ramona. Doña Ramona is mad to hear this, and at that very moment Ramona walks in. She goes to Felipe's side and he begins to talk to her. he tells her "...perdoname..." Doña Ramona and the padre watch in confusion.

     The next day, the hacienda employees attend an informal service to bury the Mexican who died in the skirmish. As dueña, Doña Ramona attends and pays her respects to the man who helped protect her land. She asks Alejandro to come to the house to see if Felipe needs any treatment. Alejandro says yes but needs to gather some herbs first. Padre Salvatierra listens, then when Alejandro is gone reminds Doña Ramona that she was going to get the doctor, remember? Doña Ramona seems more confident of Alejandro's methods and tells the padre that the doctor isn't necessary anymore.

     Ramona is in Felipe's room, making a fuss over him and serving him tea. They talk, and Felipe wants to know where their mother is. Ramona says she went to the burial, and Felipe is immediately upset and blames himself for the man's death. Ramona says no and reminds Felipe that he was brave, he did everything he could, etc. She leaves his room with a tray.

     Martha is cooking in the kitchen, and Alejandro has arrived with herbs to treat Felipe. She goes upstairs to announce his arrival to Felipe, and while she is gone Ramona comes into the kitchen with the tray. She sees Alejandro and is stunned he is there. She puts the tray down and they begin to talk. Alejandro gives her a red rose, telling Ramona that he has been thinking about her. She wants to put the rose in water. He is standing behind her, close, and mentions something about the arroyo. She turns around to talk and Martha comes walking in. "You can go see Felipe now," she tells him. Alejandro leaves the kitchen. Martha exclaims, "Ay, niña." Ramona is shaking from the previous moments with Alejandro and can hardly speak.

     In Spurtown Douglas is visiting Jack and Dr. Thomas. He's concerned about the skirmish that took place the previous day on the Moreno's hacienda. What the gringos did was illegal, he tells Jack. Jack only laughs, scaring Douglas. Meanwhile, Billy the Elegant and another man enter the saloon.

     Alejandro is in Felipe's room and has used herbs to treat his wounded arm. Doña Ramona and Padre Salvatierra are also there. They leave the two friends alone and go downstairs to have lunch. They discuss the skirmish and whether or not the fiesta should go on as planned. For the time bing Doña Ramona wants everything to proceed as normal. They also discuss Felipe's apparent feelings for Ramona, and Doña Ramona mentions the diary. She wants to marry Felipe off, the sooner the better.

     Upstairs Alejandro prepares to leave. Felipe thanks him and reminds Alejandro he'll repay him some day for saving his life. Right then Ramona comes in. Because of the earlier exchange in the kitchen it's an awkward moment in front of Felipe. Felipe even notices and when Alejandro is gone asks Ramona if she is upset at Alejandro. Of course not, Ramona replies. She then asks Felipe about what it's like to be in love. Felipe responds that it's like dying(???) Ramona explains her question by telling Felipe that she's in love with an Indian. Felipe smiles and tells Ramona not to say such foolish things.

     The Coronados are at home eating lunch. The murders on the Moreno hacienda are in the local newspaper, but Analupe can only think of the pretty dress she'll wear to the upcoming fiesta. This upsets Fernando, who is worried about the escalating tensions between Mexicans and gringos. Don Ruy is confident the Morenos can defend their hacienda, but Fernando wonders for how long.

     At the hacienda Pablo, Alejandro, and another Indian dig under the old tree. They find the remains of a human. There is a ring with the word "Ramona" on it. But they are confused because the remains are that of a man, not a woman. Pablo declares that the body is not theirs, and he orders them *not* to tell anyone about their find. Before they re-fill the hole, Alejandro wraps the tribal documents in a piece of leather and places the roll into the hole right next to the skeleton.

     Meanwhile Doña Ramona is in her room reading one of Angus' old letters. She has a flashback, the night Angus was buried under the tree. She was crying over the dead Angus, and Juan and another man were digging the grave. Before they placed Angus' body in the hole, Doña Ramona took off her ring and placed it on one of Angus' fingers. Then he was buried. Doña Ramona comes back to the present and pleads to the Virgin, "Cuidamelo."

     Ramona plays the piano for a very tired Padre Salvatierra. After she finishes playing she asks him about the significance of her recurring dream: She is a little girl and overhears one the servants saying "pobre Ramona" and the situation involving her parents. Padre Salvatierra, of course, doesn't want to go there and assures Ramona that her dream is probably nothing important. But it keeps happening, she tells him. Right then Margarita comes in with a basket of food. She will accompany Ramona to the widow and family of the slain Mexican. Ramona excuses herself and leaves with Margarita. For now Padre Salvatierra is off the hook.



Episode 8

     Felipe tells Alejandro he wants him to stay away from Ramona. He says he neednt worry because Ramona already told him that in the morning and hell avoid her. He says he knows a redskin cannot court a woman like her. He was attracted to her from the first day he saw her. Her look went through him like an arrow, which pierced his soulfor always. Felipe is sorry to have to act this way since he owes him his life, but Ramona is his sister and needs to look after her.


     Lucio is shot in both legs and Jack Green comes upon him. He orders him to be put in his wagon. Analupe asks the sheriff why he doesnt arrest those men, but he just laughs. She calls them cowards. The crowd applauds and chants "Spurtown is for Americans.

     Ramona is sad because she wont be able to see Alejandro again. She wants to see him, but shouldnt.

     Dona Ramon thanks Alejandro for helping to cure Felipe. She says hes very loyal and has initiative. She could use a man like that on this farm. He says there are no lack of worthy people there. She says shes tough, but she must be honest, their blood is different. She owes him, because Felipe means everything to her and she hands him a pouch with money. He says he cant accept.

     Margarita and Ramona are discussing her feelings for Alejandro. Ramona says its best not to see him since her mother says she hates Indians. Imagine if she finds out that shes falling in love with one? Margarita says shell put her in isolation with bread and water, or marry her off to the first man she finds. Ramona says thats way shes having the party, so she can meet eligible men. She wants to get her away from the hacienda. She doesnt love her and never has. Margarita says she wouldnt let herself be separated from someone she loved just because hes an Indian. Ramona says shed need a lot of courage to confront someone like her mother.

     Alejandro explains to Dona Ramona that he treated Felipe because he cares for him like brother. She says her son is very noble but to say they are like brothers is an exaggeration. Maybe that has confused Alejandro and caused problems in the house. He says she neednt go onhe knows Yahis are there only to work for her. Hes very clear on this point because today both Felipe and Ramona pointed it out to him. He leaves and drops the moneybag on her desk. She calls him insolent.


     Analupe is telling her father and brother Fernando what happened with Lucio. They are appalled. They wonder how Ramona will react when she sees what theyve done to Lucio. Analupe asks if her father could do anything since hes an attorney. He says no, since the sheriff is an accomplice to these actions.

     Father and son discuss the two new gunslingers in town. Fernando is sure they are working for the sheriff.

     Delgadina is showing Ramona her dog. She says she got it when both its parents were killed. This brings back Ramonas recurring dream.

     Felipe and Dona Ramona come into the parlor. Felipe says he needed to get out of bed. His mother wants him to rest and asks Ramona to stay with him for a while since shes got chores to do.

     Dona Ramona goes to Felipes room where Marta is making up the bed and sneaks his diary.

     Felipe compliments Ramona on her piano playing. He praises her many talents, in the kitchen, riding , swimming, etc. She says she lacks one talent she would likeshooting. He says thats what men were for. She also doesnt know how to dance. He says hell teach her once hes recuperated. She says its funny, what she lacks he has, if they werent brother and sister theyd be a good couple. She says at the party all the girls will be after him. She says hes adorable and will win over a lot of the ladies. She might get jealous.

     Dona Ramona reads the diary and sees Felipes words describing the pain hes in. If Ramona leaves, his heart will break. Dona Ramona says shes just like her father Angus, a seductress and Felipe resembles her because hes as weak as she is.

     Ramona says shell be sad when he marries because hes her only sibling and she wont see him as much. Theyll find partners and be separated. When he meets his love, hell only think of her. He asks her if this is how she feels about Alejandro? Yes, she doesnt know if she can last, but she told him she couldnt see him anymore. Why is it when we find what we want we have to give it up?

     Dona Ramona comes in and tells Felipe he should go back to bed and Ramona to do her chores. Felipe says he doesnt like the way his mother treats Ramona. She says she doesnt like the way Felipe treats Ramona.

     Margarita tells Alejandro that Ramna is afraid of her Mother. If thats so, says Alejandro, then shes not the woman he thought she was. She asks him if he thought he could just ride away with her? Shes not only whiteshes rich. When he first saw her he saw the fir in her eyes which showed strength. She can keep her hacienda and marry a gentlemen he doesnt care.

     Felipe tells Dona Ramona that hes worried about Ramona because shes been away so long. She says its not right that shes always appealing to him. She tries to get him to confess his true feelings for Ramona. She says she can read itin his eyes.

     Father Salvatierra and Dona Ramona are at prayer. Shes worried. She must confess she read the diary again. Shes remorseful and ashamed, but cant help it. What she read was worse than ever. Hes tormented. Father says its natural. They dont have the same blood. DR doesnt want anyone to hear them talking.

     Felipe is writing in his diary. He says his mother already knows his guilty. He blames himself, shes so pure and hes so----hes poisoned by this prohibited love. Hed prefer to have died.

     DR says Felipe is having an internal war. Hes acting like she was with Angus. He will have to give her up like she did. She swore never to break her promise to Angus to divulge her Ramonas true background. Father points out she was never able to forget Angus even after he died. She agrees, she was still in love with him after his death.

     Ramona goes to bed and hears music from Alejandros flute.

     Felipe feels as though his torment is growing even stronger because hes jealous of Alejandro.

     DR talks about her love for Angus. She was crazy for him. Father says she stopped herself from committing sin. She says she sinned through her thoughts. Flashback: DR is playing with baby Felipe and Jose comes in to tell her that Angus is outside and refuses to go away. Her husband is due home at any time. She finally goes outside to see him. She would have waited for him if she thought he was alive. She would have left with him that day.

     She tells Angus she wants him to go before her husband gets home. She knows hes drinking and dueling. She prays for him all the time. He says she must still love him. He wants her to live with him. She says that would be a sin. He says its a sin to live with a man you dont love. She decided to leave. As shes packing Marta tells her shes heard Angus is living with an Indian woman. Thats why she didnt leave with him

     Alejandro tells his friend hes in love with a white woman, the most beautiful Ramona. He says shes not only white, shes the daughter of the owner. Thats why Alejandro has decided to go back and ask Manuela to marry him and be the mother of his children.

     Ramona and Don Pablo talk. Hes there curing Felipe because Alejandro didnt want to come. He doesnt want to see he. Indians and whites shouldnt mix. Ramona says its the law of man not nature.

     Jack Green has a wicked hangover and is still drinking. Yesterday he said his real name was Rex and he had killed a woman. He must control himself if he wants to be the sheriff.

     Lucio is being treated by an Indian.

     Dona Ramona talks with Juan about Lucio. They decide to search for him.

     Marta says Ramona went out on her horse. Dona Ramona is mad. She told her not to leave. Felipe tries to defend her but she wont calm down. When Ramona comes in she tells her shes a disgrace and an embarrassment. Ramona says shes the embarrassment. Everybody says shes a tyrant and tremble when the talk with her. She doesnt treat her like a daughter. Is she the daughter of the owner of the hacienda??



Capitulo 11


     I had a few problems understanding...I put a (?) if I didn't get it.

     Marta and Margarita are in the kitchen. Alejandro comes in and Marta leaves. Margarita gives him the note from Ramona, but Marta comes back in with another servant and he can't read it. He leaves and Margarita looks at him long after he leaves, making Marta suspicious.

     Felipe enters the sala and greets the Coronados. Ramona comments on how handsome her brother is, and Fernando says that Ramona herself is muy guapa. Doña Ramona doesn't like Ramona talking about Felipe this way and changes the subject; she wants Ramona to show the Coronados to their rooms. Felipe makes her more irritated when he tells Ramona that he'll go with her.

     Alejandro goes home and reads Ramona's note in private. He smiles because she asks him to meet her at the arroyo early the next morning. In a symbolic gesture he rips off Manuela's amulet. Right at that moment, in her house a sleeping Manuela wakes up with a start. She is sad and tells Matea that Alejandro didn't return. She knows her chances with him aren't good.

     Nepo and the hitman hired by Jack Green are sleeping out in the desert. They wake up after hearing a sound, which they think is a puma or a coyote. The hitman fires his gun into the dark, but the sound is human, not animal. The go to where the sound was coming from and realize they have killed a priest: it's Padre Salvatierra. They carry his body away.

     Early the next day Fernando is sitting in the sala. Ramona comes walking through and doesn't notice him sitting there. She is on her way to the rendevous with Alejandro, but Fernando wants to go with her. Of course, Ramona is reluctant but she can't really say anything. She finally says okay, and they leave.

     Nepo and the hitman prepare their horses to leave the campsite. While they pack up Padre Salvatierra's belongings they don't notice the gold nugget, which falls out of a bag and onto the ground.

     Alejandro is at the arroyo waiting for Ramona and smiles when she rides up on her horse. But his smile fades away when he sees Fernando ride up behind her. Ramona awkwardly introduces the men. Alejandro had picked a red flower to give to Ramona, but he now lets it fall to the ground and turns around to leave. After he's gone Fernando picks up the flower and gives it to Ramona. He suspiciously asks about Alejandro and his relationship to Ramona and Felipe. Ramona explains that they are friends from childhood, but her voice is cold. She wants to return to the hacienda.

     Doña Ramona and Don Ruy eat breakfast. Felipe comes in to join them and asks where Ramona is. Doña Ramona explains that she and Fernando left early to go riding. Felipe is annoyed but acts cool. Don Ruy asks Felipe about his work on the hacienda, and Felipe explains, bringing up the recent arm injury. Don Ruy talks about the recent events between gringos and Mexicans in Spurtown. Doña Ramona makes a bold move: she asks Don Ruy about his children and if they are committed to anyone, etc. Don Ruy pleases her when he says he wants his children to marry within their race. Doña Ramona beams at him and says she agrees.

     Billy is in the Spurtown general store to buy tobacco and sees Analupe's maid. He asks her where her patrona is, but the maid shyly explains that she doesn't really know. The maid makes her purchase and leaves. A gringa asks Billy if he's interested in a Mexicana, and Billy replies yes, is that a bad thing? The store owner explains that it's not something that's done in a place like Spurtown. Before he leaves Billy takes a coin from the storeowner and does a magic trick to make it go away.

     Alejandro arrives home after the incident at the arroyo, clearly in a bad mood. On his way back he had gone to the hacienda to esquilar, but was told there was no work. Pablo, who is sitting outside their house, explains that the family is getting ready for the party, so they aren't supposed to be hanging around (?) Alejandro takes offense and states that they are there to work, not intrude.

     Ramona sits alone in her room and Doña Ramona comes in, wondering why she didn't eat breakfast. Ramona can't explain her sadness to her, and simply says she's not feeling well and is fatigued from her ride. Doña Ramona asks how the ride went. Ramona says it was okay. Doña Ramona makes it a point of telling her that Fernando thinks she's really nice. Ramona replies that Fernando is okay; he's not that great. Doña Ramona leaves and Margarita comes in. Ramona tells her that she knows Alejandro must be angry with her.

     Doña Ramona and Felipe talk about the party. Felipe thinks they should cancel the party but Doña Ramona says that everything will go as planned. The conversation turns to the Doña's intent to get Ramona married off. She then angers Felipe by saying that she will use money and jewelry, but her land will not be divided while she is still alive (?) Felipe leaves.

     Felipe angrily walks into the sala, and through a different door Ramona comes in. She wonders what's wrong, and Felipe explains that he doesn't understand their mother. Right then Analupe and Fernando come in. They want to show Ramona how to dance. Felipe is upset, and Ramona wants him to come with them. She puts her arms around his neck, and he is uncomfortable and pulls away. He apologizes but explains that he has to go work. So Ramona, Fernando, and Analupe enter the newly-cleaned ballroom. Analupe shows Ramona how to waltz, and Fernando cuts in to dance with her.

     That night the party is in full swing. Ramona wears a red dress with lots of flowers and dances with Fernando. He calls her "hermosa." Felipe watches from the sidelines and can't stand it. He cuts in to dance with Ramona, and Doña Ramona watches them in irritation. Also watching them is Beatriz Echagüe, Doña Ramona's choice for Felipe.

     Outside, Alejandro and Pepe sit and listen to the music drifing out from the ballroom. Alejandro is mad and tells Pepe that right now, Ramona is dancing with him (Fernando). Pepe, like Pablo, feels that Alejandro should find an Indian woman to love. Alejandro starts gulping some sort of homemade liquor, and Pablo walks up and takes it away.

     The waltz ends, and Doña Ramona wants Felipe and Beatriz to dance and socialize. Ramona is introduced to the Echagüe family. Felipe dances with Beatriz.

     Margarita is happy wearing Ramona's dress, and Ramona tells her that she should dance. Right then Fernando walks up and Ramona excuses herself, leaving a very uncomfortable Margarita with Fernando. He is very gracious, however, and treats her kindly.

     Doña Ramona tells Don Cesar Echagüe how pretty his daughter is. Meanwhile Felipe is talking with Beatriz. Analupe walks up and wants to dance. Felipe agrees, perhaps later. Analupe jots him down on her dance card.

     Ramona is socializing with a group of young men while Margarita is with Fernando, and Doña Ramona notices. She excuses Ramona from the group and asks Ramona why Margarita is there, and more importantly, why Margarita is spending time with Fernando. Ramona tries to explain but Doña Ramona reminds her why Fernando is there (to eventually become Ramona's husband).

     The maids are scurrying around in the kitchen and Norteño walks in, very drunk. They try to make him leave but Norteño ends up making his way through the kitchen and into the ballroom. He calls out to Margarita, and Doña Ramona is mortified. Everyone tries to calm him down, and two peones eventually escort him from the party. The party continues on. The peones lock Norteño in shackles in the barn, and make fun of him for being such an ass.

     Back at the party Felipe watches Ramona dance. Analupe brings him wine and tries to socialize, but she notices that his mind is elsewhere.

     Juan and another peon walk around the hacienda grounds with rifles. Juan sends the peon down to check around the arroyo, and it's a mistake: Juan is alone and the two gringos (Nepo and the hitman) are waiting for him. They make Juan drop his rifle, and Juan realizes the gringos were involved in the recent skirmish.



capitulo 12

january 30, 2001


     there's a gunshot and everyone hears the noise. marta is in the kitchen and says "ay dios mio," fearing the worst. she goes into the ballroom to consult with doña ramona. doña ramona asks her to ask some peones to go outside to see what's going on. felipe wants to go outside and ramona tries to make him stay, but he goes anyway.

     the hitman, kid, has fired a warning shot and wants juan to get on his knees. juan won't do it, however, and the kid shoots juan in the leg. meanwhile nepo is still hiding behind a cactus.

     during this time doña ramona wants the party to go on; she downplays everything. don cesar motions for the musicians to strike up a song.

     juan reaches for his knife to put it on the ground, but in one swift motion he instead hurls the knife into the gringo's chest. the gringo falls to the ground and dies. a few moments later marcos, another peon, comes to assist juan. nepo, unrecognized by anyone, has witnessed the whole scene and disappears into the darkness. juan removes his knife from the dead gringo's chest.

     inside doña ramona asks where felipe went. ramona says she wants to go outside to look for him and investigate, but doña ramona won't have any part of it and stops her. in the main ballroom analupe approaches fernando and sums up the events with a "¡qué horror!" she wants him to go with her, but not before she takes some food from the buffet table.

     felipe and some more peones arrive to where juan, marcos, and the deceased gringo are. juan tells them what happened, then he faints in felipe's arms.

     in the spurtown saloon betty has her paws all over jack green, who sits at a table drinking and playing cards with his deputies and others. merryl tries to get cozy with her, but he grosses her out and she pushes him away. billy enters the saloon, and betty tells everyone that billy likes mexican women.

     perpetua (beatriz' aunt and cesar's sister) dances with don ruy coronado. meanwhile analupe, fernando, and beatriz sit together. analupe, who has been at the hacienda for a few days now, tries to scare beatriz with talk about indians. fernando rescues beatriz by asking her to dance. when they leave analupe makes a face at beatriz, her main competition for felipe.

     alejandro has been summoned to help treat juan, still outside at the scene of the gringo's death. felipe barks out orders to the peones and wants to get juan back to his house and into bed so alejandro can better treat him.

     ramona and doña ramona are in a small room outside the ballroom, worried about felipe. he comes in from outside and tells them what heppened: juan was shot in the leg by a gringo, and juan killed him with his knife while defending himself. doña ramona orders felipe not to say anything to the party guests. at this moment felipe could care less about the party guests, but doña ramona doesn't want a scandal. ramona defends her and says that juan is alive, the gringo is dead. doña ramona stipulates the point and wants them to return to the party.

     juan is in bed being treated by alejandro and his magic bag of herbs. marta and margarita are very upset and worried about juan's condition. as alejandro leaves, marta thanks him for treating juan.

     ramona is in the ballroom looking out the window. because of the shooting/stabbing incident her mood has soured. fernando tries to talk to her, but ramona doesn't make it easy for him. ramona comes out and admits that the doña wants to marry her off. fernando tells her not to worry; they'll get to know each other better. he asks her to dance, and she accepts.

     doña ramona is back sitting with the elder guests. she tries to downplay the whole gunshot thing by laughing and saying that it was just some accident, nothing serious. the talk turns to marriage, and one of the men mentions that ramona is pretty, it won't take long to marry her off. doña ramona mentions that ramona is much like her father. don cesar frowns and says that ramona doesn't look anything like general moreno.

     the next day jack is in the sheriff's office with davis and merryl. he has davis sweeping the floor. merryl appears to be ripping pages out of a bible to use as stove fuel to cook jack's food. (it could also have been another book.) davis is worried that nepo and the kid haven't returned from their hit job at the hacienda. jack seems less worried but claims that if anything happened to the gringos, the mexicans will pay with blood.

     marta treats juan in bed, and juan mentions norteño. he doesn't know that norteño was locked up or the reason behind it, and marta would prefer that juan not know (because it involves margarita). meanwhile delgadina wanders into the barn and wonders why the heck norteño is there like that. he gets her to agree to get him real food from the kitchen.

     the party made for a long night and doña ramona is in bed. ramona gives her tea, etc. while the doña recuperates. it is still early in the morning. she would rather stay in bed but she forces herself to get up to see to juan and her guests.

     ramona sadly asks her if she will be marrying fernando. doña ramona says yes, and she reels off his good qualities. she tells ramona he will make a good husband. ramona tries to explain that she's not in love with him, but the doña interrupts and says there's no discussion; it's settled. ramona asks her why she hates her so much. doña ramona responds by explaining she's only worried about her and her future. before ramona leaves she tells the doña that she's not marrying fernando because she doesn't love him.

     felipe and alejandro are out on the property, scouting around because of what took place the previous night. felipe explains ramona's current situation, and alejandro says he understands. he also makes a point of mentioning the "señorito" (fernando).

     doña ramona and ramona eat breakfast with their guests, the coronados and the echagües. beatriz asks about felipe, and analupe tells her that felipe is busy and has things to do. ramona sings felipe's praises throughout the meal.

     margarita and delgadina are in the barn, and have given norteño some real food. he explains his behavior and margarita asks if he's in love with her. he casually says no, and this makes margarita angry. she throws the food across the barn. she and delgadina split.

     felipe and alejandro are still scouting around when they see a piece of cloth from padre salvatierra's robe. they fear the worst. then they find the body and the gold nugget. they bury padre salvatierra under a pile of rocks and make a cross from sticks.

     in the kitchen ramona notices that margarita has been crying. it's norteño, and ramona tries to comfort her. margarita brings up the idea of marrying fernando, but this upsets ramona. she tells margarita that marrying fernando would be a bad thing.

     doña ramona visits juan and the topic of norteño comes up, because someone will need to fill in for juan while he recuperates. marta wanted to keep it a secret, but doña ramona tells him that norteño made a scene at the party and yelled out for margarita, etc. she tells juan that he's being locked up with only bread and water. juan is upset but tries not to let his feelings show. he gets emotional anyway. he's really mad at norteño. then juan suggests that alejandro could fill in for him. doña ramona at first says no way, he's an indian, etc. then she agrees to let felipe decide.

     ramona is alone in one of the rooms that was opened only for the party. she stares at a portait of doña ramona and alonso moreno, and fernando wants to come in. she tells him to enter and they look at the portrait. fernando says she doesn't look like her parents. then he takes her hand to say something more but analupe bursts in, wanting them to come play a game.

     felipe and alejandro have arrived back at the house and break the bad news to doña ramona, who is with the elder guests. doña ramona is visibly shaken and has to go to her room. after she's gone felipe asks the guests to sit down so they can discuss the situation. he also wants alejandro to stay, but alejandro leaves. afterwards don cesar tells felipe that it's not right to discuss such things in front of an indian. felipe doesn't appreciate the remark. don ruy tells felipe that he will help, since he's an attorney.

     cliffhanger: ramona, analupe, beatriz, and fernando play blind man's bluff outside. ramona is blindfolded, trying to find a person with her hands. alejandro walks up and ramona walks into him. he asks if they can speak privately in the chapel. she excuses herself and hears the news. she then has tears in her eyes and admits that she's really scared. alejandro is moved by her emotion and comforts her in a warm embrace. at that moment fernando walks into the chapel and sees them together.



episode 13

     ramona tells alejandro how scared she is and he embraces her. fernando comes to the doorway and sees them but walks away without being noticed.

     dona ramona is in bed and marta is offering her some tea. shes afraid of what will happen now that padre salvatierra has been killed, whats coming? she asks that the peons say the rosary for 11 nights. she doesnt know what shell do without him. he was the only one who knew her secrets. she doesnt have anyone to talk with.

     they find the old man (nepo) who went with kid. he tells them that juan killed kid. he says he fired two shots at him, but juan was able to throw his knife. the davis says he will get his forces to get rid of all the mexicans. the old man says the worst thing is that by mistake kid shot padre salvatierra. he knows his people, they will end up killing all of them.

     perpetua ( beatriz aunt) says its a sacrilege. analupe says she knew something bad would happen there. ruy tries to calm them. the americans want to rob them. fernando is preoccupied, he says they should stay longer to support ramona and her family.

     dona ramona is with felipe and ramona. after what happened they must take precautions. ramona must go out only with a gaurd. felipe must go out to do his work , but he must use prudence. he says not to worry. ruy will file a complaint with the authority. the laws dont protect mexicans, says dona ramona. he says theyll file in mexico then. his mother says hes young and doesnt know the way things work. ramona says they must do something. dona ramona says nothing will bring back padre. she has them says ramona.

     they are a small family, dona ramona asks them both to marry. ramona with fernando and felipe with beatriz

     sheriff davis knows they are going to file a complaint against him. padre salvatierra was very well known and all the mexicans look at him like a saint. repo asks for his money. he took kid to juan now he deserves his money. he gives him a dollar although he doesnt trust paper money.

     margarita is crying on her bed over the death of padre salvatierra. juan says it was the same bullet that shot him that killed the father. thats good that hes dead so he cant kill another, but it wont bring the father back. marta and margarita go to the chapel to pray the rosary although juan says hes definitely with the saints.

     dona ramona asks ramona to take the guests to the chapel. she talks to felipe in private. shes not recovering. shes next (to die). he doesnt want her to think about that. shes always been strong. she thinks shes on the edge of going crazy. too much lost, first his father, the man she loved and now her spiritual father. only he (felipe) is left, the last thing shes got. felipe reminds her of ramona. and ramona until she marries.

     repo goes to buy firewater (moonshine), shopkeeper takes his money and gives him the liquor.

     alejandro says the air is full of sadness. the spirit of padre salvatierra is in the air. everyone is upset. ramona is upset and he gave her the bad news. thats not good to give bad news. he loves her more than ever. he had her in his arms and her closeness sparked something in his soul. hes going to separate himself from her because after speaking with felipe he realizes it cant be. shell never get used to living like a yahi.

     the one eyed guy comes in the store and starts to beat up repo but shopkeeper stops him. davis and he take the moonshine from him and ask to change if for whiskey and get the change back he owed the old man.

     ramona is leading the prayer. when alejandro walks in shes disconcerted and loses her place. dona ramona notices.

     ramona tells ruy how much padre salvatierra meant to her. he says thats normal. el padre always went everywhere alone throughout california. she cant blame herself. everyone has his own destiny. she talks to him about the complaint . he doesnt know what will happen. hes got to leave right away. analupe hasnt decided. fernando is very interested in ramona.

     ramona tries to calm margarita. shes so upset by the priests death. shes also upset with norteno being in jail. she asks her to ask felipe to lift his sentence. she agrees. margarita kisses her hand ramona asks her never to do that again.

     dona ramona tells marta that the death of padre salvatierra has brought back memories. he knew her whole story, about angus. something in her has died also. they are both getting old, everyone is going. her children will marry soon and shell be alone. marta says ramona is still young to marry and felipe will stay there. dona ramona tells her that if she knew what was happening in that house ramona came from the hand of the devil and awakened feelings in felipe. she tells her this is a secret she cannot tell anyone, not even her husband. marta leaves and dona ramona takes out a piece of hair she has in her locket belonging to angus. she needs him so much. flashback to their youth. he asks her to marry him and to tell padre salvatierra to help them. shell do it. she thought he died thats why she married alonso moreno.

     margarita tells ramona that felipe is still up. shell go talk to him about norteno. fernando is also up with his sister. alejandro is wandering around outside. ramona says she doesnt know what to do. shes seeing fernando to please her mother but also herself because she thought it would be the right thing. but today she was in alejandros arms. he was so tender. with feelings like that, she could be convinced to leave with him.

     analupe is complaining to fernando. shes bored with everyone and everything. people are hiding something there. he wants to stay. analupe asks if he really liked ramona. yes, but there is something that is bothering him. swear not to tell anyone. does she remember the indian who approached ramona. how could she not? so handsome. he got the impression that between him and ramon there was something.

     felipe is writing in his diary. hes upset because with the padre dying theres no one to talk to. now he is not only jealous of alejandro but of fernando. ramona knocks, shes sleepless. even though she didnt know him well she like padre very much. felipe says he wants vengeance against americans. shes learning what rancor is. she wants to talk about norteno.

     analupe cant believe ramona and a redskin. fern tells her how he saw them together, embracing. analupe is excited, maybe shell stay. fernando gets angry at her taking it so lightly. maybe he saw more, she asks. no.

     alex talks with father pablo. bad times ahead for mexicans theyll be expelled like them. alejandro says he feels worse everyday. white man took their lands, religion to be their servants. mex icans despise them. felipe now is jealous that hes looked at his sister. father agrees with felipe. one day hell be had of yahis he need to marry a woman of their race. americans hate mexicans, mexicans hate indians, indians hate everyone. in the end they are ll men and women with feelings. the heart doesnt recognize race. father is worried about his rebeliousness. he has to rid himself of those feelings if he wants to be happy.

     manuela gets up at night.

     felipe cant promise to lift the sentence. hell try to soften up their mother. ramona thanks him for being so generous. she hasnt given him much. she sees so much sadness in his eyes. how can she repay him? her presence is enough. maybe they wont be together much longer. apart from not wanting to leave him, she has other reasons. she loves alejandro. after taking the news about the padre she embraced him she felt so happy.

     manuela goes to hang herself but a priest stops her. shes a disgraced woman no one will want to marry her. shes a marked woman. maybe a man will understand that she has no fault because of others, thinks the priest. no one will love her. start with loving yourself. if she doesnt blame herself no one else will. he asks her to step down. she should confide in devine justice. one day the guilty one will receive their punishment.

     felipe says he spoke with alejandro today and asked him to separate himself from her. hes her older brother and he has to protect her. even if its against her wishes? the worst thing for felipe would be to see her suffer. to let her have her way to do the wrong thing. what should she do to stop her feelings. try to get close to fernando, hes a good man. he would prefer her not to leave him, but he wants to guide her to do the right thing. she thinks he suffers as much as she does sometimes. why doesn't he tell her what his problem is. only thinking that shell leave. even if they are far, theyll never be apart because they love each other says ramona. she hugs him and hes visibly shaken.

     pablo says the first time he cried was when his son was born, the second when his wife died. having a son is the best for a man. they held dances and celebrations. lots of time has passed since then. hes getting gray hair. soon he will take his place. new blood is needed to lead the tribe. all his hopes are place in him. look for a serene life so you can lead our people. i have to forget her dont i asks alejandro?



Capitulo 16

February 5, 2001


     Pablo has just told Alejandro that only Doña Ramona knows the truth about the Irishman and Tegua's baby.

     Meanwhile it is a full moon, and bruja Matea is performing a spell on Manuela to drive out evil spirits. She uses herbs and feathers over Mauela's sweating body, asking the evil spirits to leave her daughter.

     Pablo is still talking to Alejandro and uses the opportunity to give something to Alejandro: a tomahawk (axe) that represents leadership of the Yahi tribe. "Why are you giving this to me now?" asks Alejandro. Pable explains that he's getting old, and it's time. This tomahawk was my father's and he gave it to me. Now I give it to you, Pablo explains.

     Ramona is asleep and has the recurring dream: She is a child and hears a female voice saying pobre Ramona, and mentioning something about her parents. Ramona wakes up and goes to the window. She opens it and looks out into the darkness, trying to figure out what the dream is all about.

     The next morning Marta and Margarita are busy in the kitchen. Marta is still angry that Delgadina mentioned a dead person buried underneath the tree. Delgadina didn't hear this by accident; someone had to tell her, and Margarita is the most obvious choice. Margarita tries to downplay the situation, which makes Marta even more angry.

     Marta walks out of the kitchen and opens a window, finding herself face to face with Ramona. They greet each other and Ramona tells Marta that she didn't sleep well last night. Marta replies "Pobre niña Ramona..." and Ramona's eyes open wide: The voice (in the dream) was hers, Marta's. She tells Marta this, but Marta has no clue what Ramona is talking about. Ramona explains the dream, where the voice says "Pobre niña Ramona..." and talks about her parents. Marta is uncomfortable and wants to continue her work, but Ramona makes her sit down and tell her anything she knows about her parents that would help explain the dream. She is sure that the voice in the dream is her, Marta, but Marta tries to deny it. In the end Marta doesn't reveal any of the big secrets, but she tells Ramona about the night that General Moreno died; how hard it was on Doña Ramona, etc. Marta isn't lying, but she leaves out the real secrets, out of fear of Doña Ramona and how Ramona herself would react. After the conversation Delgadina comes into the kitchen. She has found her lost dog.

     Margarita is outside walking with Norteño. He's nervous and wants to talk with Juan, who is still in bed recuperating from the gunshot injury. Norteño tells her that he has orders from Doña Ramona to talk to him, and Margarita figures it out. She is happy and says that he's going to ask her father for her hand in marriage. Norteño denies it, irritating Margarita.

     Felipe and Beatriz talk in the garden. He apologizes for being so busy, but she says it's okay. He picks a red flower for her. She mentions how much she likes Mexico, and he tells her she has a pretty smile.

     Fernando and Ramona are in the sala, and he's testing out the workings of a rifle. While they are talking Alejandro is shown into the house by one of the servants. He is there to see Doña Ramona, and Ramona tells him to go ahead and see her in the study. It's an awkward moment, however, and when Alejandro is gone Fernando asks Ramona if she's nervous. She tries to cover up, but her mind is elsewhere.

     Meanwhile Alejandro is in the study and Doña Ramona (rudely) makes him wait a few moments while she finishes reading a piece of paper. She asks about the esquila, and he says it's going fine; they are almost done. Doña Ramona brings up the situation involving Juan and her need to find a temporary replacement for him. Alejandro explains that he really wants to go home. Doña Ramona understands but says it's an emergency. Alejandro doesn't change his stance and politely declines. Doña Ramona mentions that he is very orgulloso, but she wants him to accept money for their work. At first Alejandro declines, but in the end he accepts the bag of coins. We'll find someone else, Doña Ramona explains. Before he leaves Alejandro thanks her for her generosity.

     In the shack Jack Green, Dr. Thomas, and some gringos have a meeting. Davis and Merryl are not there. Jack explains that they need their help to put Spurtown in order, to rid the place of "inferior races" such as Indians and especially Mexicans. Dr. Thomas passes out the black masks and the men try them on. Jack then dismisses them.

     Ramona, Felipe, Fernando, and Beatriz have a picnic out in the country. Ramona and Beatriz sit on a blanket and talk. Felipe and Fernando are out and about shooting their rifles. They ride back to where Beatriz and Ramona are and ask them to come along. Beatriz does so but Ramona wants to stay there. Felipe just looks at her. While he and Beatriz are out of sight Fernando shows Ramona how to hold and shoot a rifle. While they are close he kisses her on the lips. Ramona pulls away and is upset. He wants to know what's wrong, and Ramona explains that right now they are just friends. Fernando is wondering if there isn't something more and Ramona explains no. She apologizes. Fernando doesn't seem too upset, however. He is confident in his ability to win Ramona's heart.

     Doña Ramona chats with Perpetua in the sala. They talk of Felipe and Beatriz, and Doña Ramona asks how Beatriz' mother died. She has a shocked look on her face when Perpetua tells her that she died of tuberculosis.

     In Spurtown Don Ruy, Analupe, and Don Cesar are eating lunch. They offer to let Don Cesar spend the night, but he politely declines.

     Meanwhile the peon Marcos has arrived at the sheriff's office with the formal complaint from Felipe. Douglas is also there and listens. Green pretends to be very concerned about the complaint. Marcos leaves, but not before telling Green his name. After he leaves Green lets Douglas read the complaint and mentions that he recognizes Marcos. Douglas admits that an investigation will have to take place regarding the complaint.

     Felipe is in a good mood and talks with Doña Ramona. She is happy for him and they talk about Beatriz. Felipe gets silent, however, when she mentions her meeting with Alejandro. She says some negative things about Alejandro that make Felipe uncomfortable, including calling Alejandro foolish for not taking the job.

     Ramona and Beatriz talk in the garden. Ramona asks her about being in love, and Beatriz says she really doesn't know anything. But she tells her things anyway. Ramona wonders if love feels like something magical, and she tells Beatriz about Fernando and her rifle lesson (she doesn't tell Beatriz it upset her, however).

     Alejandro tells Pepe that he didn't accept the job because of Ramona. He mentions how Lince Solitario lives, and Pepe reminds him that the race, or tribe has to survive. Alejandro also says that Doña Ramona doesn't own their lives.

     Cliffhanger: While they are talking Beatriz opens up to Ramona, telling her that she hopes Felipe will kiss her. Upon hearing this Ramona sings Felipe's praises. During the conversation Beatriz brings up the convent, and Ramona mentions arriving home from the convent. All of a sudden Ramona is in deep thought and looks concerned.



Capitulo 31


     Fernando visits Ramona in her room and asks how she is doing. Better, she says, looking uncomfortable. He thinks she's trying to resist the wedding (Duh). Ramona acts surprised. Fernando says that his eyes have not been deceiving him, but he wants to hear the truth from her if she's in love with someone else. Ramona says she doesn't want to hurt him. He replies he would rather know a painful truth than have a lie between them. He then asks her, "Ramona, do you love that Indian?"

     Alejandro has arrived in Spurtown and hides out on the roof of a building. He watches a few drunk gringos shoot their guns in the air.

     Ramona decides to tell Fernando the truth because she doesn't want lies, either. She cries and admits she loves Alejandro.

     In the Spurtown jail Don Pablo expects to die and regrets not being able to say goodbye to Alejandro. Then he hears a voice from outside; it's Sebastian. He's going to see if he can get the keys to let Don Pablo out of jail.

     Ramona tells Fernando that Alejandro is afraid of him and her mother. Doña Ramona wants the wedding to take place as soon as possible. Fernando asks if Doña Ramona knows everything, and Ramona says yes, she saw us together in the chapel. Fernando is offended and Ramona begs him to understand; she fell in love with Alejandro before she met him (Fernando). He acts calm at first but loses his cool, pushing objects to the floor and grabbing her by the arm. He actually raises his arm to her but doesn't actually hit her.

     While he acts mad Fernando angrily paces around Ramona's room. Ramona says he wanted to hear the truth, but she guesses he would rather have preferred a lie. Fernando is angry because Alejandro is an Indian. Ramona explains that true love knows no race. Fernando is furious and can't believe that Ramona would want Alejandro--a redskin, a servant--instead of him. Ramona says he is just like her mother, with his prejudice. Then Doña Ramona comes in. Fernando excuses himself and leaves. Doña Ramona wants to know what happened. Ramona says she told Fernando the truth. Doña Ramona is furious

     Sebastian enters the sheriff's office and lights a candle. He tells Don Pablo that he's looking for the keys. He sees a shadow and Alejandro comes in, looking for his father. Don Pablo is happy to see him, and Alejandro says he's going to get him out of the jail. Don Pablo looks at his son with tears in his eyes.

     Doña Ramona tells Ramona that she has shamed the Moreno-Gonzaga family. Ramona explains that Fernando wanted to know the truth, so she told him the truth. Doña Ramona lets her have it: You couldn't restrain your passions, you had to let all your feelings come out. She also says it was a mistake sending her to the convent, because it obviously didn't teach her anything about life or human nature. Also, now she (Ramona) is dragging everyone through her personal misfortune. Right then Felipe knocks on the door and comes in. Ramona tells Felipe she told Fernando the truth. Doña Ramona says she will try to fix the situation although she's afraid all is lost. She angrily leaves. Ramona tells Felipe she was a fool to tell Fernando the truth. Felipe consoles her and says Fernando took advantage of her weakness, especially since she's recuperating.

     In the Spurtown saloon Jack Green tells Davis he's had way too much to drink. He and Colorado are going to carry him to the sheriff's office to sober up.

     Meanwhile at the sheriff's office Sebastian has found the keys to the jail and opens it. They are in a hurry to leave and Green arrives, with Colorado and Davis. So Alejandro and Sebastian are helping Don Pablo walk, and Green and his men walk right in the office. Green immediately draws his gun and shoots Don Pablo in the chest. Alejandro and Sebastian are also armed and retreat to the back room for cover. A shoot-out takes place between the Indians and the three gringos. Alejandro and Sebastian run out of bullets, however, and have to surrender. Green points his gun and wants the Indians to get on the floor(?) Alejandro embraces his dying father on the floor, then Green shoots Don Pablo point-blank in the chest to finish him off. Alejandro cries out for his father.

     At the Yahi village Matea and the other women take part in a spell with dolls and the fire. She says that Don Pablo is dead.

     Felipe serves Ramona tea, and she has calmed down. She now feels bad because she has caused hurt and bitterness in the family. Felipe comforts her and tells her not to say such things; what he would give to have someone love him as much as she loves Alejandro! Ramona thanks him for the kind words. She looks forward to the arrival of the full moon, when Alejandro is coming back for her.

     Sebastian and Alejandro are now locked in the jail. Alejandro says his father didn't have to die like this; he believed in peace and now he's dead. He says the Yahis will avenge the death. Sebastian says they will not be able to leave Spurtown alive. Alejandro says they will have to do it, for the memory of his father.

     Doña Ramona begins to tell Don Ruy about Alejandro and Ramona. Fernando is not there. She says the real reason they wanted to move up the wedding is because Alejandro and Ramona were in love. Ramona has told Fernando the truth, and now Fernando is very upset. Don Ruy can't believe it and is appalled. Doña Ramona is quick to say that Alejandro brought it on but nothing really happened (she wants to make Ramona look as innocent as possible), and she explains how Ramona had never really been around men before, etc. She's now afraid Fernando will want to break off the engagement and wants Don Ruy to convince his son to go through with the wedding. Don Ruy says he doesn't know and can't promise anything. Before he leaves Doña Ramona asks him not to tell Perpetua about the situation.

     In Spurtown Alejandro is furious over the death of his father and says that if he gets out alive, everyone will know him, the son of Don Pablo de Asis. Alejandro pledges to Sebastian to fight for the Yahis--and he also has a promise to keep.

     The next morning Felipe comes into Ramona's room with a bowl of fruit. He tells her the worst thing that can happen is that the Coronados will leave the hacienda. He says it's now important for her to recuperate and gain more strength for the August full moon. Forget about everyone else. This cheers Ramona up and he leaves for the stables. She tells him she loves him.

     Don Ruy and Fernando discuss the Ramona situation. Fernando doesn't want to marry Ramona now, but Don Ruy tries to convince him otherwise. He says that the friendship he has with Doña Ramona obliges them to save Ramona's honor. He has to marry her. Just think, says Don Ruy, if it were Analupe? We'd expect the same courtesy. Fernando doesn't budge and says he won't marry someone who was touched by a redskin.

     At the Yahi village Matea talks with Antonio. She thinks he should go to Spurtown and help rescue Alejandro, because she feels he's in danger.

     In the sheriff's office Dr. Thomas treats Jack Green's injured hand, which he received during the shoot-out. He says that everyone in Spurtown knows what happened last night, and now Jack is a hero. Jack tries to downplay it. Dr. Thomas says Don Pablo's body was placed where everyone in town could see it. Green is glad; he wants to send a message that he won't allow savages to take over Spurtown(?)

     Felipe and Beatriz greet each other and she asks if he is going to eat lunch with them. Felipe apologizes and says he has so much to do, because of Ramona's accident and the absence of one of the peones. He promises that after the August full moon he will have more time for her. Beatriz wonders why the August full moon is so important, and he explains that after that time everything will change. He excuses himself. Perpetua has been sitting in the room unnoticed the whole time, and has heard everything. "The full moon," she says to Beatriz. "Why, I think that's happening this week."

     Ramona is about to have lunch and Margarita is making up her bed. She's concerned that Norteño hasn't arrived back at the hacienda. Ramona tells her not to worry; she's worried herself that perhaps Alejandro has forgotten about her and won't be coming. Margarita reassures her. Ramona is then concerned that she'll be locked up the night of the full moon; unable to meet Alejandro at the arroyo. But Margarita has a contingency plan. Ramona makes Margarita swear not to tell anybody about her intent to leave with Alejandro--only she, Marta, and Felipe know anything.

     Doña Ramona comes in and tells Margarita to leave. After she's gone Doña Ramona tells Ramona about her conversation with Don Ruy. She makes a point of telling Ramona how shameful and embarrassed she felt trying to convince Don Ruy to convince Fernando not to call the whole thing off. She doesn't know if Don Ruy will be able to convince his son, but she's hopeful. She wants to know if Ramona has anything to say, and Ramona says no. This makes Doña Ramona angry.

     Cliffhanger: Right then Marta knocks on the door; Don Ruy wants to speak with Doña Ramona. Before she leaves Doña Ramona tells Ramona that for her sake she hopes Don Ruy has good news. If the Coronados say no to the marriage, then she will take Ramona to Mexico to a convent--unlike here, in Mexico there are many convents that will accept her! Ramona insists that she has no religious vocation. Doña Ramona doesn't care. If the Coronados leave, she tells Ramona, then tomorrow you and I are



Episode 33

     Ramona tries on her wedding dress. She looks like a princess and Dona Ramona, Beatriz and Perpetua help her get dressed. Felipe walks in and sees her in the dress. Perp asks if he thinks she looks beautiful. He says the wedding invitations have been sent out. Perp is amazed at how attentive Felipe is with Ramona. Shes a lucky girl.

     El Norteno goes to Padre Salvatierras grave. He thanks him for giving him a miracle. He did what Dona Ramona wanted. The gringos have taken care of Alejandro, theyll kill him, so he wont have to.

     Alejandro tells Sebastian if he dies and Seb escapes he should look for Ramona and tell her what happened. Explain why he didnt make their appointment. Tell her he died thinking of her. He sees the moonlight, the light he wont see at the place he was supposed to meet Ramona. Jack Green comes for them.

     Ramona wakes Felipe up. Hes fallen asleep at his desk. In his sleep he screams Ramona be careful. He dreamt that she and Alejandro fell in a lake. She asks him if hes been writing in his diary. He hides it so securely there must be something very serious in there.

     The sherrif and Davis take the prisoners to the saloon where everyone can see them. The hooded bandits will take them from there and no one can blame them. Davis wants to take care of him but the sheriff says they cant be suspected. Before they take them the Sheriff hits Alejandro.

     Ramona asks Marta to close the drapes. She doesnt want to see the moonlight. Shes anxious because she will be condemned to death in hell for all eternity. If she only knew what shes done. Margarita comes in and tells her El Norteno is back and wants to speak with her.

     Ramona tells Felipe she knows deep inside hes tortured, why wont he tell her. He cant because its caused by..he doesnt want to say in case he regrets it later. He throws his diary into the fire and she pulls it out. Dona Ramona comes in and wants to know what theyre doing at this time of night.

     The two braves have arrived in town. They find the jail empty but take some rifles. They go looking for Sebastian and Alejandro. Out in the woods Alejandro and Sebastian are on horses with ropes tied around his neck. Alejandro hopes that Ramona finds out what happened to him. Shell think he didnt want to meet her, she wont know she was the last thought on his mind. Seb says he doesnt want to die. Alejandro says they will live forever. T

he put the rope around his neck first. Alejandro says they are mortal too and will die. Just as theyre about to lynch him the Indians attack and save them. Alejandro passes out

     Dona Ramona tells Ramona to go to her room and stop bothering Felipe. Shes tired of her disobedience. She leaves. Felipe says he doesnt like the way she treats his sister. She says it hasnt escaped Perpetua the way he treats her and she doesnt need another scandal.

     At the saloon the sherrif and Davis are drinking, and stiffing the waitress. Davis says he would have liked to take care of Merrils murdered since he promised. The men come in and say that the Indians were rescued.

     El Norteno is telling Dona Ramona what happened. He tells her Pablo was murdered. He says he shot Alejandro in the head. Is he sure hes dead? Yes, he examined him and made sure he was dead. She doesnt want all the details but just wants to know if he completed her task. She asks if he buried him. NO,he left him there. She pays him, but he says he doesnt want it. It will help him get married. Not with that money, stained with blood. He only did what she told him. Shell carry this on her conscience. Dont tell even Mago because she will tell Ramona. Dont even mention the death of Don Pablo. Hell be like a tomb, not a word. If Mago or Ramona ask about Alejandro tell them hes well and he saw him with a woman. Padre Sarria says he will come for the wedding. Ramona asks God to forgive her, she had to do it.

     The Indians are trying to treat Alejandro. Theyre not able to take out the bullet. If they can get him back to their camp, the old lady can help him. Sebastian tells him they were saved and hes got to live. Danger is over, wake up! Ramona is waiting for him. Hes unconcious.

     The whole town is furious with the Sheriff because the redskins took Alejandro and Sebastian. They dont care about the town, hes made the left. They cant do anything right now. They are a lot of men and if they go after them, theyll be humiliated. Davis says hell find a way to avenge Merril.

     Ramona is tying up her bag when Mago breaks in. She says Nortneo got back safe and sound. Does she want to ask him about Alejandro. Wheres Felipe, shes worried about him. She asks if before she came there did he know another woman. No never, said Mago. Its so strange, who could it be says Ramona. They go looking for Norteno.

     Felipe goes out for a walk with Beatriz he tells Norteno not to tell Ramona that Ruby is sick. Delgadina says Mago was sad he was gone. He brought her back a gift. He told her he would give her a doll and he always keeps his word. He takes out a doll for her.

     Ruy says the wedding will be very beautiful, the ballroom is grand. Fernando is worried because Ramona is still so standoffish. Ruy says he should bring her out, compliment her. Why does he have to do everything? Its up to the man says his father. Perpetua and Dona Ramona come in. Perp admires the room.

     Felipe says without people it looks big. Its too bad because of the rush more people wont come. Ruy says he remembers DR wedding, she looked gorgeous. Flashback to her weddingshes dancing with the general and looking none to happy. Perp says maybe Fern is right, maybe the room is too large for the number of people. DR says it will be a lovely ceremony. She tells Marta to put out lots of flowers like on her wedding day.

     Ramona and Mago find Norteno. Ramona asks him if he saw Alejandro. He says yes. He didnt speak with him but he looked very happy with a Yahi woman. Mago cant believe it but he says why should he lie. Because he never liked him. Why should he lie about that? Why should Alejandro be with a woman. After Ramona leaves Mago tells him if hes lying hes going to be very sorry. He says if he knew she was going to be so nasty he wouldnt have bought her anything and walks away.

     Beatriz says shes leaving soon. She loves him to stay and commit him. Felipe says he doesnt deserve her. If he were sincere with her it would help. The dance where he met her was held for him to find a partner. If she had arrived before Ramona it would have been different. Why? There are so many conflicts between his mother and Ramona. He defends his sister and his mother cant understand. Beatriz doesnt think hes telling the whole truth. She says he can trust her.

     Ramona comes back in and DR asks her where shes been. She looks sick, shes crying. Ramona says she is very sensitive. Mago comes rushing in screaming. DR wants to know whats going on. From now on Marta will take care of Ramona, shell do the housework. Ramona says shes a tyrant. She rules everyone like a slave. Salvery is over in this country. Shes gone too far. She wont let her talk with brother, forces her to marry a man she doesnt love and even takes away her only friend. Shes supposed to be her puppet. She doesnt value her name, her position. She would have preferred to have Marta as a mother because she loves her daughter, not like her. She goes to leave and DR says she didnt give her permission.Fernando walks in. He doesnt want to interrupt them. Dona Ramona leaves them alone. Fernando says he came at a bad time. He wanted to give her his mothers jewelry again. He says please take it as a starting over point. He places the necklace on her.

     Felipe says hes got a lot of responsibilities. Also, a lot of secrets which weigh on him. Beatriz wants him to tell her the truth. He tells her that Ramona fell in love with a redskin. His mother found out and thats why shes forcing her to marry quickly. Beatriz said she never imagined it would be a redskin. He says not to judge her too harshly.

     Alejandro keeps losing more blood, he might not make it back to the village. A Lince comes and looks at Alejandro whos still unconscious. His pulse is slow, his breathing is very soft. Linsee is not a magician but he can take out the bullet.

     Beatriz says its a real scandal. Felipe says because society tells us who to love, and not. It doesnt make sense. When two souls meet and fall in love, they must listen. Beatriz says customs separate people. Felipe says he tried to dissuade her because she couldnt adapt. Then he stopped because hes sure that true happiness can only be achieved between two people who love each other. Shes moved by his words. Its a shame that her mother found out. Now her mother will force her to marry Alejandro. No, tonight Alejandro will come for Ramona.




     Felipe tells Bea that Alejandro is coming for Ramona the night of the full moon.

     That night, he tells Ramona that Bea now knows about her secret. Ramona is justifiably annoyed. Felipe says he totally trusts Bea and Ramona wants to know if this means that he is in love with her. He says no, but she is very sweet and worthy of being loved..and Ramona tells him it's too bad because Beatriz would make him happy. She reminds him that she will be leaving tomorrow. He says don't talk about it you'll make me sad. She says she doesn't want to leave without knowing him, it frustrates her not to know who it is that is making him so unhappy by refusing his love. He tells her to forget it, and she asks if he trusts her.. "Yes, but..." Marta is calling and interrupts them. Ramona leaves him thinking, alone.

     At the supper table, everyone comments on Bea's silence... she ends it by asking about the portrait of General Moreno... Ruy says he was a very brave man. Ramona and Felipe arrive in the midst of the conversation and Felipe comments that his mom has told him a lot about his father and his military career. Ramona remarks almost accusingly, that she has been told nothing. Ruy, still digging up old memories, asks DR, didn't some irish soldier court you as well, back then? DR-"Who remembers that, anymore?" Ruy says he remembers because the guy wound up so unhappily, first living with an indian woman, then being murdered shortly afterwards. Felipe changes the subject, much to DR's relief, and she quickly squelches Ramona's attempts to discover the Irishman's name.

     Later, DR tells Marta that she almost feels as if being reminded of Angus is his spirit trying to tell her to tell Ramona the truth. At that moment, Ramona knocks on the door. Ramona trys to apologize for their earlier argument, but it quickly becomes the start of a new quarrel between her and DR. She gets angry and says don't worry, very soon you won't have to have me bothering you. DR-Can't you see I want to protect you? Ramona-Your protection suffocates me. DR-All I'm doing is keeping the promise I made to your father. R-What promise? DR says her fathers dying wish was that she be raised as a Moreno Gonzaga, with their faith and customs. Ramona wants to know why he would have to ask that. All I've ever wanted was your affection, she adds. Her mother says that if she wants that, she needs to marry Fernando.

     Next morning, Perpetua is grilling Bea about her afternoon with Felipe. Bea doesn't give away Ramona's secret. Their conversation is interrupted when Bea's dad arrives with Analupe.

     In Ramona's room, Ramona tells Margarita that after she leaves, Margarita can have any of her dresses that she wants, after all, Ramona will have to learn to live and dress like the women in Alejandro's village.

     Over supper, everyone catches up on the latest news from Espuurtaun :).

     In the indian villiage, Matea is presiding over a ceremonial burning of Don Pablo's body. One of the others tells her Padre Sarria wouldn't like it, as Don Pablo was a catholic. Matea says we were Yahis long before we were catholics, and she continues with the ceremony.

     DR is in her room, acutely conscious of the full moon and what it means for her and for Ramona. She tells Marta that even though it was her duty, she feels guilty for what she has done, and asks Marta to pray for her. She looks at the painted armoire and sees the picture of an angel, over which is written "5th commandment, do not kill". Looking as if she were on the brink of a heart attack, she asks Marta to help her to bed.

     In the aldea, Alejandro seems to be a little better. Manuela observes that he is breathing more calmly now.

     Felipe is with Ramona in her room, and tells her that she will have to leave through the kitchen, the guests are in la sala. He says he'll take her to the arroyo, and gives her a chain with a medallion, telling her DR put it on him when he was born. Ramona promises to wear it always. She grips his hands tightly, and tells him that whoever the woman is that's breaking his heart, he has to get her out of his heart before he can love someone else. If she doesn't appreciate how wonderful you are, Ramona adds, she doesn't deserve your love. Felipe looks anguished, and they hug each other tight. Marta comes in, and sends Felipe to check on DR. She and Ramona hug and say goodbye too. She gives Ramona her blessing.

     Felipe is with DR, and she remembers Alonso Moreno's death. She tells Felipe that his dad told her to remarry, but she never did... the only man she ever loved died that night. She then asks Fel to get Ramona. He looks uncomfortable.

     El norteño is pacing around and Juan Canito wonders what his problem is. Norteño says he's going to take a turn around outside.

     Ramona is convinced by an anxious Felipe to go see DR. DR tells them more than a doctor, she needs a confessor. Felipe tells her that they're her kids, she can trust them and talk to them. She says her memories torment her, she has been a bad person. Felipe leaves, saying he is going to get her something to calm her nerves. She takes Ramona's hand and tells her that her face and look is so like her fathers. "But everyone says I don't look like him." DR remarks cryptically that that's because they didn't know him as she did. They talk some more, and Ramona escapes from the room. DR prays that Ramona will never discover what she has done.

     En el pueblo yahi, Manuela tells her mother she wants Alejandro to live at all costs. "Even if he goes back to the white woman?" When Manuela says yes, Matea tells her that now she knows her love is sincere.

     Felipe, sure that he cannot get away from his mother now, sends Margarita to the stables along with Ramona. He tells Ramona he will never forget her, and once again they embrace, sobbing. But as she and Margarita are trying to leave, they hear Juan Canito coming. Ramona has to leave without Margarita, and Juan Canito comes up, wanting to know why Margarita is out ready to ride. Margarita says she is with el norteño. Naturally, her dad isn´t too happy with that.

     In DR´s room, she tells Marta that she can take the Bible (it is the one she found Alejandro's note to Ramona in) back to Ramona's room. When Marta leaves, she whispers "Forgive me, Ramona... if I ordered Alejandro's death it was for your good."

     We see Ramona riding along in the dark... she reaches the arroyo. She doesn't see him, but el Norteño is watching as she dismounts and hooks her mare´s reins to a treebranch. "Alejandro..." she calls softly... but her only answer is the silence of the night.




     El Norteño is watching Ramona as she waits for Alejandro.

     Fernando and Don Ruy are in a room. They talk about how AnaLupe is very indiscreet and that she shouldnt be informed of anything thats happened. Fernando brings up that she mentioned the Red Skins at the table.At that moment Ana Lupe comes into the room to hand Don Ruy the mortgage papers. Fernando asks AnaLupe that she be more careful and not mention anything about Red Skins while theyre in the Moreno household. Ana Lupe says that she was just informing everyone about the happenings in Spurtown. Fernando goes on and tell Ana Lupe that Doña Ramona hates that topic so itd be best if she does NOT mention them. AnaLupe reacts and says that everyone is overreacting when she was the one who had the scare with the Indian. Don Ruy reads the papers handed to him by Ana Lupe. Fernando asks him if those were the papers they needed. Don Ruy says yes and folds the papers. AnaLupe goes on and commits another indiscretion (someone slap that girl please!) saying that with the dowry Ramona is going to receive for the wedding they wont have to mortgage the house. Fernando tells Ana Lupe that those things shouldnt be said. She comes back and says that you shouldnt say them but you do think them. Don Ruy tells her that she shouldnt celebrate yet. They wont count with the dowry until after the wedding. Ana Lupestarts saying that its obvious that Doña Ramona wants to get rid of Ramona as soon as possible if not why did she move up the wedding? Don Ruy tells Fernando and Ana Lupe to quit arguing because they are all going to bid a good night to the Echagues. Ana Lupe as always has a nice comment.(yea..right!). She says that its shame that Beatriz is still as foolish as when she had left.

In Doña Ramonas room Doña Ramona asks Felipe where Ramona is. Felipe tells her that Ramona is bidding a good night to their guests. Doña Ramona says she cant sleep tonight for some reason. The Moon will not let her sleep. Felipe asks her what the moon has to do with anything. It has never bothered her before. She says she doesnt know and doesnt understand it. Its probably because shes getting old and superstitious she says. She tells Felipe that she told Marta that it was strange because she couldnt here the dogs barking. The silence makes her nervous. She goes on to ask Felipe to call Juan Canito. Felipe offers to help her with anything she needs but shes is obstinant and demands he go get Juan.

     Ramona is at the arroyo and getting restless. She hears some noises and asks if anyone is there. El Norteño comes out of hiding and lets Ramona see him. She asks him what hes doing there. He just says he doing his rounds around the grounds. Ramona doesnt believe him and asks if Doña Ramona sent him to follow her. El Norteño denies that Doña Ramona sent him. El Norteño asks Ramona what shes doing out so late. She says she was just out for a walk. El Norteño gets suspicious and asks her what shes really doing thereis she waiting for someone? Because its a little late to be out for a walk. Ramona tells him shes not waiting for anyone and asks him to go back to the house. El Norteño says the he wont leave her there alone. If Doña Ramona found out she would kill him. Ramona orders him to go back to the house and leave her alone. He finally agrees and leaves.

     Margarita is crying and hugging Delgadine as Juan stands over her furious. He is getting ready to strike her. Marta comes in and asks whats going on. Juan informs her that he supposedly found Margarita and El Norteño in a compromising position. Margarita denies it and Marta defends her saying its not true.Marta tells Juan that Doa Ramona wants to see him. Juan is taken aback that Doña Ramona wants to see him this late. Juan goes to see what Doña Ramona wants. He tells Marta and margarita that he wants everything to be cleared up for him when gets back. Margarita tells Marta whats going on. She tells her that Felipe told her to take Ramona to the arroyo but she couldnt. Because at that moment Juan appeared and asked who was there. Margarita tells Marta she had to lie and say it was El Norteño in order that Ramona wouldnt get caught. Margarita tels Marta that Juan practically dragged her back to the house and was going to strike her. Marta tells Margarita that she will explain everything to Juan when he gets back. Margarita tells Marta that she wants to go to the Arroyo to see if Ramona is still there or if she escaped with Alejandro. Marta tells her she wishes she could go too but its impossible. She tells Margarita that its better she stay and not go anywhere. Because it seems Doña Ramona senses something is wrong. Margarita keeps insisting but Marta tells her that its probable that Alejandro and Ramona have probably left by now.

     Ramona is still waiting for Alejandro to get there.

     Felipe goes into the living room where Beatriz is waiting for him. She informs him that everyone has gone to bed and that everything is under control. Felipe tells Beatriz that his mother suspects something. She asked him to go call Juan. Beatriz gets worried and asks Felipe if Ramona has already left. Felipe tells her that yes Ramona has left. There is a knock at the door and Felipe tells Juan to come in. Juan asks Felipe if anything is going on. Felipe tells him that as far as he knows nothing is going on. Juan tells Felipe that theres a racket outside. Felipe asks Juan whats going on. Juan just tells him that Margarita is giving him headaches again. He caught her and El Norteño in a comprimising position. He got so angry that he had to lock her up in his house. Felipe asks Beatriz to go with Juan to Doña Ramonas bedroom. Beatriz agrees and goes to Doña Ramonas room with Juan right behind her. Felipe goes out and finds El Norteño outside. El Norteño informs him that he saw Ramona at the arroyo and that she was alone. Felipe tells him not to say anything to his mother about this. Hes going to take care of this himself.

     Juan is in the room with Doña Ramona. Doña Ramona asks Juan to go to the arroyo and take care of Ramona. Juan asks Doña Ramona what Ramona is doing at the arroyo. Doña Ramona tells him not to ask any questions and to not tell anyone. Just to follow her orders and make sure nothing happens to her.

     Ramona is still at the arroyo waiting for Alejandro.

     Juan is in the living room with Beatriz and Felipe. Juan tells Felipe that Doña Ramona ordered him to go take care of Ramona at the arroyo. Felipe says hell go but Juan asks him what for? He can go to the arroyo himself. Felipe tells Juan that its better if he goes and he stays. Juan goes off to saddle up Felipes horse. Felipe tells Beatriz that he knows Doña Ramona suspected something and that he wouldnt have known what to do if she (Beatriz) wsnt there. Beatriz tells Felipe to hurry. Felipe tells Beatriz that if his mother asks for him or Ramona that she just make up an excuse. Pepertua comes into the scene and asks Beatriz what shes still doing up. Beatriz tells Perpetua that shes waiting for Felipe. Perpetua tells Beatriz that its midnight and that she can talk to Felipe tomorrow. Beatriz tells Perpetua that Felipe asked her for a favorshe has to stay up and take care of Doña Ramona until he gets back. Perpetua asks where he went and Beatriz tells her that he went to make some roundsit seems

     as if something is not right. Perpetua gets scared and asks if a puma is roaming around again. Beatriz tells Perpetua that she doesnt know. Perpetua tells Beatriz that if a puma is roaming the grounds its better if they lock themselves up in their room. Beatriz tells her that she (Perpetua) can go ahead and that shell go to bed in a while.

     Doña Ramona is worried. She has a picture of Angus in her hands. She aksks Angus if he understands why she had to send El Norteño to kill Alejandro. She says she had to because she didnt want the story to repeat itself. His daughter cannot unite with a Red Skin. She wont allow Ramonas life to have a tragic ending like his.

     Ramona hears a horse coming and starts calling for Alejandro. TO her surprise its not Alejandro its Felipe. She asks Felipe what hes doing there. He tells her that he came to keep her company since Margarita was unable to. Ramona tells Felipe that she found El Norteño roaming the grounds. Felipe assures her that El Norteño wont say a word about anything. Ramona asks about Doña Ramona and Felipe tells her that he left Beatriz in charge of her. Ramona says its getting late and theres still no sign of Alejandro. Thats weird Felipe says. Ramona worries and hopes nothing bad has happened to Alejandro. Felipe says he opes not. Ramona begins to sadden and says that maybe Alejandro forgot about her. Felipe reassures her and tell sher that he doubts that and that they should wait for him a while longer. Ramona is sure that Alejandro will get there soon.

     Meanwhile Alejandro is still unconscious. Matea is next to him dropping droplets of water into his dried lips. Matea says that the full moon is dissipating and that soon Alejandro will once again be the warrior of warriors. She says that the white woman will go on with her destiny.

     Ramona is crying uncontrollably. Felipe tells Ramona to stop crying. She asks Felipe why Alejandro didnt show up. She says that only if she were dead she wouldnt have been here. Felipe tells Ramona that maybe Alejandro had some trouble. Ramona tells him that he knows how bad anxious she was waiting for the full moon. She wanted it so bad more than anything in her life. She doesnt understand why he didnt show up. She asks why her Alejandro left her alone. Felipe tell her that shes not alone she has him, and hes never going to leave her. Felipe tells her that he knows its not much of a comfort but hes with her. They hug as she keeps crying.

     Its morning and Beatriz has fallen asleep on the couch. Felipe wakes Beatriz up. Beatriz tells Felipe she fell asleep and asks if its morning and if Ramona left. Felipe tells her that Alenjandro didnt show up.

     Ramona is in her bed crying. Someone knocks at the door. Its Doña Ramona. Ramona gets up quickly and wipes her tears and fixes her dress. Come in mother she says. Doña Ramona tells Ramona that she was coming to wake her but it looks like she woke up early. Ramona tell sher that she went to the chapel really early. Doña Ramona tells Ramona that she was going to do the same and go to the chapel. Doña Ramona picks up the cloth where Ramona had her things. Whats this she asks. Ramona tells her that those are clothes shes going to give to the servants. Doña Ramona tells Ramona that shes glad that shes so generous. The nuns taught her well. Doña Ramona is off to the chapel to pary. She hopes to see Ramona at lunch. When Doña Ramona goes out Ramona picks up the cloth and throws it on the floor forcefully.

     Felipe and Beatriz are still talking in the living room. Felipe tells Beatriz that they waited for Alejandro until a little while ago. But he didnt show up. He tells her that Ramona is heartbroken. Hes worried that something happened to Alejandro. Beatriz feels bad for Ramona. Felipe asks Beatriz if Doña Ramona asked any questions. Doña Ramona comes in and tells Felipe that everything was all right. Felipe is surprised to see his mother. They all say good morning to each other. Felipe kisses Doña Ramonas forehead. Doña Ramona asks them if they would like to join her in the chapel for some prayers. Felipe declines but Beatriz says shed be honored to join her. Doña Ramona grabs her prayer book and says that its strange that no one has changed. Cue the alarmed looks on Beatriz and Felipe. Beatriz finally tells Felipe that shes going to the chapel with Doña Ramona.

     Davis is watching the Yahis. He sees Sebastian leaving. Davis tells asks himself where Alejandro is. Davis is determined to trap Sebastian and force him to say where Alejandro is. Davis goes over to his horse.

     In the Spurtown saloon Prescott asks the Sheriff if hes heard anything about Davis. The Sheriff tells him that he hasnt and that worries him. Merryls death made him go mad. Prescott says that he too is angry that the Indians got away. The Sheriff tells him that maybe that Indian is dead, because he was injured severely. Prescott tells him that that might be but the people are still not satisfied. They wanted to see him hanging from a tree. They wanted revenge! The Sheriff assures Prescott that they will get revenge at its given time. But now what worries him is Davis. Hes capable of going to look for that Red Skin himself.




     Ramona is still crying uncontrollably. Felipe tells her she needs to calm down because its probable that Alejandro had some problems and thats why he didnt show up. Ramona tells Felipe that only if it were something really important it would justify him not being there. Maybe El Norteño was right and he preferred a Yaho woman instead of me. Felipe suggest that they wait a few days to see if he shows up. If he doesnt theyll send someone to the Yahi tribe to investigate. Ramona says that its not necessary she doesnt want to go through the humiliation of knowing if its true or not. Felipe tels her thats why theyre sending osmoene to find out if its true or not. If Alejandro doesnt show up in a few days Ill forget about him forever, says Ramona. Felipe tells her shes just saying that because shes disappointed and asks her to think about it when shes calmer. Ramona says that if in a few days they know nothing of Alejandro she will marry Fernando in a few days.

     In the Yahi tribe Alejandro begins to show sings of life. Manuela tells Matea that it seems he wants to say something. Matea leans in to hear what it is.Matea and Sebastian talk to Alejandro hoping that he can hear them. Alejandro asks them if the full moon has passed yet. Hey tell him it was last night. Alejandro makes an effort and lifts his head. He asks Sebastian to go to the Moreno hacienda and tell Ramona what has happened. He also tells him to tell her to wait for him. Tell her Ill be with her soon, he tells Sebastian. After he says this he puts his head back down and falls asleep. Sebastian says hes going to run the errand for Alejandro. Manuela and Carmen try to stop him. They tell him that everytime a Yahi leaves the town they either dont make it back or come back hurt. Sebastian is obstinant and goes anyway. Matea tells Carmen and Manuela that she cant persuade the young Yahis they are hardheaded.

     Margarita enters Ramonas room. Margarita asks Ramona what happened. Ramona tells Mago that she waited for him all night but he didnt show up. Mago tells her the exact thing as Felipe. That maybe something happened to Alejandro. Ramona tells Mago that Felipe told her the same thing but she would have been there either way unless she was dead. She thinks that Alejandro probably forgot about her. Mago tells her that she cant be sure of that. She informs Ramona that there is lots of dangers out there. There is snakes and other predators out there. Mago suggests she wait a while to see if he shows up. Ramona tells her that the wedding is in a few days already. She cant wait much time. Mago asks her what they can do. Ramona tells her that Felipe is going to send a worker to check out the Yahi aldea and see what happened to Alejandro. Mago thinks that its a good idea but Ramona tells her she doesnt want anyone to go there. She tells her shes scared that Alejandro really is with a Yahi woman and it would be humiliating if he was with a woman and she sent someone to ask for him. Mago tells her that she should send someone just to find out the truth but if she doesnt will she be able to live without knowing the truth? Ramona tells Mago shell think about it. She needs time to think. Mago suggests Ramona think fast because time flies. She hopes its not going to be too late. Mago tells Ramona she has to go and reminds her that shes not supposed to talk to her. Ramona asks Mago about the secret that she was going to reveal to her. Mago tells Ramona she cant tell her right now. Ramona tells Mago that if she doesnt tell her shes going to get angry at her. Mago promises Ramona that shell tell her soon. Margarita goes on to prepare lunch. Ramona calls out for Mago to coma back.

     Doña Ramona has finsihed her prayers. Shes about to return to the main house. She talks to Beatriz and thanks her for her patience and understanding. Doña Ramona tells Beatriz that God will reward her for her good heart. She (Doña Ramona) goes on to tell her that she is really grateful to Beatriz for loving her son. When Ramona leaves hell stay alone, and I dont think hell find better company than you, says Doña Ramona. She also tells Beatriz that once Ramona leaves she can start preparing everything for her engagement with Felipe. Doña Ramona tells Beatriz to go ahead to the main house because she has some stuff to do before she goes back home. She calls out for El Norteño. Doña Ramona thanks him for being trust-worthy. He tells her that he went to the arroyo to check if any Indios besides Alejandro showed up but none did. He also goes on to tell her that he saw Ramona there. Doña Ramona tells her that its better for her that Alejandro didnt show up. It saved her from embarrassment. El Norteño tells her that he followed her orders. Doña Ramona tells him that he killed a man and now both of them will have to live with that fault. They both vow never to speak of the subject again.

     Sebastian is trying to convince Antonio to let him go to the hacienda. Antonio tells him that its not safe for him to go laone. But Sebastian is obstinant and says one Indiain is less traceable than two. He promises to take care of himself and asks Antonio to let him go. Antonio finally caves in and lets Sebastian go to the hacienda.

     Everyone is at the table except for Doña Ramona and Felipe. Felipe enters the dining room and says good morning to everyone. Perpertua asks Felipe what was going on last night. Felipe tells her that as far as he knows nothing was going on. Perpetua tells him that Beatriz told him there was problems. He tells her that they werent that bad and not to worry. Ana Lupe says that she fell like a rock to sleep, because she was tired from the trip. Fernando tells her she looks tired. Ramona tells them that Doña Ramona hasnt been feeling well so he had to stay up all night and take care of her. Don Cesar compliments Ramona and tells her that she looks radiant. Doña Ramona comes in and apologizes for making them wait. She asks if they started without her. They all tell her they were waiting for her but she says if she knew that she wouldnt have made them wait. They all pray and thank GOD for everything.

     Marta is telling Juan everything that happened last night. Marta tells him it was unnecessary to treat Mago that way. Juan tells her she never told him anything. No wonder Doña Ramona sent him to the arroyo. Marta tells him she couldnt say anything unless Alejandro didnt show up. Juan tells Marta that Doña Ramona is the Patrona and if she ever finds out that Marta went behind her back like that she might throw them out of the hacienda. Marta says she understands but she didnt get into this on purpose. Ramona told her everything and she didnt have a choice but to go along with it. Juan thanks for clearing everything up for her. Delgadina tells Marta that shes hungry and if she can go to the main house to eat. Marta tells her she can come with her because shes on her way over there herself.

     Everyone at the dinner table is drinking coffee. Fernando asks Ramona wha she has planned to do to day. She tells him that she wants to rest and take a bath. Don Ruy tells Fernando to let her rest because she stayed up to take care of Doña Ramona. Felipe gets up and excuses himself from the table. Doña Ramona tells him she hopes he has a good day. Perpertua tells Ramona that they have to fix up her wedding dress. The wedding is in a few days and theyre far behind with the dress. Ana Lupe acts excited and tells them that she has this precious dress her father bought her in Sacramento. She only wore it once. Doña Ramona tells everyone that they should get to work. Its the first time in a while shes woken up with a good feeling. She says that something tells her that the wedding will be stupendous. Ramona looks on with a saddened look in her face. Fernando smiles at Doña Ramona ignoring Ramonssaddened loo.

     In the Yahi aldea Matea is with Alejandro. El Lince comes in. Lince tells Matea hes come to say good bye now that Alejandro is in good hands. Matea thanks him for saving their Yahi Chief. He deserves a reward. Matea looks for something to give to him. She gives him something to resist the bites of snakes. Lince tells her he doesnt need it. He tells her hes learned to survive like the animals and they dont need anything to protect them, Matea understands and instead tells him that the Spirits will guide him. She uses some leaves and passes them through his body.

     Sebastian is on his horse on the way to the hacienda when suddenly Davis appears and asks him where the hell he thinks hes going. Davis takes out his gun before Sebastian can take out his knife. Davis tells him that if he moves hes a dead Indian. Davis ties down Sebastian and demands to know where Alejandro is. Sebastian spits at the floor and Davis hits him. Davis tells him that if hes going to keep quiet hes going to have to cut out his tongue. So hell stay quiet forever. Sebastian closes his mouth with desperation so that Davis wont cut his tongue.

     Marta is helping Ramona take a bath. She tells her that she should cheer up. Ramona tells her she cant because she is very sad. Marta tells her things happen for a reason. She tells her that if Alejandro didnt show up its because thats the way GOD wanted it. Doña Ramona stands at the door and waits quietly. Ramona tells Marta that maybe Felipe and Mago were right. Maybe something happened to him and thats why he couldnt get there, but sometimes I have this feeling of hate towards him. Because I think he didnt show up because he forgot about me. Doña Ramona comes in and tells her that probably what happened. Ramona looks turns around shocked.

     Davis has cut off Sebastian tongue. He says that now hell be quiet forever. Without his tongue he wont be able to tell anyone anything. Davis tells him he did him a favor.He throws down the knife to the ground. Davis leaves Sebastian hanging there with blood spurting out of his mouth as he screams.

     In the bathroom in the hacienda, Marta tells Ramona shes going to go get some towels Doña Ramona asks her if she really thought that Alejandro would come for her. Ramona tells her that shes suffering too much right now. Doña Ramona goes on and tells her that she could expect no less from Alejandro, because all Red Skins are traitors. I mean theyre like animals and its natural that they act like it. Doña Ramona starts wetting Ramonas shoulders. Ramona tells her mother that she loved him. Doña Ramona tells her that he didnt love her. Ramona starts crying when she hears this. Doña Ramona tells her that she doesnt like seeing her this way. But soon enough shell get over it. Shes young and that will help her bear with the disappointment. Also because shes young she will get her ethusiasm back soon. Ramona asks her mother if anyone ever betrayed her. Doña Ramona tells her that onceher father betrayed her




     DR says Felipe has learned from Ramona to talk back, and tells him that her opposition to his engagement was due to Beatriz' health, that her mother died of TB. But Beatriz is better now, and Felipe should bear in mind that all her decisions are made with his good in mind, whether he understands them or not.

     Alejandro takes off for the hacienda.

     Beatriz is sneezing after getting wet at the river (oops, DR, you spoke too soon!)

     Ramona finds everything depressing because there's "always something there to remind her" of Alejandro. Beatriz tells her to try to get to know Fernando better--he's a nice guy, not like his sister. Ramona tells her that Felipe is timid, but the most tender of men.

     Felipe learns from Marcos that Sebastian's tongue ahs been cut out by one of the gringos, and also the false news that Alejandro is going to marry Manuela.

     Margarita wants to know what to tell Alejandro if he shows up late, and Ramona says, just that I married Fernando Coronado. Felipe comes in and repeats the story to her that Alejandro is going to marry . Ramona cries that her mother was right, that Alejandro has betrayed her, that Indians don't know about love. she shouldn't have trusted him, she will never fall in love again. Felipe's different, he's her brother. She curses the hour when she laid eyes on Alejandro. Felipe says he never should have permitted the relation, Alejandro fooled him too. Ramona vows to marry Fernando and go far away, where she won't hear his name ever again.

     Manuela reports Alejandro's absence, and they wonder who helped him.

El Norteño tells Marcos that Alejandro set his eyes on Ramona, and Marcos tells him Alejandro is alive and well and getting ready to marry. He tells El Norteño about Sebastian's tongue. El Norteño is not pleased to learn that Alejandro is alive, and takes off.

     Padre Sarria arrives at the hacienda, saying he's only here for the wedding, that there's a smallpox epidemic and terrible atrocities by the gringos at the Yahi village. With a guilty look, DR asks him not to mention these things and cast a pall over the festivities.

     Ramona plays the piano while Analupe yawns. Perpetua volunteers that Beatriz plays the harp, and teases Analupe about her lack of musical ability. Fernando and Ramona go for a walk. Out on the patio, Ramona tells Fer that she has resolved to bury the memory of her love for Alejandro, that it was an impardonable error that she hopes he will forget, too. Felipe watches in anguish as they kiss.

     The ladies are getting Ramona ready for the wedding and Felipe knocks. Analupe tells him it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Oops! Perpetua recalls having said the same thing to him just the other day.

     Juan Canito is upset that En has just taken off without leave, and tells a weepy Margarita that he's going to fire him when he gets back.

     DR tells Ramona they may never see each other again, and she wants her not to forget something. In spite of her apparent coldness, she has always loved her, even though she may not have told her in words. She hoes Ramona will forgive her, and tells her she loves her a lot and hopes she'll be happy. Ramona begs pardon for the trouble she's caused, and says that she realizes that everything she's done was for her own good. DR says if someday you learn things, don't let them change your mind. What things? asks Ramona, and DR says, forget I said that.

     Meanwhile, Alejandro gets down off his horse to take a pee :-) and El Norteño draws a bead on him.

     Juan Canito and Felipe discuss En's mysterious absence. Felipe says, if he turns up drunk, lock him up, I don't want him making a scene.

     Alejandro hears El Norteño cock the gun. En tells him that DR doesn't want him around the hacienda, he should go back to his novia. Besides, there are guards all around the hacienda, Ramona is getting married. He fires a shot in the air, and tells Alejandro there's one more in the gun, don't make me shoot you. Alejandro insists he has no novia.

     A snake (it's a harmless rat snake, for cry sakes, don't these people know their fauna?) comes up, and El Norteño misses it and falls back. Alejandro throws his hatchet and kills it. Then El Norteño can't bear to shoot him, since Alejandro has saved his life. He tells Alejandro that DR ordered him killed, and makes him promise not to tell anyone that he spared his life.

     Meanwhile, back at the hacienda, Fernando blesses the day DR ordered that Indian bastard killed. His dad confesses to having carried a torch for DR since before she married. Analupe bursts in to show off her dress, looking like 10 pounds of flour in a 5-pound sack.

     Ramona confesses to margarita that she thought of Alejandro all night, that she still can't believe he deceived her. margarita says men are all the same. Ramona says no, look at Fernando, maybe I'll even grow to love him. She presses Margarita to say what she overheard, and Margarita finally says it's that she's not the daughter of General Moreno.




     Margarita tells Ramona that she is not General Morenos daughter.

     Beatriz wonders if Felipe will like her dress. Perpetua thinks shes a little pale. Poor Ramona, shes probably very nervous. Perpetua says you can tell that shes in love and very passionate. Fernando is lucky to have such a hot blooded rich woman. Beatriz thinks its going to be difficult for her to leave her family and home . Perptua says shes used to living far, and besides its good that shell be gone to leave the way free for her. Now shell have Felipe to herself. She doesnt understand why Dona Ramona is in such a hurry to get rid of her daughter. She understand why the Coronados accepted the situation, theres a lot of money involved. But, as for Dona Ramona, shes intrigued. Has Felipe mentioned anything? No, says Beatriz. Perpetua says shes very mysterious. Maybe shes taking after the family already, with the secrets. Bea coughs.

     Margarita says maybe she heard wrong. She recalls the conversation between Padre Salvatierra and Dona Ramona. The Padre says Forget about the past. Treat Ramona like Felipe even if she wasnt the fruit of your relationship with General Moreno. Ramona says she doesnt want to dirty his memory. Fortunately, he died without knowing about Ramona.

     Margarita says Padre told Dona Ramona that she was as much her child as Felipe even if she wasnt the Generals daughter.

     Ramona is telling Marta shes going to miss Ramona. She won over her heart.

     If the General isnt her father, who could it be? Mago didnt hear any more. Felipe comes.

     Dona Ramona says she feels its best for Ramona to go far away, for her and Felipe.

     Marta says maybe she should have told her that she and Felipe werent brother and sister. They could have married and stayed living on the hacienda. No, never says Dona Ramona. Ramona was in love with Alejandro not Felipe. This wedding is the her liberation. Her cross she carried is over. It caused her so much sufffering. Shell be able to sleep. With Fernando shell be gone and settled (harina de otra costal), even if it she had to sell her soul to the devil.

     What a thing to say, says Marta. The truth. She commited a crime. Shell burn in hell.

     Ramona says she cant hide how she feels. Its the worst day of her life. Shell leave here married to someone she doesnt love and with the memory of betrayal. She cant avoid it, she remembers Alejandro and goes from love to hate. Shes leaving full of doubts. Does he remember their father? No, not really, he was young when he died, why? Shes overly sensitive and remembering their youth. She thinks back to when she heard that she lost her mother and father the same day. What is she thinking about? Nothing. Felipe says it wont be so terrible. When they live in Spurtown hell go to visit them and if they go to DF hell visit them there too. Hell always love her more than anyone in this world. She loves him too.

     Felipe escorts Ramona down the aisle. She looks like shes going to the gallows. Fernando is smiling. There are many guests present. They kneel and Fern looks over, she avoids his look.

     Matea tells Manuela they ran into someone from the hacienda and she told them a lie. She tried to keep them apart. Manuela says it was for nothing because now hes gone to get her. Matea says only death is permanent.

     The wedding mass begins. Padre Sarria is impressing on them the commitment of marriage. They must respect each other, the woman must guard her body and not take too much pleasure, the man must defend the honor of his wife and children. He asks if Fernando accepts Ramona as wife, he says yes. Does Ramona accept Fernando? (pause)

     Alejandro breaks through the guards. He rides up to the chapel door.He yells "Ramona, Ive come for you. Lets go!"

     She drops the flowers and jumps on the horse. Dona Ramona faints.

     She says you finally got here. He says he couldnt come earlier

     Felipe orders them not to shoot. Ramona says theyll see each other again one day. The take off.

     Fernando picks up the rifle and aims to shoot. Felipe pulls the gun out of his hand and says he could shoot Ramona by mistake. Fernando is furious that he didnt detain them. Felipe tells Juan that no one is to stop them, let them go. Everyone is in shock! Analupe asks Felipe how he could let them go. He shrugs her off.Fernando says Felipe permitted them to run off.

     Dona Ramona wakes up and wants to know what happened to Ramona. Don Ruy tells her that Alejandro the Indian came and they ran off together. He says Dona Ramona deceived all of them.

     Dona Ramona goes out and tells Fernando to chase them. He tells her that Felipe permitted them to escape. She wants to know where the peons are. They tell her Felipe also called them off. She goes to see where he is. Analupe comments that Alejandro didnt kidnap her, she went willingly with him.

     Ramona and Alejandro ride away trying to avoid the guards (his injuries are not in evidence)

     Dona Ramona goes to find Felipe and hes locked in his room. He screams for him to open up, shes furious. She says shell never forigve him for what hes done. How can she forgive the scandal, the dishonor, the gossip. She could expected this from Ramona, not from him. Hes betrayed his principles, his name, hes not worthy of being her son.. Felipe tells her that Ramonas love was greater than anything. Nothing could detain her. Dona Ramona says shes a bastard. He says he wont permit her to speak of her that way. She never should heave let her stay. She disturbed the peace of the house. She shouldnt have accepted her even with the promise she made. What promise? Marta comes in bringing the smelling salts. Dona Ramona asks how shes going to face the Coronados and the guests. Hell do it. She tells him hes no longer the amo of the hacienda. How could anyone respect him? Felipe says he respects himself and thats enough. He did what he thought was right and hes not sorry. The dishoner and shame doesnt matter, the happiness of his sister is whats important. Shes not your sister, says Dona Ramona. From today on shes dead for her.

     Analupe comes in and tells Fernando everyone wants to talk to him. Fernando is furious. Everyone is talking. Its infamy and they fell for it like children. Padre Sarria tries to calm them, but Fernando asks him to leave since he sympathizes with the Yahis. Ruy apologizes but asks to speak to him alone. Fernando says he hates her, but even more Dona Ramona since she said she had Alejandro killed. Ruy says he believes Dona Ramona. Felipe is the one whos wrong, he could have stopped her. Fernando says Dona Ramona trapped them. Fernando wants to leave. He doesnt want to see the other guests.

     Dona Ramona asks Marta for Norteno. Hes disappeared she says. She knows why. Hes afraid. He lied and told her he had killed Alejandro, she had ordered him, hes a coward. If he steps foot there again shell kill him with her own hands as her name is Ramona Gonzaga! Marta is appalled.

     Perpetua asks Beatriz if she knew. Yes, Felipe told her recently. He told her that Ramona had fallen in love with Alejandro. Felipe is desolate. Perpetua thinks hes an accomplice with his sister. It serves her right to go live like a savage in the hills. Shell return soon asking to be let back. Beatriz doesnt think so.

     Padre tells Felipe he knew about the romance. He was very concerned. It was crazy. Felipe says he thinks like his mother. He became convinced that they were truly in love and helped them. Father says hes worried about her living in the village. Theres been a lot of trouble there. They hung Pepe. Felipe is surprised and says he gave him a gold nugget for his marriage. Padre says that nugget aroused the interest of the Americans. They took him in town and hung him. Alejandro assassinated one of the Americans, then he left before they took Pablo Assis prisoner. What happened next? He dosent know because he was called away. Felipe realizes his sister is in danger.

     Alejandro and Ramona are embracing. She thought this day would never come. She was waiting for him that day. Lots of things happened. Hes bleeding, but nothing hurts him now. He loves her with all his soul. She does too.

     Felipe had heard different reports from the village. A woman told them that Alejandro was marrying. Thats why Ramona decided to marry Fernando. Padre says Alejandro should never have come there, and Ramona should not have left with him. His mother must be in a terrible state. Felipe says she even called Ramona a bastard. He says when people are angry they often say things they dont mean. Imagine, her daughter left during mass and escaped with an Indian. What a scandal!

     Felipe says everyone should be entitled to choose who they spend their life with, its the least you should be allowed to determine. Padre thinks thats modern thinking. In Mexican culture children owe their parents their respect. Right now, hes only concerned about Ramona and the dangers she could come to in the village. He asks the priest to look out for her. He accepts.

     In Spurtown the Sheriff is wants to find out if Alejandro is still alive. He asks the drunk Mexican to go find out. Billy sees him leaving and asks him to stop for a drink with him to get some news.

     Dona Ramona is asking for forgiveness from Ruy. She doesnt have words to express her feelings. She asked to have Alejandro killed and he told her he had done it. She never lied to them. Ruy says hes always respected and admired her. He thought they deserved the same. Now they must break their friendship. She understands and appreciates how he politely he speaks with her. She breaks down and cries. She asks that he convince his son to forget this affront. All his friends will laugh and make fun of him. He cannot support her, his family will not accept it. Dona Ramona says he would feel better if he knew that Ramona was not she wished she would be. He says he hopes that time will help smooth over some of their differences. He understands shes not to blame for what s happened.

     Billy is drinking with the Mexican. Davis wants him to go and pushes the old man. Billy tells him to leave the guy alone and ask to have him served another drink. Jack pulls a gun to his head and orders the Mexican out. He tells him if he wants to stay he shouldnt interfere with the law. The bartender says he wont permit Indians or Mexicans in his place. One of the waitresses says Billy is a renegade because hes courting a Mexican. What difference does that make, asks Doris. Because America is for Americans says the other one. They are American too, shes ignorant. America is from Alaska to Patagonia, or didnt she go to school? They get into a fight and are separated. Doris says she was merely giving her geography classes.

     Marta tells Mago to hurry and get the food out for the guests. Mago thinks its incredible that they stayed after what happened today. They stayed to gossip. No, its far and its not right for them to leave with an empty stomach. Mago is happy because Ramona was so unhappy today when she was going to marry Fernando . Marta says its not such a happy ending. Dona Ramona is about to have an attack, the Cornodos are fuming, no matter what it, was terrible that Alejandro came. Will they marry or not? Who knows. Shes worried about Ramona. Shes not used to working. Mago says shes not the Generals daughter, she told her before she left for the chapel. Marta is furious with her. How could she? They could be fired. No one will know says Mago. Marta tells her everything will be known sooner or later. Shes got to promise never to say that again. Then its true? Yes, and if she loves her parents she cannot repeat it and not to Felipe or Dona Ramona. Whos her father? Shell never tell. As far as she knows shes the Generals daughter.

     Perpetua says goodbye to the Coronados. Beatriz offers Fernando his gifts to Ramona from Felipe. He says he can go to hell. Don Cesar says he hopes this wont affect their relationship. Analupe says that soon they will be related to the Morenos and who knows what secret Felipe has? Ruy stops her. She says they seem like good people but are perverse. Who knows what else they hide. He says shes feeling very bad right now too, please forgive her.

     Ramona is kissing Alejandro. She says theyll get married. He says as soon as Padre Sarria gets to the village. Hell be her husband and shell be his wife forever.



     Ramona and Alejandro take a bath and swim near a waterfall. Manuela is nearby and sees them together. She gets mad and picks an indigo plant, but they don't notice her.

     In Spurtown Davis and Billy sit outside. Davis notices that Analupe has returned. Billy talks to her and asks about the wedding. Analupe explains that there was no wedding--Fernando was left at the altar and a redskin stole the bride. Billy is surprised and wants all the details. She tells him that a redskin took the bride away. Billy can't believe it, and they leave walking together, gossiping. Davis just shakes his head.

     Alejandro and Ramona dry themselves off and get dressed. Alejandro asks if Marcos left, and Ramona tells him yes. She also says that Marcos was told by Matea that he (Alejandro) was going to marry Manuela. Alejandro doesn't understand and assures Ramona that he never had anything going on with Manuela. He plans to ask the women to leave them alone. Manuela continues to spy on them from behind a rock.

     At the hacienda it is raining outside. After the recent events Doña Ramona is glad that Don Cesar still wants Betriz and Felipe to get married, and she comments that the Echagües are still loyal to her. Don Cesar says what's important is that their children are happy. They discuss a wedding date, possibly at the beginning of the new year. They discuss Beatriz' need to be in a better climate(?) and Doña Ramona asks what Dr. Oviedo said. Perpetua says that Dr. Oviedo adivsed them about the climate for Beatriz(?)

     At the Yahi village Ramona is cooking fish and talks to bleating lamb. Manuela comes in and brings Ramona a container of atole, a drink. Manuela notices the cross around Ramona's neck and mentions that she is now wearing Alejandro's cross. He gave it to me, Ramona says. Manuela aslo asks if it's true they are now married. Yes, Ramona replies. Manuela doesn't approve because Ramona isn't a Yahi. Ramona says that love doesn't consider race. Manuela gets up to leave. Ramona feeds the lamb some of the atole.

     At the hacienda Felipe and Doña Ramona talk while they wait for the Echagües. They are dressed up. Felipe tells her that Beatriz wants the wedding to be at their finca. Doña Ramona explains that she doesn't like to travel and doesn't want to see many people because of the Ramona scandal, so can't they just have a small wedding here at the hacienda? Felipe says we'll see. He changes the subject and mentions Norteño. Doña Ramona says that he can return to his work, and Felipe is happy that she will allow Norteño to stay. The Echagües enter the room, ready for the toast.

     At the Yahi village Alejandro enters the house and greets Ramona. Alejandro is worried. He says he spoke with Antonio, who is concerned that if the gringos attack the Yahis will not have the necessary arms to defend themselves. In the next room the lamb makes a noise. Ramona suggests that they ask Felipe for help, but Alejandro is uncomfortable with the idea and wants the Yahis to solve their own problems. The lamb lays down. Ramona gives Alejandro some of the atole. Ramona says that Manuela paid her a visit earlier and gave her the atole. Ramona goes into the other room and sees the dead lamb...she rushes back to Alejandro and warns him not to drink the atole. He figures out the atole has been poisoned. He is furious and realizes that Manuela did it, hoping that Ramona would drink it. Alejandro gets up and leaves with the jug. Ramona calls after him.

     In Matea's house Yahale gives Manuela some food, but Manuela isn't hungry. Alejandro comes in with the jug of atole and asks Manuela about it, but she plays dumb. Alejandro explains to Yahale that Manuela poisoned the atole and she gave it to Ramona. Fortunately, Alejandro says, Ramona is okay. He grabs Manuela and warns her. Matea comes in. He tells Matea that he knows it was her who told the peon (Marcos) that he was marrying Manuela, which was a lie. He warns them that if they keep it up, they'll be thrown out of the Yahi village. Like it or not, he tells them, Ramona is my wife. He leaves. Matea confronts Manuela about what she did, and says she should not teach her her secrets because of what she does with the knowledge. Manuela says she only did it to get rid of Ramona. Matea takes the bowl of pebbles and assures her that Ramona will eventually be gone.

     At the hacienda Don Cesar uncorks a bottle of champagne so the families can toast Felipe and Beatriz. Perpetua is sad, because the marriage means that she and Beatriz will be separated. Doña Ramona mentions having the wedding at the hacienda. Don Cesar says that Beatriz really wanted it at their finca, but Beatriz (trying to make everything easy for Doña Ramona) says it's no problem; let's have it at the hacienda. Doña Ramona thanks her for being nice about it.

     Alejandro returns to the house and takes the lamb outside. When he returns he hugs Ramona. He tells her that he spoke with Matea and Manuela and asked them to leave them alone. He tells Ramona that when she needs to go out, for now he should go with her. She wonders if it will always be like this, but Alejandro assures her that it will only be for a little while; in time the Yahis will accept her.

     Felipe writes in his diary that he will marry without love, but maybe it won't be so bad. He tells himself that he thought once Ramona was gone he would forget her, but so far he's more desperate than ever. Now, he doesn't even get to see her or hear her voice. Felipe throws down the pen in frustration.

     Marcos arrives back at the hacienda and tells Felipe about his visit with Ramona. He gives Felipe the two letters. Marcos says that Ramona didn't want him to tell him (Felipe) about the problems at the Yahi village, but he felt the need to inform him anyway. Marcos describes the houses--everything is poor, worse than what workers or servants have. He is worried about her in that type of place. Felipe asks about Padre Sarria and what he thinks about Ramona's arrival, and Marcos tells him that Alejandro and Ramona got married by Padre Sarria. He (Marcos) was even a witness. Felipe listens and repeats the words, "So they're married." He opens the window, then tells Marcos to go back to work. Marcos leaves. Felipe is now alone and says sadly, "He married them" or "She's married." (?)

     Alejandro visits Carmen. He reminds her that the whole Yahi tribe hates them because of Ramona. He and Ramona need Carmen's friendship, and Carmen is uncomfortable. She doesn't have anything against Ramona, but she's afraid of Matea. Alejandro doesn't let up, however, and tells her that Ramona needs a female who can be her mentor and friend, and who can teach her the ways of a Yahi wife. Ramona also needs some Yahi clothes. Carmen is still afraid but gives Alejandro some clothes for Ramona to wear. Alejandro thanks her.

     Felipe reads the letter from Ramona: "Life here is very different, but it's okay since Alejandro is here. I don't regret what I did...." (Doña Ramona passes by and sees him reading.) "I think about you and hope that Beatriz can help you forget what torments you...I assure you that I am very happy." Doña Ramona interrupts and tells him that Juan needs him. Felipe ignores her statement and tells her that Ramona wrote him a letter. Doña Ramona is mad and wonders why Ramona won't leave him alone. Felipe tells her about Marcos' visit to the village; Ramona wasn't well received. What did she expect? Doña Ramona says. Fanfare? Felipe explains that it might get dangerous, because the Yahis might be attacked by the gringos--Don Pablo was murdered. He gives Doña Ramona the other letter from Ramona. Doña Ramona opens it and promptly rips it up without reading it. She angrily tells Felipe that Ramona is dead to them. Then they hear noises. Some Americans have arrived. Doña Ramona wants to know what they want at her hacienda.

     Margarita is cooking. Norteño is there with her and thanks her for defending him in front of Doña Ramona when he was locked up in the barn. She wants a kiss, on the mouth. He kisses her. Delgadina interrupts them, then leaves the kitchen.

     Ramona has put on one of Carmen's Yahi outfits. Alejandro says that she looks beautiful, and that anyone would think she was a Yahi. Ramona says she will go and thank Carmen, but Alejandro asks her not to, because Carmen is afraid of what the rest of the tribe will think if she is seen with her. He gets ready to leave to go check on a trap he set, and kisses her before he leaves.

     Don Cesar and Felipe receive the gringos in the sala, Jack Green and Dr. Thomas. They explain they are at the hacienda to find a murderer, a redskin named Alejandro who murdered one of the deputies (Merryl) and escaped from jail. A Mexican (Nepo) told us that Alejandro was on his way here, to the hacienda. Felipe explains that yes, Alejandro was definitely here. Doña Ramona enters the room and listens to the conversation. Felipe says that Alejandro is dead, he shot him. Are you sure? asks Green. Don Cesar comments that it's not hard to know who a redskin is. Doña Ramona cuts in and says that her son is telling the truth; the Indian is dead because he tried to steal her daughter.

     The female Yahis are washing their clothes in the river. Ramona greets Carmen and Manuela. Manuela asks Ramona where she got her clothes, and Ramona replies she got them from someone who doesn't condemn her. Manuela confronts Carmen that she was the one who gave the clothes to Ramona, and Yahale calls Carmen a traitor. Ramona defends Carmen, and Carmen suggests that she, Manuela, and Yahale leave the area. Yahale and Manuela tell Ramona that she shames the Yahis. Manuela tells Ramona that they will not rest until she is gone. They leave Ramona alone at the river.

     At the hacienda Felipe says that Doña Ramona is correct; they are not harboring any criminals. Thomas wonders if it's okay to see the body, and Doña Ramona replies they wouldn't bury an Indian there, this is a Mexican hacienda. It was thrown out and the animals have probably eaten the body by now. Thomas is tempted to search for it, but Green explains that the hacienda is huge, they would have a hard time finding it. They will trust the Morenos. Doña Ramona adds that they hire the Yahis for seasonal work, but the Indian they are looking for (Alejandro) is dead. Green says that if her daughter is anything like her, he can understand why a redskin would want to steal her.

     Outside Juan is giving orders to the peons. He wants them to keep an eye on everything while the gringos are there. Norteño wonders what will happen, because if they go to the Yahi village Ramona is there. A naive Marcos says that the sheriff is okay, he helped me when the hooded men attacked me in Spurtown. Juan has a bad feeling about the gringos. Something is wrong.

     Perpetua drinks tea and Beatriz comes in. Perpetua wants to know what the Morenos and the gringos were discussing, and Beatriz explains that the gringos are looking for Alejandro. Felipe told them Alejandro is dead, and Doña Ramona backed him up. Perpetua thinks it's strange she would do that, and Beatriz reminds her they're saying it to protect Ramona. Perpetua hopes the gringos leave soon.

     Lince Solitario watches Nepo place one of the posters from Sacramento on the trunk of a tree, then covers it up with a branch. Nepo doesn't see Lince, and when Nepo leaves Lince removes the poster from the tree and looks at it.

     Cliffhanger: Ramona is still at the river and Matea comes up to her. Ramona wonders what she wants and holds out a rock for Matea to use on her. Matea takes the rock and lets it fall. What do you want? asks Ramona. Who are you? Matea asks. I don't understand, Ramona says. "You're not Mexican," replies Matea. "The spirits have told me that Yahi blood runs in your veins." Ramona gives her a confused look.


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