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Кегни и Лейси /Cagney & Lacey (1981 - 1988) - США (на англ. яз.)

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Season 7

Cagney and Lacey become enmeshed in the mental health system when they try to intercede on behalf of a schizophrenic who has testified for them in a robbery case. They become stuck with the homeless man when he is discharged from the hospital and is relying on them for help.
As they run into bureaucratic brick walls, they learn first hand the nightmare faced by the mentally ill.


A black youth is killed in an all-white neighborhood, sparking cries of racism. The murder weapon turns out to be Corassa’s off-duty revolver, which had been stolen from him. Now, added to the charges of racism, are those of police brutality and cover-up. The squad room is a microcosm of the anger and hatred raging through the city. It finally explodes in an ugly episode of name calling that pits friend against friend.
Meanwhile, Cagney and Lacey are investigating a stolen car ring. Just as the racial crisis is reaching a boiling point, a suspect in the car ring gives them a lead to the murderer of the black youth. The killing was not racially motivated, but all the retaliation crimes are. The discovery brings an uneasy truce to the squad room.

When Lacey is summoned by a neighbor boy to help his mother who is hurt, she encounters a scene of domestic violence. Lacey arrests the abusive husband and finds herself being brought up on charges of “unnecessary force and abuse of authority” before the Civilian Review Board. David Keeler offers to defend her but they don’t stand a chance of winning without the aid of her old nemesis, Detective Harry Dupnik.

Cagney and Lacey investigate a series of complaints from the tenants of an upscale apartment building who claim they are being terrorized by an eccentric old woman on the first floor. As their investigation progresses, it becomes apparent that it is, instead, the old woman who is being victimized by her neighbors who want to drive her out of the building. Cagney identifies with the old woman and tries to help her.

Cagney and Lacey are chagrined to find themselves back on the streets in fishnet hose and heels, all to catch a mugger of middle—aged hookers. An old case comes back to haunt them as they learn they may have sent an innocent man to prison.
The fact that he is now dead does not alleviate their need to learn the truth, even though no one else cares about the case. Cagney and Lacey realize how much they have learned since their early years and how they are better cops now than they were then.

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Cagney and Lacey investigate the theft of a music video produced by two butchers—turned—rock entrepreneurs.
Subplot:  Cagney’s niece, Bridget, comes to New York to find her Irish roots and pursue her acting career. Both she and Cagney are forced to view their family objectively and to deal with the truths of the family’s character, its strong points and its flaws.
The department is having a contest to see who should be the prototype for the N.Y.P.D. doll. Cagney and Isbecki battle it out for the honor. Isbecki wins. 


A.D.A. Feldberg involves the Fourteenth in the world of television game shows. Cagney and Lacey, Isbecki and Esposito go on as contestants, dressed as fruits and vegetables, in an attempt to ferret out cheating taking place on a local show. They get so caught up in the competition that they find it hard to remember they are on a case.

Cagney and Lacey join Major Case Squad detectives, Jane Price and Sal Caprio, in an operation to trap a stolen bond dealer. Cagney is excited, not only by the status of the case, but also by the fancy cars and expense accounts of their new partners.
Although they collar the seller and recover thousands in stolen bonds, their target escapes, having been warned by a phone call which originated at the Fourteenth Precinct. Cagney and Lacey’ssubsequent investigation reveals that Caprio has a drinking problem and Price a romantic history with Samuels.
Following this revelation, Lacey senses Cagney is identifying with Caprio at the expense of her judgment. They discover that Jane Price has been on the take for years and is using Caprio as her cover.

Cagney’s sense of personal power is threatened at a new level when she becomes the victim of an acquaintance rape. She begins to question her own judgment and responsibility in the face of doubts expressed by her colleagues, her Lieutenant and Inspector Knelman.
Only Lacey stands by her, assuring her that she made the right choice by not resisting her attacker and that pressing charges against him is the right thing to do. Cagney finally experiences triumph when her attacker is brought in for questioning and lies to the D.A.

A mystery unfolds as Cagney and Lacey investigate the apparent suicide of an elderly man in a retirement home and the disappearance of his wife. The investigation begins to point to foul play and they uncover a tangled web of sex, alcohol, jealousy, theft and murder among the residents and staff.



Samuels is gone on special assignment and Cagney assumes she will take his place at the helm. Knelman, however, has assigned a green Lieutenant Thornton to take over, and Cagney is furious.
Meanwhile, Harvey’s business is interrupted by a racketeer and Harvey becomes involved in the investigation. Ultimately, Lacey overcomes her strong objections and Harvey wears a wire to assist in the collar.

Cagney and Lacey, working undercover to expose a drug scam, are implicated by the men they have collared. They are forced to undergo drug testing and Cagney’s results show a false positive.
Both face further humiliating testing and a trip to IAD. Harvey is furious at the invasion of privacy. Keeler wants Cagney to fight to have the false test report removed from her record.

Cagney and Lacey are at odds when Lacey’s intuition tells her that a series of 911 calls from an SRO hotel is more than the prank it appears to be. She becomes involved with a child who she suspects of making the calls and attempts to better his life, unaware that the boy is not reaching out to rid himself of his mother, whom they suspect of abuse, but to protect the woman from sexual harassment by the building manager.


Members of the Fourteenth reluctantly return to the Police Academy for a refresher course. Cagney encounters her old nemesis, Instructor Clyde Ivan Steingrove, while Lacey runs into Detective Harry Dupnik of the One-one-nine.
Both men have ulterior motives in wanting to foster friendships. After school, Cagney and Lacey practice new methods learned in class while tracking down the dreaded “meter mauler.”

While investigating an apparent drug/gang war murder, Cagney and Lacey discover possible connections to an El Salvadoran death squad. Time and again they are thwarted by an unknown government agency so secret it seems non-existent. During the investigation, they encounter a nun and Cagney is forced to come to grips with her Catholic upbringing.



Cagney and Lacey go undercover as buyers in the high-tone world of art when a valuable painting is stolen. It had been donated to the Children’s Hospital where it was to be auctioned to raise funds. Cagney is forced to come face-to-face with her feelings about her mother as she finds herself in what would be her mother’s uptown world.

Cagney’s rapist, Brad Potter (DON’T I KNOW YOU) is finally brought to trial. Lacey and other squad members become involved as witnesses in his prosecution and subsequent conviction. While Lacey would like to continue to be in court to support her friend and partner, she is faced with her own crisis when she learns that Harvey Jr. is missing in a military training exercise.
Some good comes out of the possible tragedy as Lacey re-establishes a relationship with her estranged father. Convinced that her son is dead, Lacey begins to mourn temporarily alienating everyone around her. Finally, a phone call from Harvey Jr. ends her grief. 

A suicide case begins to look like murder, but the investigation dead ends at the Justice Department when Cagney and Lacey learn the victim was in the Witness Protection Program. Cagney and Lacey race the clock to prevent another hit.
Shopping with Tony for the ingredients of a romantic dinner with Nick triggers a frank discussion about AIDS, safe sex and current sexual mores. Armed and strengthened with the information, Cagney confronts Nick only to discover he’s way ahead of her. They fall into safe, responsible, passionate sex. 

The return of Lieutenant Jim Thornton (TRADING PLACES). Once again, Cagney finds herself taking his orders when she and Lacey are assigned to his task force. A surveillance of a stolen arms dealer turns tragic when Lieutenant Thornton shoots his second in command.
Despite his claims of innocence, Thornton is hung out to dry by the Department. Cagney takes over the task force and, in spite of her antagonistic feelings toward Thornton, the process of solving the case reveals that Thornton was blameless.


A robbery turns out to be a case of revenge for a man’s unscrupulous dealings on Wall Street. As Cagney and Lacey 
investigate, most of the suspects turn out to be yuppies, all of whom have motives.



Story by Max Jack and Barney Rosenzweig
Teleplay by Barney Rosenzweig

Story by Barney Rosenzweig and Max Jack 

Teleplay by Max Jack
In an atypical two-part episode, Cagney & Lacey find themselves dupes of their own department in a case of international political intrigue involving the Italian paramilitary group, P-2, the FBI, the CIA, as well as funding for the purchase of Exorcet missiles for use by the Argentine government in its’ dispute over the Falkand Islands with Great Britain. It’s a lot for two of NYPD’s finest to handle, especially when the very married Mary Beth Lacey finds herself physically attracted to the FBI decoy assigned to “their” case.



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