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Даллас / Dallas (1978 - 1991) - США (резюме на английском языке)

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Даллас (1 сезон: 1-5 серии из 5) / Dallas / 1978
1. Digger's Daughter
The first episode of Dallas begins on a cold, winter day, as Bobby Ewing and the new Pamela Barnes Ewing, married for less than 24 hours, drive north in his red Mercedes. When Pammi says the now famous line, "Your folks are gonna throw me off the ranch," Bobby reassures her.
Meanwhile, John Ross Ewing Jr., or J.R., is at the Ewing Oil building in Dallas, watching Cliff Barnes on TV try to hurt the Ewings as legal counsel to a government investigation. His father John Ross Ewing Sr., or Jock, calls and and demands what is going on, and orders him to get Bob back so he can continue his job as Ewing Oil's public relations man. Bobby seals deals for Ewing Oil using the three B's: booze, broads, and booty.
Coincidentally, Pam is telling Bob how he can do much better for himself. She suggests he become an executive.
Jock drives to a barn somewhere on Southfork Ranch. He asks Ray Krebbs, the ranch foreman, if Lucy was taken to school. Ray acts innocent, saying he has not seen her. He orders Ray to make sure she goes to school. In addition, he asks him to tell Pamela Barnes, Cliff's brother, and unbeknownst to them, Bobby's new wife, also Ray's ex-girlfriend, to tell her brother to lay off the Ewings. Ray says he will try on both accounts, and Jock leaves satisfied. A laugh is heard, and Lucy Ewing appears. Ray yells at her for almost getting him in trouble, but she wins. She seduces Ray to call her Pam, and Ray, who is weak at heart, does so, and they make out.
Pam continues to encourage Bobby to become an executive at Ewing Oil. Bobby agrees that he will do so, and he will tell the family tonight when they arrive home.
Ray gets dressed from another one of his and Lucy's rolls in the hay while Lucy looks around with binoculars. She sees Bobby driving up to Southfork, and Pam is with him! She tells Ray, who asks why. Lucy tells him that they are married when she catches a glint of light on Pam's finger. Ray is not happy. Bobby and Pam walk to the door. Eleanor Southworth Ewing, Bobby's mother, answers the door and is dumbfounded. Bobby proudly says that she is his new wife. When she finds words, Miss Ellie scolds her son for marrying a Barnes.
Jock and J.R., watching Cliff on TV anxiously at Ewing Oil, get a call from Ellie, telling them to come home. Bobby is home with a wife, and it is not just anyone.
During the period of the day known as Cocktails, where the extended family sits in the living room, drinking and talking about their days, Bobby tells them how he got married.
"I said 'I love you,' and she said 'I love you,' I said 'then why don't we get married in this charming city of New Orleans.' Pam said 'why Bobby James Ewing, that is the craziest idea I ever heard!' Twenty minutes later, in the Orleans Parish courthouse, we said 'I will' and 'I will,' and that was that."

Sue Ellen, J.R.'s wife, says that she did not think Bobby was so impulsive. Jock rudely asks Pam when Cliff will get off their backs. Ellie scolds him, saying that no business is mentioned at that time of the day, and Bob agrees. Ray comes in. He gives something to Jock, then at Lucy's insistance, he congratulates them and kisses the bride on the cheek. He then leaves.

J.R. offers to show Pam around. Pam, not knowing yet that J.R. is venomous, accepts. J.R. apologizes for his father's behavior. He then tells her about the living arrangements and about how he wants a baby. Pam acknowledges that by saying that she and Bobby also want children. J.R. goes on to tell her about his brother Gary. After softening her up, he purposely calls her Ms. Barnes. Pam tries to leave, but J.R. grabs her and asks if her brother asked her to be a spy, and he bribes her to leave. Pam gets angry and marches off. Bob comes out and reminds J.R. of the no-business rule.
Later that evening, J.R. finds Jock smoking on the porch. J.R. asks him why he does not quit, then tells daddy that he bribed Pam. Jock scolds him, and tells him that he just be more subtle. When J.R. brings up the subject, Jock says he has nothing against Bobby being an executive. J.R. does not have to run things alone. They hear Bobby and Pam playing upstairs, and Jock tells J.R. that he better get busy or they will present him a grandson first. J.R. walks away and meets Ray in the shadows. He tells him that they are a good team, as judged from a weekend in Waco, and they are going to work together to unseat the new couple. Ray agrees to work with him.

Pam goes to her apartment to pack her bags and send them to Southfork. Cliff is with her and questions her motives. He tells her that she was vengeful once. Pam says that she is a Ewing now, and there is nothing he can do about it. Cliff asks when she will tell their father, Willard "Digger" Barnes. She says not now. She appears to change her mind when she offers Cliff a ride in Bobby's car to look for Digger. Cliff refuses on grounds of touching something owned by the Ewings.
Bobby moves into his office at Ewing Oil. Julie Grey, J.R.'s secretary, tells him that he has a secretary also. He tells her that she wants the safe combination. She talks to J.R. about it. J.R. meets Bobby with a smile. J.R. says that the stuff in the safe is more boring than the background stuff Bobby has been reading. Bobby persists, and J.R. opens the safe with a smile. He hands Bobby the case. Bob tells the secretary that he will be a minute, then disappears into his office. J.R. takes a particular red file, in a red folder, and tells Julie to put it in his safe deposit box.
Cliff and Pam go to a bar. Digger is there, telling some other geezers about how Jock Ewing screwed him. Cliff tells her that Digger is a product of Jock's betrayal. Cliff drags him from the old men and they sit in a booth. Pam tells him that she is Bobby Ewing. Digger is happy until Cliff tells him that she married Jock's son Bobby Ewing. Digger's smile immediately turns to a grimace. Pam rushes out in embarrassment.

Ellie and Sue Ellen are setting the table when Pam gets home. She asks if she can help, but they refuse. Sue Ellen adds that there are certain customs in this house. Pam walks upstairs and runs into Lucy. Lucy tells her that Ray can how her how to ride, then tells her about her life, including Gary's weakness, Valene's futility, and J.R.'s malice.
Pam tells Bob that it only gets worse. Bobby reassures her. J.R. comes in and asks Bobby to go to Austin and dish out the three B's. Bobby says he is through with that behavior. J.R. says to go anyway; he will be done forever after the hearings are over. Pam listens, disappointed. Bob says that it is his family, and he has an obligation to them.
Ray and J.R. wait for Pam. J.R. offers for Ray to take her on a helicopter ride. She refuses, but then changes her mind. J.R. gives Ray quick instructions, then he and Pam leave. Bob comes out and asks for Pammi. He feels bad not saying goodbye to her. J.R. says that it is all right, and they leave, supposedly for the airport.
Ray and Pam stop by a lake. Ray asks Pam what she will do. Pam is undecided. Ray says that he should have asked her to marry him a long time ago. It is not too late. He suggests she swim. She refuses. He manuvers her to where she cannot escape, then he picks her up and they jump in the icy water. She is surprisingly jolly. He suggests they leave and get cozy by the fire.

They strip. Ray's shirt is off, and Pam is naked under a blanket. She admits that she had a good time. She hears a car approach, and she suspects a set up. Ray denies it. Pam orders him to back her up, or she will tell J.R. about Ray and Lucy's affair. Ray agrees. J.R. and Bobby enter the cabin. Pam tells Bob that it was J.R.'s idea. Bob grabs J.R. by the throat as he is trying to explain himself. Bobby says to stop the "little brother" thing, and respect his wife. Past is past, and Pam is here to stay. Pam and Bobby leave. Ray apologizes to J.R. for messing up. J.R. says that it is all right.
"I greatly underestimated Pamela. I will not make that mistake again."



2. The Lesson
Lucy rides to the mailbox on a snowy day. She takes a letter out of the mailbox, then burns it.
Bobby teaches Pam how to ride a horse. Ray enters the barn and orders a ranch hand to drive Lucy to school. Bobby overhears and tells Ray that Jock told him to drive Lucy to school. Ray reluctantly and resentfully agrees. Pam watches the procedings and asks Bob what is happening with Ray, then they go in to eat breakfast.
At the breakfast table, Ellie says that Lucy being away from the breakfast table can only mean trouble. Jock says that as long as Lucy goes to school, she is fine. Ellie says they have to consider her grades as well. Lucy enters the dining room fashionably late, takes some breakfast, then leaves to get dressed. Bobby leaves to get ready for work. Pam signals to J.R. that she has won the second round; Bobby is an executive.
After breakfast, Pam offers Sue Ellen a ride into Dallas. Sue Ellen refuses. Just then, Ray drives up. He asks Pam if he got fired. Pam says that is not the case. Ray says that he does not want to leave his job. He asks her to put in a good word for him, which she does when Bobby comes out. Bobby and J.R. leave for work. Lucy gets into Ray's truck and they leave for school. Pam walks inside.

Inside, Ellie mentions to Pam "the sad charade of Lucy." Lucy thinks that she is fooling the family, but Ellie knows that she is playing hooky. She wanted a daughter, but after seeing the way Lucy has turned out, maybe it was not such a good idea. Lucy was the daughter of the weakest of the Ewing men, and even the strongest of the Ewing men do not have the strength to say no to her. Consequently, she is spoiled. She does not want to lose Lucy, but she wants to do something. Ellie thanks Pam for listening.
On the ride to school, Lucy flirts with Ray. Ray says that he is going to win today, but Lucy gets to him and they drive off the road.
Pam takes a call from Mr. Miller, Lucy's school counselor. Mr. Miller says that Lucy has been playing hooky. Letters have been sent home. Pam vows to solve the problem. She drives to Lucy's favorite barn and catches her and Ray redhanded. Pam demands that Ray leave and Lucy listen. Lucy says that she gets her "education" in the barn. Pam says that she will tell Jock. Lucy laughs. Pam says that she is a Ewing now, and she cares about her. If she does not go to school, Pam will blackmail her. Lucy says no, then as Pam leaves, she reluctantly follows her.
At the office, Bobby asks Julie about J.R.'s powers of persuasion. Julie meekly says that J.R. is a very persuasive man. She retreats to J.R.'s office. She tells him that Bobby is questioning. J.R. says make sure he does not find out the real reason.
Pam takes Lucy to Braddock High School. Mr. Miller greets them. Lucy pushes aside what he says and runs off to History. He tells her to see him after school. After school, a student named Roger offers to tutor Lucy. Lucy wisecracks. Pam drives up. She becomes acquainted with Roger. After they leave, Pam remarks that Lucy should hang out with people her own age, like Roger. Lucy says that Roger is scum. On the way home, Lucy throws the school clothes Pam bought her out the window. Pam orders her to pick them up, and she does so.
At home, Lucy doctors her school clothes. The next day, she meets with Mr. Miller. Roger spies on them. When Mr. Miller is not looking, she takes off her sports coat and runs out of his office screaming and with torn clothes, claiming he tried to rape her.

Pam drives up. A student tells Pam that Mr. Miller tried to rape Lucy. Pam rushes inside. Mr. Miller is with Mr. Daly, the principal. Pam says that she will take charge. Mr. Daly says that Pam better be able to dig him out of his hole. After Mr. Daly leaves, Mr. Miller pleads with Pam not to tell Jock.
Bobby asks J.R. about his power of persuasion secrets. J.R. tries to change the subject by saying that Jock was filled with happiness when Bob became an executive, but Bobby persists. J.R. says that while Bobby was having fun, he was learning the oil business, and working hard. There are some secrets that the man in charge must know, and they are allowed secrets if it betters their performance. Bobby leaves satisfied, and J.R. laughs at his gullibility.
Pam yells at Lucy. Lucy agrees to admit that it was a misunderstanding; in return, Pam says nothing. Pam drives off angrily. At dinner, Lucy speaks well of Pam. She gets a phone call from an anonymous person, who forces her to go on a date with him. Ellie thanks Pam for caring about Lucy. After dinner, they retreat to the living room, where Ellie and Jock play one of their now famous games of backgammon. Lucy comes in and announces that she has a date tonight. Jock agrees that she can go.
Pam is upset that Ellie thinks that Lucy is in hand, when she is not. Bob says why she does what she has been doing for Lucy. Pam is not sure. Bobby says it is because she is a caring person. She is empathetic. Bobby tells her to hurry up and get dressed for the grand opening of their disco tonight.

Lucy is picked up by Roger. He says he can clear Mr. Miller, but he will keep his mouth shut if she "satisfies" him. Lucy agrees to the blackmail, but she says that they must move slowly.
Pam and Bobby arrive at the grand opening of their disco in downtown Braddock. Ray arrives with a date. When Lucy dances with Roger, she sees Ray. She asks him for help. They ditch their dates and their dates dance together. Bob and Pam dance. Lucy asks Ray to get rid of Roger. She will not go home with him. Ray objects. Bobby sees them together. He punches Ray, who tells Bob that if he wants to continue, it will be outside. Bob offers to talk, but Ray says they have nothing to talk about.
Pam talks to Roger and blackmails him. If he does not admit what he saw to the principal tomorrow morning, she will tell Bobby that he blackmailed her niece. Roger agrees. Lucy tells Pam that Sue Ellen is helping her, and remarks that Pam is a Ewing, because she knows how to use people. She walks away, and Bob rins after her. He tells her that Pam and everyone else care about her; they just do not have time to give her the guidence she needs. They return to Pam, where Lucy apologizes. Bob says that they can talk later; tonight they dance.



3. Spy in the House
Work crews building in Bobby's office annoy him so much that he decides to go home to work. Simultaneously, Julie tells J.R. that she is going to get something to eat outside the building. They go down together. She asks about his workload. Bobby says that he is not tied down. She then asks about his marriage. He says that it is okay, and that she could have married him years ago. Bobby leaves. Not by coincidence, Cliff Barnes walks up to Julie and offers to make her tongue loose and use her. She is undecided. He invites her to dinner, and gives her his unlisted number.
Jock and Senator Bill Orloff are meeting at Southfork meanwhile. Orloff says that Cliff is only a minor nuisance, and that he can be taken care of. Jock says that Cliff directs his energy at the Ewings. When Bobby arrives, he meets Orloff, then Orloff leaves the room. Jock tells his son to read and handle red files carefully, and direct Cliff's energy back at him, setting up markings denoting false information to sink him.
Later, while Bobby is working, Pam enters and tells him to take a break to see their quarters. After much coaxing, he agrees. As they are walking outside, Sue Ellen and Ellie arrive home from shopping with Lucy, who they picked up at school. Lucy asks to see their new quarters. Pam says no. She then asks Sue Ellen why J.R. does not come home for lunch. Sue Ellen says that he has a heavier workload, but they both know the real reason.
J.R., instead of being with his wife like he should, is at Julie's apartment. He says that he does not like to have sex with Sue Ellen, and he likes it with her. He starts coaxing her, but she refuses. She says that he could have married her years ago, as she was at Ewing Oil before he knew Sue Ellen, but no. She says that she wants to move on. She eventually submits, and they end up in bed. Later, when J.R. is getting dressed, she pleads with him to stay, but he refuses. He must keep up his good image. He gives her a Ben Franklin, tells her to buy something nice, and leaves. Feeling vengeful for being treated like a whore, she finds Cliff's number and calls him. She accepts his invitation for dinner, and she says that she is buying!

The next day, Julie gives the men coffee, who are in J.R.'s office discussing Orloff. It just so happens that Bobby forgot the Orloff file at home. J.R. tells him to be more careful, and Jock says that he never forgets his friends. Bobby calls Pam and she says that she will bring it on the way to Cliff's apartment. She does so, and gives it to Julie, who says that she will give it to Bobby. She looks through it.
Julie goes to Cliff's place. She says that she has had a busy day. He asks why she did not call him earlier. She says that she did not want to talk earlier. As often happens, they end up in bed. When Cliff awakes, she hands him a "bonus" for the excellent sex.
Cliff shows his associates the document. One of J.R.'s flunkies calls him while they are at the dinner table. J.R. announces to everyone that Cliff is holding a news conference as he speaks about the document. He says that there is a spy in the house. He looks at Pam, the most likely suspect. Pam leaves the table in embarrassment. Bobby has a determined look in his eyes as he prepares to defend his wife. Bobby says that J.R. has no right to accuse Pam of anything. No one else says anything, because they think J.R., whose theory is sound, is right. Bobby says not to make him choose between his wife and his family. Bobby goes outside and tells her that they are going to a hotel until this blows over, and that he believes her. She says that she will ask Cliff where he got the document.
Pam sees Cliff. Not only does Cliff not say anything, but he frightens her. Cliff says that she knew what she was getting into when she married a Ewing. Julie calls, but Cliff tells her they will talk tonight.
The Ewings learn that if Orloff pays them back, they are off the hook. Jock is disappointed at getting down on an old friend. Bobby tells Orloff the bad news; they are calling in the loan. He objects. Bobby says that he can face financial ruin, or reputable ruin. He can keep his house, but ethics would state that he must resign. Ofloff asks how Cliff got the document. Bobby says that they are trying to find out.
Pam tells Bobby that Cliff is a closed book. Bobby says that Cliff is not obligated to reveil sources. Pam uses the process of elimination to take the blame off of Bobby, herself, Jock, or J.R., who would not go so far as to get Pam to leave. She suggests Julie. Bobby downplays her theory. Pam says that they will go to the office early and find out. She says that they will be back at Southfork very soon.

Julie asks Cliff why he does not go after the Ewings directly. Cliff says that if he did so, Jock would think of something to fry him in seconds. Julie feels guilty for betraying her employers.
Bobby is sure that it is not Julie! she says that Cliff and Julie have had somewhat of an affair. Pam shows him Cliff's number. She calls Cliff. He is in bed with Julie. She asks to see him, and he reluctantly agrees. Julie gets dressed. From the radio, he learns that Orloff resigned. He is dispondent. He was using Orloff to get into the Ewing can of worms. She discovers that he is after the Ewings, not crusading for better government. Pam waits outside. Julie tells him that she feels really used, and he responds by saying that she knew what she was getting into. He warned her. She leaves. She runs into Pam. Pam tells her against Julie's objections that she has nothing. She could have had Bobby, but no.
Bobby tells J.R. that Julie was the spy. J.R. laughs. He says that Julie is much more credible than that Barnes woman. Pam has not earned respect like Julie has. Bobby threatens to blow the whistle on J.R. and Julie if he does not admit it. He does not want to, but he will if he must. Just then, Julie comes in and quits. He admits the truth to J.R. She says that she is finished loving, and she is looking elsewhere. As she leaves, Pam enters. J.R. looks at Pam in contempt.
Bobby yells at the family for not believing Pam.
"I'm glad that this damned thing is cleared up, but as far as I'm concerned, my wife has been done a terrible disservice."

"Of course she has," says Lucy. "We all thought she was guily as hell!"

J.R. apologizes for being the hardest on her. Lucy then asks them to kiss and make up. J.R. does so.



4. Winds of Vengeance
J.R. and Ray leave a woman named Wanda and her friend Marilou in the Westerner, a motel in Waco. As J.R. and Ray are leaving in J.R.'s car, a truck with Luther Frick and Payton Allen drives into the parking lot. Frick is looking for his wife, who never came home last night. He is furious, evident by breaking down of a wrong door. He apologizes to the startled man and they find the right door, room 107. Inside, Frick finds his wife naked on the bed. Allen finds her friend Marilou in an ajoining room. Frick slaps his wife and orders her to get dressed. Frick searches the room for clues. He finds a J.R. Ewing business card on the floor.
At Southfork, Sue Ellen gives Ellie food in bed. Ellie is suffering from migranes. Ellie suggests that they make Pam more comfortable. Think of her not as Digger's daughter, but Bobby's wife. She is very good for Bobby. Sue Ellen nods, then leaves. Bobby calls Pam and says that a hurricane may be coming. He asks her to call him in an hour to see if he will be staying in town. Just then, Lucy arrives home. Her school let out early as a precaution. Sue Ellen says that they should take precautions and batten down the hatches. Lucy is "la dee dah" about it. Pam says that she is smart.
Jock tells Bobby that he has make dinner plans with Punk Anderson and some other old boys. Bob says that he is going home. Jock persuades him to stay in town.
Frick tells Allen that they are going to do to the Ewing women what the Ewing men did to their women. Justice will be served.
J.R. and Ray arrive home. By now the winds are blasting past the house. J.R. tells Ray that they must capture the loose livestock. Ray goes to start the job, while J.R. runs inside to change. Sue Ellen asks where he has been, and why he did not call. J.R. tells her that he is in a hurry. Last night, he had to work late. He was too busy to call. J.R. leaves the house to help Ray.
Frick and Allen arrive at Southfork. Sue Ellen answers the door. They say that they are stranded, and they need to make a phone call. Sue Ellen lets them in.
Frick makes the call while Allen looks at Lucy. They apologize for coming to their home; Sue Ellen says not to apologize. She goes to get lunch while Lucy starts a fire. She tells Allen that her uncle and the foreman went to Waco, and they just arrived home. Frick tells Sue Ellen that the auto service company will not be there for three hours. Allen tells Frick what he has learned. Luther becomes more vengeful while Allen laughs with delight. Frick tells him to shut up. Pam comes in, and Lucy introduces them.
Bob listens to the radio. He tells the secretaries to go home. J.R. calls and says to stay there. Some strangers are going to help them round up the cattle. The roads are impassable.
Ray is thrown from his horse in the fierce winds. Lucy gets J.R. J.R. arrives and they pick up Ray, who has hurt his leg badly. They drive back to the house. Ellie gets up. Sue Ellen tells her to stay in bed. She then sees a truck entering the driveway. She runs downstairs. Lucy calls the doctor. Pam and Sue Ellen tend to Ray. While the Ewings are in a commotion, Frick and Allen lock the door, then grin at the Ewings. They say that it is not going to be easy to decide which females to take. The Ewings lookup in horror.

J.R. offers Frick and Allen money. Thye refuse it. Their guns are pulled. They do not want money; they want the females. Allen laughs. Frick shuts him up and says that they have come for justice. Ray gets up and tries to disable Frick; Frick bops him on the knee, temporarily paralyzing him. Suddenly, the phone rings. Frick grabs Pam and has her answer it. It is Bobby. Pam, with a gun to her head, says that Ray got hurt, and two strangers are stranded there. He tells her that he is staying in Dallas. She says that to pass the time she will play backgammon with J.R. After they hang up, Bob tells Jock that Pam sounded strange. She was going to play backgammon with J.R. Jock sees nothing peculiar about that, but Bobby says that she has never played backgammon, and that they most go. Something is wrong.
While Frick holds J.R. back, Allen harasses Sue Ellen. When asked, Ray says that he is not married. Frick says that he has a wife, Wanda. She was found in a hotel room. He infers that she was kidnapped and raped. They say that J.R. was there. Sue Ellen is asked what she thinks of J.R. now. Allen tells them what he plans to do to Sue Ellen. J.R. gets up and runs after her. Ray gets up but is bopped on the knee again. Pam tries to fight Allen, but she eventually loses. When the fighting settles down, Ellie comes downstairs and is horrified at what is happening.
Jock and Bobby are stuck on the road. Jock suggests they spend the night in a hotel, but Bobby says that they must go home.
Allen orders J.R. to tie up Ray. J.R. hesitates, but he does so.
Ellie comforts Lucy and orders Frick and Allen to get out. They laugh at her. J.R. returns to the living room. Allen finds a Miss Texas photo; in response, Frick grabs Sue Ellen to look for her Miss Texas bathing suit. Allen laughs at them. Pam asks him if he believes Frick. Allen says that he does not care about Frick; he just came along for a good time, just like Wanda. He will have his good time. They are going to have two for two. Frick already has Sue Ellen. Lucy pipes that Pam is Ray's ex. Pam agrees, and agrees to be taken. Allen says that he does not want Pam; he wants Lucy. Lucy is very frightened now.
Frick takes Sue Ellen to her and J.R.'s partition, then they return with Sue Ellen wearing a trenchcoat and her suit. He orders her to sing. If they do not get a show, they will put on a show of their own. J.R. jumps; Frick lets go of Sue Ellen and puts him in his place. They are going to get what they came for, even if everyone ends up dead. He returns to Sue Ellen.
Bobby and Jock arrive home. Bobby looks in Frick's truck and sees a map with Southfork marked as a destination. Bobby grows more suspicious as he realizes that the strangers are not lost.
Sue Ellen starts singing. She cries whenever they shout at her. J.R. is horrified. Frick grabs the banner in anger. Pam then says that Wanda was out for a good time, said Allen. Frick looks at Allen angrily, then starts crying. He says with sore eyes that they are done here. Allen says that he has not gotten what he came for. He advances toward Lucy. Pam orders him to stop, and take herself instead.
Jock and Bobby enter the house. They find Ray tied up. They ask what is going on. They untie him, then advance toward the living room. Simultaneously, Allen grabs Lucy and they head in the direction of the kitchen. Suddenly, Bob grabs Lucy while Jock beats up Allen. They move toward Frick. Jock pulls his gun. Allen tries to hurt Bob, but Bob wins. Jock orders them to leave before he calls the police. Ellie says that they cannot involve the law. She will explain later. Jock instead tells them to get out, and never return. Luther Frick and Peyton Allen skat. Pam tells Bobby that what happened is a long story, and she will tell him it.
"It was awful. But we came through as a family. For the first time, we've been one."

Only J.R. and Sue Ellen remain in the living room. She looks at him angrily, then she gets up and walks slowly away from him. Ray hobbles into the room. As she is passing, she also looks at him with contempt, then she exits. Ray looks at J.R. with contempt, then he hobbles away, leaving J.R. alone in the living room, looking around.



5. Bar-B-Que
Bobby returns from his morning exercise to see the caterers setting up for the annual Ewing Barbecue. He finds Jock talking with the head caterer, Sam. Bobby tells him that Digger Barnes is coming. Jock objects. Bob says that now is a good time to bury the hatchet, and then he runs off.
Meanwhile, Pam is dressing up Digger for the big day. Cliff and her cousin Jimmy are also there. She orders them to become hayseeds. Digger says to go on ahead, but Pam says no. Cliff asks his daddy why he is going. Digger agrees that he hates Jock Ewing. According to Digger, he was the nose and Jock the brains of their wildcatting group. However, Jock stole his fortune and his love, Miss Ellie. He says he is only going because Pam asked him to. He smiles at his daughter. Pam leaves, but before she does, she tells them to be at Southfork in two hours.
Pam returns home. Lucy asks about Jimmy. Pam says that she is too young. Lucy says that he is only 19. They greet J.R. on his way out.
Pam returns to her and Bobby's room. Bob is taking a shower. She takes the time to call her doctor. He tells her that the tests were positive. She is pregnant. She is ecstatic now. She tells Bobby to hurry up. She takes off her dress and primps in front of the mirror, looking for a bulge. Bobby appears. He asks about Digger. Pam says that he is fine, and that she has a riddle for him.
"What do you get when you cross a Barnes and a Ewing?"

"You never cross a Ewing."

"A boy or a girl."

Bobby looks in wonder for 15 seconds. After that time, they start celebrating.
The Ewing Barbecue begins. Sue Ellen walks around with a senator. Ray comes with Maureen. Bobby comes out with Pam. Bobby leaves and tells some people that Pam is pregnant. They congratulate her, and Lucy overhears. J.R. introduces her to Susan, a new secretary. When J.R. leaves, she laughs at the new office help.
Sam is surprised at the amount of alcohol being consumed. Ellie tells him to keep the booze flowing. Digger and Jimmy arrive. Ellie greets them, calling Digger by his real name, Willard. Ellie takes Digger around to talk, while Jimmy looks for something to do. Pam finds him and offers to introduce him to people. Sam asks for a word with Bobby; he suggests that Bobby tells the future grandparents the good news first before the Barbecue's worst kept secret gets to them. Lucy watches with envy while Ray dances with Maureen. Lucy asks him to come over, then tells him about Pam's baby. He is not happy. He asks Maureen to get a drink while he broods.
Sam and Kelly, the caterer second-in-command, gossip about Jock and Digger. They Spy Jock sitting alone, smoking and drinking. He gets up and tells Kelly that Digger's claim that he had swindled him is bullshit. Bob finds Jock and asks to see him. He and Pam have some very important news for Jock and Ellie.
Ellie talks about 1930. She says that she married Jock to save the ranch. She did what she had to do. He tells her to stop calling him Willard because no one calls him that anymore.
Lucy tells Sue Ellen about the baby. Sue Ellen is not happy. Rather, she is bitter and envious. She congratulates Pam while Lucy watches. When Sam makes his rounds with drinks, she grabs two of them, marking the beginning of her heavy drinking. She asks to see J.R., who is talking to some business associates.
"It's apparent from your good humor that you don't know the news of the hour."

"I've heard about the Alamo!"

"Waterloo's more like it, yours. I'm talking about your brother Bobby, the apple of Jock Ewing's eye, and his wife and their marriage. Their bountiful marriage...unlike ours."

"Sue Ellen..."

"There's nothing in this world Jock wants more than a grandson; I haven't given him one because of your disinterest in me. She's pregnant! Little brother Bobby and that Barnes girl are going to have a baby named Ewing. Maybe a boy! Think about that!"

J.R. thinks about that, shocked. Obviously, he does not like it.
Sue Ellen talks about Jock's love for J.R. to herself, while others stare. Jock loved him less than Bobby in the first place. She wants him to love her. She starts to cry.
Jock and Digger meet again. Bobby then tells the future grandparents along with Pam that she is going to have a baby. Digger congratulates them; Jock says that he hopes it is a boy. Pam says that she wants two granddaddies for her baby. Jock and Digger are reluctant. Digger says that they can try, while Jock gives him a quick handshake to appease Pam.
Jimmy is having a good time; J.R. is not. He is drinking heavily. Jock announces that the baby will have everything. Digger says not to spoil it, and not to take what is his. He would forgive Jock for the swindle, but Jock took everything from him. Jock tells Pam the truth about Digger. He had made the whole claim because Digger was drunk, and he wanted him to keep his share instead of gambling it away. Ellie and Pam ask Jock to stop. Pam asks why he took everything away from Digger. He denies it. Bobby arrives as Jock leaves. Digger tells Ellie that she lied. She said she cared about him, but she did what she had to do; they were kids. Digger starts drinking, despite Pam's protests that they go home.

Digger dances drunk with a bottle in his hand and sings while everyone watches. Jock tells him to shut up. Bobby tells Jock to respect him; after all, he is also the unborn child's granddaddy. Pam grabs Digger and offers to take him home. J.R. greets him with apathetic empathy. Bobby tells him to sober up. J.R. tells Digger that he agrees with him that the marriage is a bad idea.
Pam goes to the barn. She finds Lucy and Jimmy in the loft. She asks Jimmy to drive Digger home.
Sue Ellen rides around in circles, drunk. She greets Bobby. J.R. follows. Sue Ellen announces that she was about to take her clothes off. Maybe it would have attracted J.R. She wants a baby. J.R. insinuates that the baby may not be Bobby's. Bobby gets angry and punches J.R. in the kisser. Bobby takes Sue Ellen inside. When J.R. recovers, he sees Pam watching the barbecue from the loft.
J.R. ascends to Pam's level. She sneaks up on her. He tells her what Bobby did to him. She says that he deserved it. Angry, she announces that she and Bobby are moving off the ranch. J.R. asks her not to leave. They continue arguing. They are miving backwards from the window, and suddenly Pam loses her balance and falls on her stomach to a lower level.
"She lost the baby."
That is what Bobby announces later after the barbecue. Luckily, no bones were broken, but she is unsure if she can have another baby. J.R. says that he would not do such a thing. Bobby asks why. J.R. gives excuses. Bobby goes up to see her. Jock is angry.

Pam is crying in bed. He says that his family caused all her pain, and as soon as she is on her feet, they are leaving. J.R. will never change. Jock pleads for them to stay. He says that the Ewings are not easy to live with. He says that he wants to keep his family together.
"I do not want to lose another son."

He leaves, and Ellie enters.

"We weren't ready for any of this, for our Bobby and Digger's daughter and everything that has come since...I've worked



Даллас (2 сезон: 6-29 серии) / Dallas / 1978 - 1979
6. «Reunion, Part I»   
Bobby surprises Pam by asking her join him on a business trip to Las Vegas. During the trip they are shocked to find brother Gary working at the hotel they are staying at. Lucy has been busy as well. While at a cattle auction with Jock and Ray, she ditches out with Pam's cousin Jimmy, Ray is not pleased. It turns out Jimmy is just her drive, he takes her to the diner her mother is working at. Lucy has been secretly visiting Valene. As Lucy and Val catch up, Bobby talks a reluctant Gary into returning to Southfork for a visit. Pam understands his reasons not too, but Gary eventually agree's. When Bobby calls Ellie with the news, she gives a stern warning to both Jock and J.R. Jock is not pleased with her words and says that 'Gary is his son too." J.R begins to plot Gary's downfall even before he returns. While attempting another seduction of Ray in the stables, they see Bobby and Pam return with a 'stranger'. Both trigger in to who the man is, and Lucy runs to the house to be reunited with her father. Lucy surprises both her parents by bringing them together at the diner. After a lengthy discussion, Gary talks Valene into returning to Southfork as well. Valene does, but is still fearful of J.R, remembering how he ran her out of Texas many years ago.

7. «Reunion, Part II»
J.R's efforts to rid the family of Gary...again, begin to work. J.R pretends to help his younger brother, by including him in some Ewing Oil Business. The business however is with a company doomed for failure, and Gary begins to feel the stress. Valene realizes what J.R. is up to, but is unable to stop it. Pam has trouble of her own. A drunken Digger showed up at Southfork, while recovering from his binge, he tell Pamela he will no longer acknowledge her as his daughter because she is married to a Ewing. Gary falls victim to J.R.'s plan, and can no longer take the pressure. He leaves Southfork early in the morning. Valene catches him before he goes, but cannot talk him into staying, not even for Lucy. J.R. attempts to blackmail Valene into leaving as well by paying her off. Both depart Southfork, leaving Lucy without parents once again

8. «Old Acquaintance»
Jenna Wade, Bobby's former love, returns to his life. She is in trouble, and she and her daughter need his help. Bobby believes her daughter, Charlie might be his, but Jenna will not confirm. J.R sees this as an opportunity to rid Southfork of Pam, and encourages Jenna to go after Bobby. Bobby's help seems a little too much for Pam, who confronts Jenna and meets Charlie. Pam's fears prove to be unfounded as Bobby loves her, and decides Jenna is only someone from his past.

9. «Bypass»
Bobby questions his role at Ewing Oil, J.R.'s way of business does not sit well with him. Jock does not support this, and confronts J.R. During the discussion, Jock suffers a heart attack. Bobby deals with his father's illness, by joining Ray working at Southfork. Jock knows J.R. is not telling him everything, and wants Bobby back to keep things on the straight and narrow at Ewing Oil, the company he started. While in the hospital, Jock finds out he needs open heart surgery. All the Ewings are there to support the patriarch of the family. The operation goes fine, and when Jock is concious, he wonders about Bobby's role in the company. Bobby does not give his daddy the answer his father would have wishes. J.R. has Ewing Oil all to himself once again, just exactly the way he wants it.

10. «Black Market Baby»
Sue Ellen is fearful Pam will produce the next Ewing heir before her. Sue Ellen is desperate, and decides to adopt. When she encounters obstacles, she decides a quicker method is required, and goes to extremes with a 'black market' baby. This deal is going to cost Sue Ellen cash, and decides she should meet the mother. Sue Ellen forms a maternal relationship with Rita Briggs, the mother of the unborn child. Sue Ellen's plan is almost ruined by a meeting between herself, Rita and Pam, but Pam is only worried about Sue Ellen. The plan falls apart of course by the doings of J.R. He finds out about the deal and ships Rita out of the state. He wants an heir as much as Sue Ellen, but tells her it has to be "our child, not somebody else's."



11. «Double Wedding»
Ed Haynes shows up in Dallas, causing conflict in Bobby and Pam's marriage. Pam was married to Ed, something she failed to tell Bobby. Ed tracks down Digger, and gets him drinking, using some of the info from the old man in his con. J.R., of course, uses the opportunity to stick it, again, to Pam. Ed was in the Vietnam war when Pam got the divorce, and claimed he never got the divorce papers, and claims that he and Pam are still married. Once Bobby and Pam are on to the scam, they convince Haynes that Pam was kicked out of the Ewing family, at the same time, Bobby tracks down Hayne's partner, and gets his hands on a copy of the annulment papers. Both men leave town.

12. «Runaway»
It's Lucy Ewing's birthday. Sue Ellen is planning the music, Pam brings her home dresses, and J.R. is planning the guest list. Lucy is not pleased. She tries to convince Grandaddy Jock to let her invite her mother. Jock says he does not want Valene on the Ranch given how she left the last time. Lucy tries to explain that J.R. lied, and her mother never took the bribe J.R. offered, but he stands firm. Lucy leaves Southfork in the middle of the night, taking a guitar, and J.R.'s car with her. Eventually she is picked up by a con man, Willie Guest, who includes Lucy in some of his thefts and scams. He is thrilled to have latched on to one of the rich Ewings. Lucy wants out, but Guest kidnaps her, forcing her to stay with him. Bobby, and the police track them down, and eventually Lucy returns safely to Southfork.

13. «Election»
Pam finds herself once again in the middle, between her brother and the Ewing Family. Cliff Barnes is in a race for state senator, and the Ewings, especially J.R. are not happy. Pam puts her full support behind Cliff, but is tricked by J.R. into giving damaging information away. J.R. attempts to convice Pam the media will have ball if they find out Cliff is gay. Pam argues back about how ridiculous that is and shares information about a past girlfriend that Cliff had. It turns out the woman died having an illegal abortion, and J.R. is confident the voting public will not look to favorably on this. Cliff is ruined, and Pam vows to make J.R. pay for what he did to her brother.

14 «Survival»
During a storm, the Ewing Plane, with both J.R. and Bobby on board, crashes. The news gets to Ellie first, who worried about his heart condition, insists the news be kept from Jock. As J.R. and Bobby fight for survival, the Ewing women contemplate life with them in it. Sue Ellen is worried her place at Southfork is not secure without a Ewing heir. She comes across Lucy trying to get in touch with Gary, and argues with the young girl. Lucy taunts back that Sue Ellen will never have Southfork without a child of her own. Miss Ellie confronts a reporter who comes to Southfork, and Jock overhears and is furious that the news has been kept from him. News of J.R. and Bobby's survival comes to the family.

15 «Act of Love»
During a storm, the Ewing Plane, with both J.R. and Bobby on board, crashes. The news gets to Ellie first, who worried about his heart condition, insists the news be kept from Jock. As J.R. and Bobby fight for survival, the Ewing women contemplate life with them in it. Sue Ellen is worried her place at Southfork is not secure without a Ewing heir. She comes across Lucy trying to get in touch with Gary, and argues with the young girl. Lucy taunts back that Sue Ellen will never have Southfork without a child of her own. Miss Ellie confronts a reporter who comes to Southfork, and Jock overhears and is furious that the news has been kept from him. News of J.R. and Bobby's survival comes to the family.



16 «Triangle»
Pam, Bobby and Lucy join Ray out for a night of country music. Ray has become serious about country singer Garnett McGee. When Jock leaves Ray some land on Southfork, he pops the question to Garnett. Lucy wants to follow Garnett's lead and become a country singer, but the family acts like she wants to be a hooker! Garnett wants more than Ray can offer, and hooks up with J.R. who puts together a music contract for her. Lucy comes to Ewing Oil, in the hopes of getting J.R to help her with her own music career. She finds the contract for Garnett, and spills the beans to Ray. Ray is furious and heads for Garnett's. He finds J.R. with her, and a fight begins. Lucy, fearing what might occur, tells Pam and Bobby about what she did. Pam sends Bobby to save the day, and he stops Ray before he can kill J.R.

17 «Fallen Idol»
Bobby Ewing decides a new venture in is order. His old buddy Guzzler Bennett returns to Dallas, and wants Bobby to join him in the construction business. Hitch is, they want to bid a shopping mall on Southfork. Ellie wants no part of a shopping center on Southfork, and J.R. has that land in mind for future oil drilling. Guzzler's selfish ways also put a strain on Bobby's relationship with Pam. Bobby is out of luck all the way around on this one.

18 «Kidnapped»
Kidnappers going after J.R. end up taking Bobby instead. The kidnappers want to use Cliff Barnes as the go-between, but J.R. cannot stay out of it. J.R. overhears Cliff setting up a time to do the switch and he and Ray try to save Bobby. They do, but not before shooting the kidnappers, and almost killing Cliff in the process.

19 «Home Again»
Ellie's brother Garrison, presumed dead, shockingly shows up at Southfork. Ellie, knowing the ranch was supposed to be his, tells the family she will be giving Southfork to Garrison. The family is not happy, an J.R., of course insults Garrison causing the old man, who does not want Southfork to fight back. All the Ewings' fears about losing Southfork are not grounded, for Garrison's nurse, Cathy Baker, explains to Ellie that Garrison is very sick, and only returned to the ranch to die.

20 «For Love of Money»
Sue Ellen's mother and sister arrive in Dallas, and just in the nick of time. Sue Ellen catches J.R. with another woman, and moves in with her family. She also hooks up again with Cliff for support. J.R. is not happy, but finally decides he wants his wife home, even if the baby she is carrying is not his!



21 «Julie's Return»
Jock is getting tired of being treated like an invalid. J.R. uses his father heart attack to keep him out of Ewing Oil. Ellie attempts to keep all stress out his life. When Julie Grey, Jock's former secretary arrives back in Dallas, Jock is thrilled to spend a lot of time with her. She does not treat him like the family, and two renew their relationship. Fearing Jock is having an affair with Julie, he tells his mother. Ellie tries to stop what is going on, but Jock leaves to see Julie. He gives her an expensive gift, and says that it will have to be a going away present. Once Jock leaves, J.R. shows up at Julie's door. Julie promises to keep causing trouble for J.R., but he tells her not to count on it.

22 «The Red File, Part I»
J.R. is not happy that Cliff is back in public office. He attempts to use Julie to get info about Cliff. She is tired of J.R, and decides she will actually help Cliff. She calls him and leaves him a message that she will fill him in on all the Ewing's secrets. Cliff heads to Julie's but does not find her. After a run in with Ames and Garr from the cartel, Julie ends up dead, having fallen from the roof of her building. J.R. uses his influence to have Cliff booked for the murder.

23 «The Red File, Part II»
Pam is sure that J.R. is framing Cliff, and leaves Bobby and Southfork. Bobby holds J.R. responsible, and promises to get to the bottom of things. Bobby goes to see Cliff, to see if he can help. Cliff is not happy to see any of the Ewings, and tells Bobby the only thing that can help is if the real killers are caught. Bobby is on the trail, and finds a key in Cliff's mail which was sent from Julie before her death. The key leads Bobby to Julie's file of Ewing information. One of the things Bobby finds is a fake codicil to Jock's will. Bobby thinks that J.R. killed Julie. J.R. shares with Bobby the name of the person who was taping Julie's phone for him, and through this man, they are led to Willie Joe and Jeb. Once the real killers are identified, Cliff is released. Bobby hopes this might bring Pam home, but she is not ready.

24 «Sue Ellen's Sister»
Cliff tries to get Ewing information out of Sue Ellen, but she is not interested in helping him. He then tries Pam, who is hurt and angry about being used by her brother in the Ewing/Barnes feud. Meanwhile, with Pam away from Southfork, Kristin makes a play for Bobby. Lucy sees right through Kristin, as does J.R., but he encourages the relationship.

25 «Call Girl»
While still separated from Bobby, Pam makes friends with a model from 'the store', Leanne Rees. Leanne happens to be a former prostitute, and J.R. smells a plan. He creates a photo opportunity in which Pam looks like she too is into the world's oldest profession. Bobby finds out about J.R.'s scheme, and although not in J.R.'s plan, it actually brings Pam and Bobby back together. Bobby brings Pam back to Southfork, which does not please his brother



26 «Royal Marriage»
J.R. is thrilled when Lucy becomes engaged to Kit Mainwaring. It will mean a potential business merger with Mainwaring Oil, which would be beneficial to Ewing Oil, and J.R. Unfortunately, Kit Mainwaring is gay. He eventually confesses this to Bobby, and then to Lucy. Lucy is heartbroken, but stands by Kit, and holds the secret. Only she and Bobby know the truth. But, of course, J.R. knew all along.

27 «The Outsiders»
Donna McCullum, a young lady whom Ray meets in a bar, are attracted to each other but Donna is obviously not telling the truth about herself, especially the fact that she is married. J.R. seeks another solution to stop Cliff's harassment of Ewing Oil by soliciting the support of a former powerful politician, Sam McCullum, not knowing that Ray has already gotten himself involved with McCullum's wife, Donna.

28 «John Ewing III: Part 1»
Lucy's a wreck after her breakup with Kit, and turns to drugs. Sue Ellen's battle with the bottle continues, despite her pregnancy. Despite efforts from Ray and Bobby, Lucy keeps on using, and one day when the addict and drunk are alone at Southfork, they have a meeting in which Sue Ellen ends up falling down the stairs. Lucy seems to have learned her lesson, but J.R. decides to put Sue Ellen, against her wishes in a Sanitarium.

29 «John Ewing III: Part 2»
Sue Ellen is not happy in the sanitarium. Bobby visits her, and thinks that Cliff is the father of the baby. J.R. visits, which does not make Sue Ellen any happier. She bribes a nurse for alcohol, and leaves, only to end up in a car accident. Sue Ellen ends up in the hospital with the baby's life in danger. Cliff, thinking he is the father, rushes to the hospital!



Даллас (3 сезон: 30-54 серии) / Dallas / 1979 - 1980
30 «Whatever Happened to Baby John?, Part I»
The happiness felt by the Ewing family on Sue Ellen's return from the hospital changes to concern when it becomes obvious she has little enthusiasm for anything, including her new baby. Bobby and Pam discover Cliff Barnes is continuing with his efforts to claim Sue Ellen and the baby as his. J.R. is surprised when two of his former business associates are paroled from jail.

31 «Whatever Happened to Baby John?, Part II»
Though Bobby thinks Cliff may have take John Ross, this ends up not being true. J.R thinks some of his thugs may have taken the child, but hey are all wrong. Pamela ends up solving the kidnapping mystery by remembering a woman she saw staring at babies at the Hospital. Pam remembers a woman, Sheila Larken, who she saw many times when she visited the hospital. It turns out Sheila lost her baby, and her husband ran out on her, leaving her desperate and alone, so she stole John Ross. The Baby is finally returned to it's natural parents...too bad Sue Ellen is not overly emotional about the outcome...

32 «The Silent Killer»
Cliff Barnes flies his father, Digger, to Dallas to show him how he's getting even with the Ewings. But Digger's sudden medical problem places a cloud over Cliff, Pam, and even Sue Ellen's new baby. A doctor's examination discloses that Digger has a genetic disorder that has not only been passed to his children, Pam and Cliff, but also to their offspring, which could prove fatal to John Ewing III if Cliff is actually the father, as he firmly believes. Kristin Shepard, Sue Ellen's younger sister, comes to town.

33 «Secrets»
Lucy's mother Valene visits and tries to re-establish some understanding with her daughter. Pamela, already depressed with the reality of the Barnes' family genetic disorder, suddenly has to cope with the news that she is pregnant. Valene implores Bobby to urge Lucy to meet with her. Pamela tries to decide whether to tell her husband the news, as well as her horrible secret, or decide on the fate of her unborn baby alone.

34 «The Kristin Affair»
Kristin easily convinces J.R. to give her a summer job in his office as she openly vies for his attention. Bobby learns about Pam's pregnancy before she can make a decision about getting an abortion. Bobby delights in the news that he's going to become a father. J.R. has his hands full as he tries to consummate the biggest oil deal of his life, as well as begin his own kind of relationship with Kristin, Sue Ellen's sister.

35 «The Dove Hunt»
On a hunting trip in Louisiana, Jock finds himself the target of revenge from a man he doesn't even remember. Ellie is afraid that she might be facing surgery. Jock and J.R. are wounded by a sniper while hunting. With their vehicle sabotaged, Bobby and Ray have to walk to town for help. Thinking he might not recover, Jock reveals a secret to J.R. that he has been hiding from Ellie since they were married.



36 «The Lost Child»
Bobby finds himself getting attached to Luke Middens, the young son of one of the hired hands, which only makes Pam's efforts to tell Bobby the truth about their unborn child even more difficult. Eventually, however, she is forced to confess. J.R. becomes suspicious of Sue Ellen's frequent trips to town, and when she refuses to acknowledge her activities, he hires a private detective to follow her. He is very unhappy with what he learns.

37 «Rodeo»
At the annual Ewing-sponsored rodeo, Sue Ellen finds herself drawn to Dusty Farlow, a cowboy participant. Digger Barnes holds good his threat to see "his" grandson. J.R. and Kristin make their own secretive plans. J.R. feels threatened by Sue Ellen's sudden enthusiasm for life as she openly displays interest in Dusty. Lucy forces Ray to deal with a painful situation he tried to forget.

38 «Mastectomy, Part I»
Ellie is afraid to tell Jock about the lump in her breast after he reveals he was married before and divorced his first wife when she became mentally ill. Her fear is Jock will leave her also if a mastectomy becomes necessary. Alan continues J.R.'s plan to get Cliff out of the way. Sue Ellen keeps visiting a coffee shop with the hopes of meeting Dusty Farlow again. Ellie undergoes the mastectomy.

39 «Mastectomy, Part II»
After undergoing the mastectomy, Ellie begins to face what life is going to be like for her. She and Jock seem to be drifting apart as her anger grows over the secret he kept from her for forty years. Digger proves himself a friend to Ellie and they have a long talk. Ellie realizes that she cannot go back in time but she must make peace with the present and the future. Lucy is cold to Ellie as she hides her fears that she will inherit breast cancer. Jock backs J.R. over Bobby in the plan to push Cliff aside. Sue Ellen meets Dusty at a hotel.

40 «The Heiress»
Lucy decides that Alan Beam is the man for her after she wit- nesses him standing up to J.R. Lucy doesn't know the fight was staged by Alan and J.R. to further convince Cliff of Beam's loyalty. Lucy makes an obvious play for Alan, who sees her as his ticket to riches. Pam accuses Bobby of trying to ruin her brother. She accidentally learns about J.R.'s secret Asian oil deal from Cliff.



41 «Ellie Saves the Day»
J.R. is caught from all sides when a typhoon delays the oil drilling in Asia as his bank loan becomes due. Bobby discovers that J.R. has mortgaged Southfork and he is forced to tell Jock and Ellie that they may lose everything. J.R. believes that once Cliff resigns his post as head of the Office of Land Management, the banks will extend their loan deadline. But he's crushed when the efforts of all the Ewing men seem to have failed. Ellie makes a supreme sacrifice in an effort to save Southfork.

42 «Mother of the Year»
Sue Ellen's avoidance of her own baby becomes a source of conflict between her and J.R. and between Bobby and Pam, who have begun to think of the child as their own. Seeing the pain Ellie is going through as workmen prepare to pump oil out of Southfork, Jock decides to sell the Asian oil leases even though it means losing millions. J.R. tries to stop him.

43 «Return Engagements»
Ellie's sadness on the occasion of her missing son Gary's birthday quickly changes to jubilation when she learns he and Valene are both back in Dallas and plan to be re- married. Ellie plans to keep the news of the wedding a secret from J.R., who's on a business trip with Kristin, but Sue Ellen delights in giving him the news. She also tells Rudy Millington, Kristin's boyfriend, where to find her.
NOTE: This one-off episode lead Gary and Val into the spin-off, Knots Landing.

44 «Love and Marriage»
J.R. decides that bringing Bobby back into Ewing Oil is the best way to keep Jock out of the office. J.R. also aims to get Pam a promotion to keep Bobby's mind off anything but his troubled marriage. Pam is using work to hide from her own unhappiness. Ray seems to have found happiness at last when Donna Culver reenters his life.

45 «Power Play»
Alan Beam's "romance" with Lucy is discovered by Kristin who believes once J.R. knows about it he will quickly get rid of the ambitious young lawyer. J.R. fools everyone by encouraging Alan to follow through with his plans to marry Lucy. Lucy puts off deciding about Alan's proposal until J.R. orders her not to see him again, then she makes a starling announcement.



46 «Paternity Suit»
After Cliff announces he is quitting the race for Congress, Digger returns to the bottle and drunkenly tells a reporter that Cliff is really the father of Sue Ellen's baby. Jock insists the family sue Cliff, who counter sues for custody of his son. Sue Ellen, J.R., and Cliff take blood tests to prove once and for all who the baby's real father is.

47 «Jenna's Return»
Sue Ellen actively sees Dusty. Pam leaves town. An angry Bobby runs into Jenna, an old girl friend. Ray ponders if he and Donna have anything in common besides their love. J.R. gets angry and jealous of Sue Ellen's unexplained nights out. Kristin tries to take advantage of the situation to permanently enter J.R.'s life.

48 «Sue Ellen's Choice»
Sue Ellen is being pressured by Dusty to leave J.R. Pam and Bobby's marriage continues to strain towards the breaking point. Donna makes a last attempt to get Ray to change his mind about marriage. Sue Ellen makes her decision and asks J.R. for a divorce, but his reaction is not at all what she expects. Pam is surprised when Jenna visits and declares her intentions towards Bobby.

49 «Second Thoughts»
J.R. keeps pressuring Alan Beam to marry Lucy very soon. Cliff resigns from the OLM to run in the elections for Congress but J.R.'s intrigue is a success and Cliff runs out of campaign money all of a sudden. For the moment, he is finished professionally and has nowhere to go. Bobby feels sorry for Cliff and decides to do some job hunting for him. This provokes a furious reaction from J.R. Jock frustrated J.R.'s plans for Lucy and Alan by offering Alan a legal partnership in Dallas. Now J.R. tries to stop the marriage because there's no longer anything in it for him.

50 «Divorce—Ewing Style»
Sue Ellen takes great pains to appear the perfect wife and mother in preparation for her divorce action. When J.R. realizes what she is planning, he decides to stage a strong counterattack. J.R. is furious when he learns Sue Ellen has a private detective following him on his nocturnal visits. He decides the best way to keep her from leaving with their son is to prove that Sue Ellen is drinking again.



51 «Jock's Trial, Part I»
As a new assistant district attorney, Cliff jumps at the chance to work on the investigation of the body found at Southfork. Sue Ellen fights to convince the family that she is not drinking again. Cliff's investigation unearths some new clues which tie the murder closer and closer to Jock. Sue Ellen prepares to leave J.R. and her baby.

52 «Jock's Trial, Part II»
While Jock faces his murder trial, other family members are distracted with their own problems. Sue Ellen drinks to forget Dusty's death. Pam watches Digger slowly deteriorate in a hospital. J.R. fears his testimony will incriminate his father. The family hires famed criminal attorney, Scotty Demerest, only to be told that Cliff's case against Jock is dangerously incriminating. The family prepares for the worst.

53 «The Wheeler Dealer»
With most of the family visiting Jock's first wife in a Colorado sanitarium, J.R. uses the time to try to set up an even bigger oil deal with the now profitable Asian wells. Sue Ellen and Pam deal with their separate grief in very different ways. Pam becomes determined to learn about her mother, long-believed dead. Sue Ellen again seeks liquor for her solace, which pleases J.R. since he plans to rid himself of his wife.

54 «A House Divided»
J.R. selling the Asian oil leases before news of the fields' nationalization is made public wipes out the fortunes of Ewing Oil's former business associates and also creates untold havoc within the family. J.R.'s business dealings so disgust Bobby that he and Pamela move out of Southfork. Sue Ellen decides to stop drinking and wage her own battle against J.R.'s efforts to send her back to the sanitarium. Cliff also plans his own revenge against J.R.

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Даллас (4 сезон: 55-77 серии) / Dallas / 1980 - 1981
55 «No More Mister Nice Guy, Part I»
A cleaning woman discovers J.R. sprawled across the floor of his office. He is rushed to the hospital, close to death. The Ewing family reassembles to wait for news of his fate and police search for clues and suspects in the shooting. The family hopes for J.R. to regain consciousness and be able to shed some light on the identity of his assailant.
NOTE: Guest stars Ted Shackelford (Gary) and Joan Van Ark (Val) cross over from the spin-off series, "Knots Landing."

56 «No More Mister Nice Guy, Part II»
As J.R. undergoes his second operation, Bobby takes over Ewing Oil with Jock's blessing. Sue Ellen tries to combat the guilt that makes her believe she may have shot her husband in a drunken stupor. She unsuccessfully fights against the operation that could either let J.R. walk again or cost him his life. Alan Beam is brought back to Dallas by the police. Cliff Barnes is taken into custody. Marilee Stone institutes a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Ewings. Lucy meets and is frustrated by a poor medical student who resists her advances.

57 «Nightmare»
J.R. fights to overcome the helplessness of his paralysis as Bobby finds that his efforts to run Ewing Oil are thwarted by J.R., even from his hospital bed. Miss Ellie finds the gun used to shoot her son, and the evidence points to someone in the immediate family. Sue Ellen tries to deal with her continuing nightmares that indicate she is the one who shot her husband. J.R.'s power is felt throughout Dallas as Cliff is suspended from his job and Bobby is frustrated in his efforts to run Ewing Oil.

58 «Who Done It»
Sue Ellen's fingerprints are identified on the gun that was used to shoot J.R. She is arrested and jailed in the shooting of her husband. She is further devastated when the Ewings abandon her, leaving her to languish in jail. After bail is mysteriously posted from an unknown source, Sue Ellen seeks solace from her sister, Kristin. Sue Ellen seeks answers through hypnosis sessions with her psychiatrist, Dr. Ellby. These sessions lead to the answer of who shot J.R.
NOTE: 2nd highest rate show in TV history! Avg. Audience 53.3%; 41,470,000 people; 76 share (#1 is the Mash series finale)

59 «Taste of Success»
Bobby, Ewing Oil's new president, finds the power intoxicating, which promotes apprehension in both Pamela and J.R. Bobby works hard to buy an oil refinery - something Jock has always wanted and which J.R. could never accomplish. When J.R. learns of his brother's intention, he tries to sabotage Bobby's plan, which leads to another inevitable clash between the brothers.

60 «The Venezuelan Connection»
The conflict between J.R. and Bobby escalates as Bobby refuses to step down as president of Ewing Oil. Jock finds himself caught in the middle of the conflict between his two sons. Bobby seems to be doing a better job for Ewing Oil, even making a deal for Venezuelan oil to the new refinery. Pam continues to search for her mother. Lucy introduces Mitch to her friends with disastrous results.



61 «The Fourth Son» 
The sinking of an oil tanker and the loss of 600,000 gallons of crude oil has J.R. delighted, but to Bobby, it is only an inconvenience. Then he discovers that the oil was not insured and the loss could total over $18,000,000 for Ewing Oil. At the ranch, Ray greets a very unwelcome guest, his father, Krebbs, whom he hasn't seen or heard from since he was a kid. Krebbs has some very disturbing news for the entire Ewing family.

62 «Trouble at Ewing 23» 
An extortionist, threatening to blow up Ewing 23, gives J.R. an opportunity to put a halt on his fading fortunes with the company and the family by out-maneuvering Bobby. Ray has to come to grips with his new-found identity and face the fact that he may be losing Donna to Cliff.

63 «The Prodigal Mother» 
Pamela believes that she has at last found her mother. Lucy asks Mitch to marry her. J.R. closes in on what he thinks is his brother's reckless running of Ewing Oil. The woman Pam thinks is her mother dashes all hopes for a reconciliation and Pam abandons her quest. Lucy and Mitch defy all of the built-in pitfalls of their romance. J.R. stumbles onto a scheme which he intends to use to put Bobby in trouble with their father.

64 «Executive Wife» 
J.R. encourages his father to consummate a business deal, fully aware that the venture will conflict with his brother's investment plans and leave Ewing Oil with a serious cash flow problem. Pam, feeling that she places a poor second to her husband's work, receives the attention she is lacking from Bobby from someone else. Lucy makes an announcement which is unsettling to the Ewing clan.

65 «End of the Road, Part I» 
J.R.'s attention to Lucy's future sister-in-law is almost enough to divert his attention from getting Bobby's job as head of Ewing Oil. He is quick to capitalize on Bobby's rash actions. Mitch's sister and mother arrive for the upcoming wedding of Mitch and Lucy and J.R. takes an immediate interest in the new arrivals, which worries Sue Ellen. Bobby finds himself in a tough position after he enters into an oil drilling agreement which will put the company back on good terms with the cartel, even though he knows that Jock has already invested its capital in the land development. J.R. delights in the bind in which his brother has placed the company and investigates a scheme of his own to make Bobby look bad in their father's eyes.



66 «End of the Road, Part II» 
Events at Lucy and Mitch's wedding at Southfork have far more impact on the Ewing family than is apparent to the assembled guests. Lucy Ewing becomes Mrs. Mitchell Cooper. Sue Ellen discovers J.R. getting much too friendly with Mitch's sister and consequently makes her own play for an old boyfriend. J.R. is not as delighted as he expected to be when Bobby resigns as president of Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie shocks Jock by accusing him of behavior for which she can never forgive him.
broadcast: 23-Jan-1981 pc: 189013 written by: Leonard Katzman d: Irving J. Moore
NOTE: Guest stars Ted Shackelford (Gary) and Joan Van Ark (Val) cross over from the spin-off series, "Knots Landing."

67 «Making of a President» 
J.R. may have met his match in a high-pressure public relations woman whom he hires to improve his tarnished image as he resumes the reins of Ewing Oil. The prospect of a national image as the all-American business man is attractive to J.R., but even more so is the provocative woman who proposes working to replace his horns with a halo. J.R. is, confused by Bobby's actions after giving up the presidency of the company, as is Pam, whom Sue Ellen discovers is having a rendezvous with a male business associate. At Southfork, coolness prevails as Miss Ellie is unforgiving of Jock for his part in the recent events in the Ewing family.

68 «Start the Revolution With Me» 
J.R. takes steps to re-establish his power and increase his wealth, even if it means reshaping history and violating the laws of the land. His campaign for power puts J.R. further under the influence of Leslie Stewart who, much to his frustration keeps him at arm's length. He also goes ahead with his plans to topple the government who confiscated his foreign oil fields even though it could lead to prison time if he is caught. Bobby's ambition to purchase a solar energy company again alienates him from Pam. Sue Ellen combats Leslie by resuming an old friendship with Clint Ogden. Cliff is disappointed by Donna Culver. Miss Ellie is still resentful of Ray's influence with Jock.

69 «The Quest» 
J.R.'s conniving affects the lives of Bobby, Pam, Cliff, Donna, and Ray, but Sue Ellen is ignored as he refuses to acknowledge the fact that she is being followed. J.R.'s influence seems to have no bounds as he works to make sure that Cliff does not get chosen to run for public office. When his plans backfire and draw in Bobby and Pam, he is even more pleased at what fortune has brought him, which even includes an implied promise from Leslie Stewart. Sue Ellen can't get anyone to believe that she is being followed and J.R. could not care less, so she takes matters into her own hands, which results in a shocking revelation.

70 «Lover, Come Back» 
Luck seems to follow J.R. as his foreign coup brings the cartel back to Ewing Oil. Jock has his own surprise for the family. Donna Culver and Ray are reunited and plan to marry. Mitch discovers that Lucy has been lying to him. Sue Ellen is shocked to find that Dusty Farlow is still alive but unwilling to resume their old relationship.



71 «The New Mrs. Ewing»
Donna Culver becomes the new Mrs. Ewing as she and Ray marry. The newlywed's happiness is not reflected in the rest of the Ewing family as the cold war between Jock and Miss Ellie escalates. Bobby forms a new alliance with Cliff, but his growing jealousy over Pam compels him to a confrontation with Alex Ward. Lucy is happy to win the title of Miss Young Dallas which again makes Mitch feel inferior. Leslie Stewart succeeds in driving a wedge between J.R. and the cartel to further her own ambitions.

72 «Mark of Cain» 
J.R. succumbs to the cunning of Leslie Stewart, who now knows she has the head of Ewing Oil right where she wants him. Bobby is caught in the middle of Jock and Miss Ellie's feud. He is put in the same uncomfortable position while taking his new place on the senate committee which will decide the future of Takapa. Pam enters a new phase in the relationship with her and Cliff's mother. Sue Ellen continues to seek comfort from Clint Ogden. The new "Young Miss Dallas" makes life very difficult for Mitch.

73 «The Gathering Storm» 
Discord haunts the head of the Ewing clan as Jock threatens to sell the company business if Miss Ellie divorces him. Jock and Ellie become even more estranged when they learn Bobby is on the senate committee investigating the Takapa development project. J.R. manipulates Jock into declaring he'd sell Ewing Oil if he and Ellie are divorced. Lucy's "Young Miss Dallas" career is actively driving a wedge into her marriage to Mitch. Cliff gets wind of J.R.'s involvement in the Asian Oil scam. Pam warns her mother about Cliff's motives. Clint urges Sue Ellen to divorce J.R.

74 «Ewing vs. Ewing» 
Donna and Ray try to reconcile Jock and Miss Ellie, and find there is more to their discontent than the Takapa project. Ellie has consulted an attorney regarding divorce. J.R. accelerates his efforts to sellout Ewing oil. Leslie Stewart's past dealings are revealed when her ex-husband shows up in Dallas. Cliff learns about his mother from Pam. Bobby stuns everyone at the senate hearings on Takapa. Meanwhile, the differences between Mitch and Lucy grow wider.

75 «New Beginnings» 
Jock and Miss Ellie's reconciliation results in a second honeymoon for them, but it stalls J.R.'s scheme to sell Ewing Oil. Westar Oil's Jeremy Wendell plots revenge on J.R. for reneging on their deal. Donna threatens J.R. after he sets up Ray for a falling out with the family. Sue Ellen meets Clint's wife. Leslie earns applause from her ex-husband for manipulating J.R. Cliff vacillates about meeting his and Pam's mother. A peaceful moment for Sue Ellen and J.R. is broken by news of Kristin.



76 «Full Circle»
Kristin Shepard returns and reveals another scheme. Sue Ellen meets Dusty again. Lucy moves out on Mitch. Cliff uses Westar's help in building evidence against J.R. and hands it over to Bobby's senate committee. J.R. consults a lawyer about gaining custody of John Ross. Rebecca and Cliff meet at last.

77 «Ewing-Gate»
JR gets a security force to keep the press away from the ranch in light of the recent news of the impending investigation. Ellie calls from Paris after reading about the investigation in a newspaper. JR maintains his innocence and says he'll take care of Cliff's troublemaking - there's nothing to worry about. Ellie agrees to keep the news from Jock.

Dusty wants Sue Ellen to face JR and take John Ross away with her but Sue Ellen maintains it's not the right time - she knows JR won't just let her take him. Her plan is to take the child away while JR's in Austin. Clayton tells her the Farlows have enough resources to help Sue Ellen win any court battle.

JR asks Senator Arvilla to tell him what evidence the committee has but the Senator says his hands are tied because the Department of Justice is overlooking the case. JR promises to remember this at election time. As he exits the senator's office, he is given a subpoena to testify in one week. Louella is served with the same papers. JR calls Louella and tells her to find Claude Brown and get him out of the country. Sue Ellen calls the office and Phyllis tells her that JR and Louella are still in Austin. Sue Ellen goes to collect John Ross that night but she dilly-dallys somewhat and just as she is about to leave, JR walks in and grabs his son, while his security guard grabs Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen tells him that she'll get her son back - one way or the other. JR repeats that he'd kill her first. Pam witnesses the exchange and berates JR for what he's doing. JR tells her to stay out of his way or he'll destroy her too.

Leslie goes to see Wendell and says she has proof that JR financed the counter-revolution. She says she'll present it to the committee in exchange for the promise of becoming Weststar's exclusive media consultant. She asks Jeremy to come by her place tonight to check out the proof.

Kristin comes to Ewing Oil and asks JR for more money, threatening to cause further scandal to the Ewings if he doesn't pay up. JR reluctantly agrees but asks for some time.

Punk and Ray celebrate the success of their latest project. Punk is so impressed by the way Ray's handled himself lately that he offers him a 3 percent share of Unified Development for 3 million dollars. Ray hedges about the amount of money but Punk reminds him that Donna can cover it easily. Besides, Jock will be thrilled. That seems to make up Ray's mind. He calls his banker and asks him to make up a check for the 3 million dollars. He tries to call Donna in Washington but she's out. Later in the day Donna returns to Dave Culver's office and the banker tells her about the withdrawal. Confused, she says she agrees to the withdrawal. Then she decides to return to Dallas.

JR is advised by his lawyer to find out what evidence the Senate committee has against him - it appears to be his only hope. JR gets Afton to drug Cliff, and JR and Harry McSween search his apartment, finding the briefcase, and taking photographs.

The trial begins. Marilee and Jordan tell the committee that they believed that JR was behind the coup - he's capable of anything. Claude Brown tells the court about his trip through Switzerland as his distribution of money to key figures in Asia. He admits that the money was used and intended to finance the counter-revolution. Leslie is next and submits the tape she made of her conversation shortly after the coup took place, in which JR admits his guilt.

Finally, JR testifies. He says that there's a simple explanation to all of this: the money was not intended to bribe anyone or finance the coup; it was simply a philanthropic gesture to the country in the hopes that they would look favorably on Ewing Oil as a business. He says he lied to Leslie about being responsible for it all because he wanted to impress her. JR calls on Lam Thong, ambassador to the U.S., who tells the court that the money was used to build schools and hospitals in the developing country, and indicates that he has full receipts for all of the money that Claude brought to Asia. The ambassador also mentions that JR's generosity has extended even to the donation of 10 percent of all of his oil profits to help the country's infrastructure - which comes as a bit of surprise to JR. The committee declares JR and Ewing Oil innocent.

Cliff says he doesn't know how JR got himself off but he'll slip up someday. JR laughs it off. Cliff accuses Bobby of handing over the evidence to JR, which Bobby denies. Bobby asks Cliff to come to Southfork that night and talk about it and Cliff agrees.

JR triumphantly returns to Ewing Oil and asks Louella to type up a letter of recommendation. He fires her for not getting Claude out of the country like he asked. He visits Leslie that night and tells her he's not upset at her - she did just what he would do in her position. He says he still wants her if she's interested and she seems to agree.

Sue Ellen comes to Pam's office and tells her about Dusty. She asks Pam to give her a little help...

Kristin calls someone in California and says that a certain someone is going to pay for spurning her.

JR arrives home the next morning to find John Ross gone. The security guard tells him that Pam took him for a ride. JR tells them to find her immediately. He also gets Harry to alert the highway patrol to find Pam's car.

Cliff arrives at Southfork that night and sees a female body floating in the pool. He jumps in and sees JR looking down from the balcony, giving him the Line of the Day.
broadcast: 01-May-1981 written by: Leonard Katzman d: Leonard Katzman
NOTE: This was Jim Davis Last episode. Even though his character lived on in South America throughout the beginning of season 5, the actor Died during the Spring of 1981.


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