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    171 Charlie  
    Bobby advises Jenna to tell Charlie that Marchetta is her father. Jenna promises Sue Ellen that she will consider taking a job at Ewing Oil. Cliff is convinced that J.R. and Wendell have joined forces to ruin him. Ray tells Donna about Lucy's job as a waitress. Charlie disappears and Marchetta is under suspicion. J.R. introduces himself to Mandy. Cliff, hearing that J.R. has made a pass at Mandy, encourages her to accept J.R.'s advances and spy for him. Ray finds Charlie asleep in her horse's stall. Charlie later tells Jenna and Bobby that she was confused when she saw her birth certificate naming Bobby as her father.

    172 Barbecue Five   
    With Cliff's approval, Mandy keeps a lunch date with J.R. Pam visits Mandy's psychic, who states that Mark is alive. Cliff confronts Wendell regarding the deal with J.R., but Wendell suggests that Cliff is paranoid and denies that J.R. was behind the merger offer. Marchetta announces that he intends to remarry Jenna. Ray goes to the barbecue alone when Donna's business matters prevent her from attending. J.R. is pleased when he realizes that Mandy has provided a new pipeline to Cliff. When J.R. orders Jamie off the ranch, she produces a legal document stating that Ewing Oil is jointly owned by Jock, her father, and Digger Barnes.

    173 Do You Take This Woman...   
    Eddie seduces Lucy in a deserted stable. J.R. and Bobby decide to buy the Weststar fields after reading a favorable report. J.R. tells Mandy he hopes Cliff becomes pre-occupied with proving Jamie's document is legal so he can move in and destroy Barnes-Wentworth. Mandy passes on J.R.'s thoughts to Cliff. Jenna is panic stricken when she learns that Marchetta has picked up Charlie from school. Jenna doesn't show up for her wedding ceremony. Later, Bobby and J.R. find a note at Jenna's condo that she can't marry Bobby because she loves someone else.

    174 Deja Vu   
    J.R. and Bobby plan to search for Jenna, who they believe has run away with Marchetta. Cliff tells Mandy that he doesn't want Bobby and Pam to reconcile any more than J.R. does. Pam must hide her happiness at the news of Bobby's cancelled wedding. Cliff and J.R. agree to work individually to keep Pam and Bobby apart. Marchetta tells Jenna that Charlie is on a plane to Rome. J.R. pays off the charter pilot who misled Pam into searching for Mark in the Caribbean. Jenna tells Bobby she has married Marchetta.

    175 Odd Man Out   
    J.R. tries to console Bobby about Jenna's marriage to Marchetta. Mandy tells Cliff that she likes J.R. and pretends to be teasing though she really may be serious. J.R. tells Bobby that Pam doesn't care about him because she's obsessed with finding Mark. Jenna, being held captive by Marchetta, tries to call Bobby for help. Jenna follows Marchetta into a dimly lit room and a man's hand goes over her face. A dazed Jenna, with gun in hand is cornered by police as she spots Marchetta, who lies dead on the floor nearby



    176 Lockup in Laredo   
    The Ewings are informed that Jenna has been arrested in Laredo for murdering Marchetta. Bobby visits Jenna who tells him that Charlie may be in Rome. Jenna pleads not guilty to the murder charge, but the judge refuses to release her on bail. Pam continues to search the clinics in the Caribbean for Mark. Eddie agrees to consider Lucy's suggestion that they become partners in a construction project. Jenna's attorney, Scotty Demerest, questions her and she says she may have been chloroformed. Jamie sees J.R. cuddling with Serena during lunch. Sue Ellen hears Jamie blasting J.R. for his behavior with Serena.

    177 Winds of War   
    Demerest tells Bobby that a full set of Jenna's fingerprints were found on the gun that killed Marchetta. Marchetta's accomplice, Veronica, calls and arranges to meet Bobby in California to discuss Charlie's release. Bobby later learns that she wants $50,000 and he agrees to pay it. An entry in Sam Culver's journal indicates that an agreement was signed dividing ownership of Ewing Oil between Jock, Digger, and Jason. Sue Ellen orders a double vodka and later tells J.R. that she wants them to have separate bedrooms. Cliff realizes that J.R. has been wooing Mandy in order to transmit false information to him. Cliff wins over Jamie who agrees to help him defeat J.R.

    178 Bail Out  
    Mandy hangs up on J.R. as he tries to make a date with her. She later confronts J.R. for using her against Cliff. J.R. reminds her that she's guilty of the same crime. Jenna is released on bail and moves into the Southfork guest house. Bobby wants to quietly marry her but Jenna can't think of marriage until the trial is over. Eddie is upset by Ray's suggestions for the apartment building specs. Pam confesses that she was only going to marry Mark because he was terminally ill. Gerald Kane meets with Pam to tell her that J.R. paid him to set up the Mark Grayson charade.

    179 Legacy of Hate   
    Pam joins forces with Cliff and Jamie to destroy Ewing Oil. Bobby is concerned by his rekindled feelings for Pam. Mandy feels guilty over sleeping with J.R. and continuing to spy for Cliff. Cliff's lawyer feels the document will withstand scrutiny in the trial to divide Ewing Oil. Lucy is blinded by her desire to please Eddie. Mandy decides she doesn't want anything to do with Cliff or J.R. Bobby, J.R. and Miss Ellie are served with summons to a hearing attempting to freeze all Ewing Oil assets

    180 Sins of the Fathers
    Mandy is still not sure that she's over Cliff, but tells J.R. to call her in a few days. Cliff wins a small victory when the judge temporarily grants an injunction against Ewing Oil. A worried J.R. meets with Carl Hardesty, who previously set up dummy holding corporations for him. Cliff's victory is short-lived when the judge rescinds the injunction. Demerest tells Bobby and Jenna that Jenna's prints were on the murder weapon. Cliff finds Brindle's copy of the document confirming that Jock gave Digger one-third of Ewing Oil.



    181 The Brothers Ewing 
    Cliff basks in the triumph of acquiring Digger's copy of the document. J.R. craves compassion from Sue Ellen, but she has no sympathy for him. Ray escorts Brindle to the airport with instructions from J.R. to call if he remembers anything else about the agreement. Pam convinces Sue Ellen to join her in Hong Kong, where Pam will continue her search for Mark. Eddie tells Betty that Lucy is just a nice kid with a lot of money.

    182 Shattered Dreams  
    J.R. confides in Mandy about the hurt he feels due to the split amongst the family. Donna and Ray argue over J.R.'s tactics to save Ewing Oil. A frightened Veronica Robinson agrees to testify in Jenna's behalf. Pam confesses that she still has strong feelings for Bobby. J.R. meets with Conrad Buckhouser about converting some of his assets to cash which will be placed in a Swiss bank account. Lucy is shocked when she learns that Eddie is romancing both her and Betty. Cliff tries to win points with Jamie by offering her a job at Barnes-Wentworth. Bobby and Jenna discover the dead body of Veronica in the airplane lavatory.

    183 Dead Ends 
    Pam and Sue Ellen take in all the local color at a Hong Kong outdoor market during their search for Mark Grayson. Jamie is hired at Barnes-Wentworth as a resident expert on cold weather drilling. Pam learns that the patient, who she believes is Mark, doesn't want to see anyone. Eddie apologizes for hurting Lucy. Donna tries to understand Ray's motivation for throwing in with J.R. J.R. and Cliff come to blows over Mandy at a party. Donna strikes oil.

    184 Trial and Error 
    During the trial, the D.A. promises to put Jenna behind bars for her crime. Pam suspects J.R. is behind her wild goose chase to Hong Kong. Bobby receives a subpoena to testify for the prosecution. Pam accepts the fact that Mark is dead. Due to the building pressures at home, Donna tells Miss Ellie that she's decided to move out of her house.

    185 The Verdict 
    Bobby prepares for his trip to L.A. to convince Veronica's sister to testify for Jenna. Ewing 17 has been shut down by the Texas Energy Commission due to the oil seepage into the drinking water. Ray attempts to convince Donna to come home. Veronica's sister gives Bobby a letter to read in court. J.R. welcomes Sue Ellen home, but realizes things are still strained between them. Jenna is found innocent of murder, but guilty of manslaughter.



    186 Sentences
    Bobby vows to get Jenna out of jail. J.R. confronts Billings with the video cassette of his infidelity to guarantee his future cooperation with the Texas Energy Commission. Cliff and Jamie admit their mutual attraction. When Jenna is sentenced to seven years, Bobby comes forward and says he's Charlie's father to prevent the child from becoming a ward of the state. Sue Ellen is humiliated by J.R.'s public flaunting of his affair with Mandy. Sue Ellen threatens to divorce J.R. J.R. tells an upset Pam that Bobby claimed to be Charlie's father as a precautionary measure. Cliff is furious when he learns that his Tract 340 has been shut down due to leakages. Jenna tells Bobby she wants him to be free.

    187 Terms of Estrangement
    J.R. plans to reunite Pam and Bobby, hoping that she would no longer side with Cliff in the lawsuit. J.R. is upset when he sees Mandy giving her phone number to someone. While viewing a tape from Veronica's flight, Bobby, Ray and Norman notice a man slipping her a mickey. J.R. agrees to meet a man who says he has valuable information about the Ewing Oil lawsuit, but he wants 10 percent of Ewing Oil in return for the information. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that she is a born loser which only makes Sue Ellen more determined to survive in the marriage. Cliff gives Jamie an engagement ring. Lucy receives an answer to her letter from Mitch. Jenna's case is re-opened. Jamie's brother Jack comes to Dallas.

    188 The Ewing Connection 
    J.R. presents the deal to be made with Jack to Bobby and Ray. If his information is valid, Bobby and J.R. will split Jack's request for 10 percent of Ewing Oil. Lucy is excited about her visit to see Mitch. Jack reveals himself to J.R., Bobby and Ray as Jason's son. Donna tells Miss Ellie divorce is the only answer for her and Ray. John Ross stays home from school with a slight temperature. Later when he passes out, Clayton and Miss Ellie rush him to the hospital. The diagnosis is appendicitis. J.R. verbally abuses Sue Ellen for being a bad mother and she turns to booze.

    189 Deeds and Misdeeds 
    J.R. is secretly pleased that Sue Ellen is drinking again. Pam loans Cliff money when he has a cash flow problem after his wells are shut down. J.R. assures Mandy that Sue Ellen will soon be out of his life and Southfork. Jack tells the Ewings that a man named Windham can verify that Cliff and Jamie have no legal claim to Ewing Oil. Cliff and Jamie get married by a Justice of the Peace. Lucy and Mitch reflect on why their marriage failed. Donna doesn't get the chance to tell Ray that she's pregnant.

    190 Deliverance 
    Bobby and the police detective interrogate the uncooperative hit man who maintains his innocence. J.R. deliberately fuels Cliff's determination to proceed with the lawsuit. Cliff suspects that J.R. and Jack are working together. Pam and Bobby declare their love for each other. Donna and Ray have another fight and she doesn't tell him that she's pregnant. Bobby formulates a plan to make the killer confess. Mitch asks Lucy to move in with him. A decision is rendered regarding Ewing Oil. J.R. wants to institutionalize Sue Ellen for her drinking problem.

    191 Swan Song
    Sue Ellen gets drunk at the Ewing victory party. Donna tells Ray about her pregnancy. J.R. reassures Mandy Winger that the problem with Sue Ellen will be resolved. Jenna can't wait to get married and Bobby is confused about who he should marry. Sue Ellen assures Clayton and Miss Ellie that she stopped drinking. Mitch and Lucy remarry. Cliff considers an annulment of his marriage to Jamie. Dusty reappears. Pam tells Bobby he has to marry Jenna. J.R. asks Sue Ellen to agree to end their marriage. Bobby proposes to Pam. Jamie surprises Cliff during their conversation about annulment. Then as Bobby leaves Pams house, a car drives straight towards Pamela, Bobby pushes Pam out of the way and the car hits him. The crashes and the driver is revealed to be Katherine Wentworth who is dead. Bobby is rushed to hospital where he dies of massive internal injuries.



    (9 : 192-222 ) / Dallas / 1985 - 1986
    192 The Family Ewing
    The Ewings gather at Southfork to bury Bobby. At Pams house, Cliff and Jamie try to comfort her. Pam blames herself. Only Miss Ellie seems able to cope,she draws up lists of things to be done and begins to plan the funeral.
    "Dont bury the pain inside, Ellie," Clayton tells her. Gary returns to Southfork and provides a shoulder for Ellie to lean on. After all these years, Gary has found himself and is able to provide solace to his mother.
    She decides to bury Bobby on a beautiful green hill overlooking Southfork, near a tree house where the Ewing boys played as children.
    "Of all the places on Southfork where he used to play, this was his favorite," she tells Clayton. "Gary used to come ut here with him. When the other boys were playing, J. R. was learning from Jock, but I think he would have traded everything if he could have been the one that Jock built the tree house for."
    Sue Ellen, who learned of Bobbys death after everyone else, goes on a bender. Dusty wants to take care of her, and J.R . seems more than happy to get Sue Ellen out of his life. "You just go in the house, throw Sue Ellen over your shoulder, and carry her the hell out of Southfork," he tells Dusty. Ellie tries to explain to Sue Ellen that she is an alcoholic, and Dusty cannot offer her the kind of help she needs, but Sue Ellen takes offense at the speech. She leaves the ranch and goes right to a bar Dusty follows her there and drags her away.
    Dusty explains to Sue Ellen that he still loves her, that he will help her dry out. His main goal is to get her in shape for Bobbys funeral.
    The funeral is a small family event. The ceremony is short and simple. Most of the family members move away and return to the house, leaving JR. alone with the casket. He speaks to Bobby.
    "Never really told you how much you meant to me. All the fights, all that time butting heads with one another I'm sorry we were never friends. I wish Id taken time to tell you that I loved you... I do... and you tell Daddy I love him too. Goodbye, Bobby. I miss you!"

    193 Rock Bottom
    Sue Ellen has a sudden change of heart as she and Dusty leave the ranch. She tells him it was a mistake for her to walk out and that she plans to go back. JR. is not impressed with her return. His harsh rejection turns her, once again, to alcohol. She jumps in her car and roars off to the nearest bar. After downing too much vodka, Sue Ellen is too drunk to drive. She attracts a man who volunteers to take her home and then robs her of her Mercedes. The next morning, without purse, identification, or any sense of herself, Sue Ellen wanders through an unfamiliar part of town. A bag lady offers her a drink, but Sue Ellen disdainfully rejects the offer
    Clayton and Ellie worry about Sue Ellen and go off to look for her
    "Every time she drinks, her chances only get worse, Ellie tells Clayton.
    "We dont know that shes been drinking."
    "Dont we?"
    But Ellie cant devote herself entirely to Sue Ellens problemsBobbys will must be read. The family is shocked to discover that Bobby has left his share of Ewing Oil to Christopher, in Pams trust. J.R. cant believe he may have to be in partnership with Pam, while Cliff wants nothing more than to arrange for Pam to sell the sharesto him.
    Only Mandy gives J.R. the understanding he needs but Mandy does worry about the fact that J.R. is still a married man.
    "I have a feeling," JR. says to her, "a very strong feeling , that the Sue Ellen problem is going to take care itself."
    Indeed, Sue Ellen has returned to the bag lady she once shunned and now greedily shares her bottle cheap wine.

    194 Those Eyes
    Clayton and Ellie intensify their search for Sue Ellen who Ellie feels very strongly must be in trouble.
    Meanwhile, J.R. considers his own troubles. He can't believe that he may end up in business with the person he hates the mosthis former sister-in-law, Pam. J.R. tries to buy Christophers shares of Ewing Oil, and Jeremy Wendell of Weststar works with Cliff to convince his sister to sell her Ewing Oil shares to them. Pam is truly torn between wanting to do the right thing for Christopher and wondering what Bobby would want her to do.
    Clayton and Ellie finally find Sue Ellen. She has been moved from the city drunk tank to a detoxification ward. Dusty comes to the "detox" ward and gives Sue Ellen some gentle assurance. "Im here because I love you, Sue Ellen. Im here to keep my promise to help you. I will get you healthy again. Because I want you."
    But Sue Ellen can only beg him for a drink. As Dusty tries to comfort Sue Ellen, JR. comes in and finds his wife in her lovers arms. He and Dusty exchange punches while Sue Ellen, traumatized, begins to scream; and quake all over. JR. decides to commit Sue Ellen to a sanitarium.
    "Its all right, J.R. ," Ellie tells him after he signs papers. "Youve done what had to be done. Someday Sue Ellen will thank you for this."

    195 Resurrection
    Ellie begins to wonder if she too should sell her share of Ewing Oil to Weststar Although she doesnt want the the family business to come to an end, she also does not want a repeat of the struggle for control that tore Bobby and JR. apart after Jocks death.
    Sue Ellen discovers that she has no choice but to join an alcoholics program at the clinic. When Dusty tries to visit Sue Ellen at the sanitarium he discovers she isnt allowed to have visitors, so he bribes an attendant to let him in. Clayton warns him that his involvement with Sue Ellen is poorly timed, but Dusty seems very determined to make the love affair work out this time.
    When her attendant pulls out a flask and offers Sue Ellen a drinkfor a price, of courseSue Ellen is sorely tempted. Then something inside her gives her the strength to turn away. Ferociously, she presses the "call" button and rings for a doctor. The action surprises and enlightens her.
    "I can do it!" she says to herself. "I can do it. I just need help.
    Cliff continues to pressure his sister to sell to Jeremy Wendell at Weststar, and Pam gets more and more confused. Unable to deal with the business or the decisions she needs to make, Pam runs from the houseand gets quite a shock.



    196 Saving Grace
    Pam is stunned when Mark emerges from the shadows. Their reunion is interrupted by a call from J.R. but Mark refuses to let them be disturbed. J.R. tells Sly that he plans to inundate Pam with work predicting she will collapse under the pressure and agree to sell him Christopher's shares. Mark tells Pam there's no cure for his blood disease but he's in remission. He tells her that he staged his death in order to spare her and search for a cure. J.R. is annoyed when his P.I. doesn't find any dirt on Jack and he instructs the detective to investigate Wendell. Cliff gets two weeks to firm up Jack and Pam's commitments to sell shares to Wendell. Sue Ellen gets a stark report on her future and she decides to commit totally to rehab. Mandy listens to a seductive message J.R. leaves on her phone but tells herself she can't pick up where they left off. Cliff and Jamie are stunned when Pam stops by with Mark. Clayton comforts Ellie after she tells Gary she hasn't made up her mind about selling. Donna is moved by Jenna's baby gift. Ray cautions Jack not to trust J.R. Ellie asks Dusty to stay away from Sue Ellen until she's recovered. Sue Ellen vows to beat her addiction even when she learns that J.R. refuses to help her. Jack is awakened by an intruder who steals his passport. Cliff tells Mark how hurt Pam was by J.R. sending her on a phony Caribbean search for her lost love. Mark condemns J.R. and vows to ruin Ewing Oil.

    197 Mothers
    J.R. nominates Bobby for the man of the year award at the Oil Baron's Ball. Cliff learns of the break-in at Jack's and wonders what he has to hide. Dusty tells Clayton and Ellie that he's going to Cheyenne for his divorce hearing but plans to come back for Sue Ellen. Mark explains to Kenderson that he decided to reenter Pam's life because she was in trouble. He says he has been honest with her about his condition. Kenderson agrees to head a blood disease research center that Mark wants to found. Sue Ellen discusses her parents and J.R. with her therapist who wants her to concentrate on the future. Sue Ellen's mother arrives for a short stay at Southfork. Ellie tells Clayton that Patricia has never been anything but trouble for Sue Ellen and everybody else. Sue Ellen takes pleasure in helping a fellow patient. Mark agrees to meet with Wendell to discuss his offer. An unseen photographer takes pictures of Jenna and Jack and then Jack by himself. Ellie advises Ray to make his own decision about selling his shares. Jack tells Ray he's attracted to Jenna but Ray warns it will take her a while to get over Bobby. Ray also reminds Jack that their third option with the sale is to simply side with whatever Miss Ellie decides to do. Patricia tells Sue Ellen she plans to stay in Dallas to help Sue Ellen regain her life.
    J.R. finds out that Mandy moved out of her apartment. Pam explains to J.R. that she decided to take Wendell's offer because it seems the better long term interest for Christopher. J.R. feels utterly defeated. Ellie tells Clayton she's decided to sell to Wendell. Ellie goes to Ewing Oil and hears J.R. talking aloud to Bobby. She's disturbed to hear him say he's taking John Ross and leaving Dallas.

    198 The Wind of Change
    While celebrating Pam's decision to sell to Wendell, Jamie is annoyed by an overzealous Cliff's preoccupation with the pending deal. Pam assures Mark she intends to meet with Wendell to sign the papers in a couple of days as planned. After Ellie tells a dismayed Clayton that she overheard J.R. talk about leaving Southfork, she discloses that she won't sell her share of Ewing Oil to Wendell. At the sanitarium, J.R. and John Ross visit Sue Ellen who, having completed the program, is checking out the following day. J.R. only mildly protests when she informs him that she won't be going back to Southfork right away and will stay with her mother. Charlie is pleased when Jenna agrees to attend the Oil Barons' Ball with Jack.
    In a hotel suite, a photographer delivers recent photos of Jack to Angelica Nero who believes he's the man she has been seeking. Angelica intends to casually approach Jack in person to confirm his identity Despite Ellie's promise that she, Ray, and Gary won't sell to Wendell, J.R. considers Wendell's pending acquisition of Christopher's interest unacceptable and vows to start over on his own. At the sanitarium, a confident Patricia reassures an uncertain Sue Ellen as she's discharged and says goodbye to her roommate.
    Pam privately questions her decision to sell to Wendell after Ellie regrets forgetting that John Ross and Christopher should be trusted to keep the family and company intact. Dressed for the ball, Jenna can't get an excited Charlie to talk realistically about Jack. J.R. delights in John Ross's enthusiasm for the oil business. Pam wonders if she's sacrificing Christopher's family ties in favor of monetary gain. A supportive Mark comments that she can still change her mind and sell to J.R. if she wants to. Donna and Ray learn that the amniocentesis test results show that their baby has an abnormality. J.R. invites Jordan and Marilee to make him an offer for his interest in Ewing Oil.
    Though Cliff tries to answer for Pam, she admits it was difficult to sever ties with the Ewings when Marilee asks. J.R. reiterates to Ellie that his mind is made up about striking out on his own. When Angelica encounters Jack, he smiles politely but doesn't know who she is. Jack persuades Jenna to call Donna and Ray when she worries about their absence. Ellie and Clayton invite Sue Ellen and Patricia to sit at the Ewing table.
    Mandy tells J.R. she'll be whatever he needs her to be in order to carry on their relationship. J.R. scoffs when Cliff brags that he'll soon be J.R.'s boss which prompts Jamie to attack Cliff for his selfish manipulation of Pam. J.R. refuses to acknowledge the presence of a hurt and confused Sue Ellen.
    When the Oil Man of the Year Award is given posthumously to Bobby, Ellie accepts on his behalf and then chooses to pass it on to Christopher. After accepting for Christopher, Pam makes an announcement that astonishes J.R. and significantly affects the future operation of Ewing Oil.
    Pam makes her own speech, explaining that she cannot sell Christophers heritage to Weststar.
    "With apologies to those who may not understand my sudden change of heart, I cannot. . . will not sell Christopher's share of Ewing Oil to Weststar."
    Pam then privately tells JR., "Im not selling the shares at all. From now on, its you and me. Ill see you in the office, partner.

    199 Quandary
    Ray and Donna did not attend the ball because they have discovered that their unborn child suffers from Downs Syndrome.
    They are torn and confused as to their next course of actionRay is in favor of abortion, Donna is not. Finally Donna is able to persuade Ray to join her in investigating what kind of life their child will have if they go ahead.
    Cliff tries to get Jamie to come back; she is almost swayed until she discovers that what Cliff really wants is a date for a dinner engagement with shipping magnate Angelica Nero. Jamie refuses and Cliff is forced to meet with Angelica alone. He is shocked when she begins to pitch to him a very exciting deal.
    Angelica has used Cliff as bait to attract J.R, J.R is happy to woo her and win the deal away from Barnes, never suspecting that she has already chosen Ewing Oil because of her interest in Jack.
    Angelica arranges the meeting with JR. at a restaurant where she knows Jack and Jenna will dine so that she can get a good look at her target. Afterward, she confides to her assistant, Grace, that Jack is indeed the man she has been looking for.
    Donna and Ray visit a school for disabled children and come away very impressed. They decide to have the baby, despite the problems ahead.

    200 Close Encounters
    Sue Ellen reiterates to Dusty that she isn't ready to commit to him and says she won't be at tomorrow's Ewing-hosted charity rodeo to root for him.
    J.R. asks an undecided Jack to work at Ewing Oil and invites Angelica to the rodeo, mentioning that Jack will be there. Angelica tells Cliff she'll soon make a decision re the co-venture. Ray and Donna look forward to the rodeo and share a moment of hopefulness about the baby. Pam and Mark discuss Cliff's devious methods, plans for the research center, and the rodeo.
    J.R. invites Mandy to the rodeo. Sue Ellen finally agrees to go to the rodeo for a competing John Ross' sake but resents Patricia's instructions to stay away from Dusty. During the rodeo,
    Angelica is attentive to Jack which is not lost on Jenna. Cliff tries to spend time with Angelica but is frustrated when she walks off with J.R. Pam assures Jamie that problems with Cliff will all work out and shares a friendly exchange with Jenna. Jenna, Sue El1en, and Jamie compete in the barrel race, while Patricia deliberately interrupts Mandy and an annoyed J.R.
    Sue Ellen warns Mandy that J.R. will eventually abandon her just as he has his previous mistresses. Sue Ellen surprises J.R. by having the last word when they argue about Mandy and Dusty.
    Angelica decides on Ewing Oil for the co-venture, and she, J.R., and Jack proceed to iron out the details of the deal. J.R. is forced to introduce Angelica to Pam who is surprised to learn about the pending deal. Donna takes a bad fall and worries about the baby as Ray comforts her on the way to the hospital. Mark reminds Pam that as J.R.'s equal partner, she's justified in talking privately with Angelica. A rejuvenated Sue Ellen tells Clayton she could never live at Southfork again. After Pam explains that she and J.R. share equally in the decision-making process, Angelica hides her displeasure and graciously promises to provide Pam with information on the pending deal. After promising not to push her for a commitment, Dusty and Sue Ellen make love in the hayloft.
    Sue Ellen watches a controlled J.R. present the rodeo's All-Around Cowboy award to Dusty. Angelica persuades Jack to drop her off at her hotel.
    At the hospital, Ray feels both relief and sorrow when the doctor d1scloses the out come of Donna's surgery.



    201 Suffer the Little Children
    At the hospital, Ray waits to see Donna. J.R. reassures Mandy when she wonders if he's really over Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen refuses to discuss her personal life with Patricia and tells a disappointed Dusty that she wants his companionship but isn't ready to live with him. Mark suggests that a suspicious Pam talk to Angelica before deciding that J.R. was operating behind her back. Ray tells Donna that they lost the baby. Phyllis agrees to stay on as Pam's secretary.
    Ellie dashes Patricia's hopes of saving the J.R. and Sue Ellen relationship. Angelica is relieved to hear that J.R. leveled with Pam about the pending deal. Angelica stresses that she has full authority when J.R. indicates he wants to personally discuss the arrangement with reclusive Dmitri Marinos. Surprising Sue Ellen, Patricia supports her daughter's life apart from J.R. and then wonders how Sue Ellen can stand being separated from John Ross. Purposely late for a lunch date, J.R. explains to Mandy that he wants to give Jack a chance to get acquainted with Angelica. When Jack persuades Angelica to delay business discussion until J.R. arrives, she comments that Jack's involvement in the deal might be very important. Cliff makes amends with Pam.
    At the hospital, Ray finds Donna withdrawn and unresponsive. Sue Ellen hires a lawyer, having decided to seek full custody of John Ross. Cliff and Jamie reconcile. Ray dissolves into tears as he prepares to dispose of the baby items Donna had accumulated. Vowing there'll be no deal unless he knows what's really going on, J.R. falls into a passionate embrace with a seductive Angelica.
    Sue Ellen visits with John Ross. J.R. instructs his private detective to provide background information on Dmitri Marinos and Angelica. After learning that she's seeking custody and legal separation, J.R. confronts Sue Ellen and swears that she'll never be safe if she somehow succeeds in taking John Ross away from him.

    202 The Prize
    Sue Ellen has a nightmare in which J.R. foils her attempt to take John Ross from Southfork. When Angelica's associate Nicholas reports that J.R.'s detective is snooping around in Athens, she feels pressured to quickly close the deal with J.R. A grieving Donna tells Ellie that she won't try to have another baby but doesn't elaborate.
    Though she's frightened, Sue Ellen assures a worried Clayton that she's prepared to press her suit for custody of John Ross. Calling from Athens, the detective suggests that J.R. hold off on closing the deal while he checks out some odd activity at Marinos. J.R. talks to John Ross about the custody suit. Though she tries to explain, Sue Ellen realizes that John Ross is still confused about his parents' custody fight. Jack's expression of love for his late mother moves Jenna. Ellie discovers that John Ross is missing from his room.
    The family, including Sue Ellen, scours the ranch in search of John Ross. The detective calls from Athens and leaves a message for J.R. to meet him at the Dallas airport in the morning. Nicholas and two goons watch the detective as he exits the phone booth and drops a manila envelope into a mailbox. Pam tells a surprised Angelica that she is opposed to the co-venture. A loving Cliff and Jamie plan to work closely together so she can learn about the oil business. Ellie finds John Ross and tries to alleviate his fears about the custody dispute.
    The judge who will rule on the custody case talks to John Ross, Sue Ellen, and J.R. individually and then together, promising to make his decision as quickly as possible. Angelica and Grace agree that Pam can be taken care of if she becomes too much of a problem. J.R. is annoyed when a cautious, reluctant Jack wants to talk to Pam before committing to the Marinos deal.
    Cliff and Jamie tell Pam/Mark that they're going to have a proper traditional wedding ceremony and honeymoon. At the airport, J.R. spots the detective's suitcase but the man is nowhere to be found.
    J.R. and Sue Ellen are both stunned when the judge announces his decision in the custody case.
    The judge speaks to John Ross and each of his parents separately before making his ruling.
    "I must say that while your abilities and qualifications are distinctly different, Im convinced that both of you love your son. My decision is no reflection on the depth of feeling you each have for him, or he for you. But it falls to award custody of John Ross to only one parent ,and I have therefore made my decision to award that to Mrs. Ewing."

    203 En Pasant
    While awaiting court approval to appeal the custody ruling, Harv cautions an impatient J.R. not to tamper with the judicial system. Having decided to leave John Ross at Southfork until the custody issue is settled, a worried Sue Ellen discusses J.R.'s pending motion for appeal and her future with Pam and Mark. A listless Donna aggravates Ray. J.R. tells John Ross that he's fighting to keep him at Southfork. After talking to Pam, Jack realizes he'll be caught in the middle if she and J.R. disagree about closing the Marinos deal. Angelica instructs Nicholas to hold J.R.'s detective captive in Greece until Grace intercepts the manila envelope the detective mailed. Through an unsuspecting McSween, J.R. hopes to find a way to bribe the judge who will preside if the appeal is granted. Cliff is pleased to have an enterprising Jamie working with him at Barnes/Wentworth. Posing as a temporary secretary for J.R.'s detective's partner, Grace and her cohorts in Greece arrange a phone conversation in which the captive detective tells his partner to give J.R the go-ahead to close the Marinos deal. Jenna sympathizes when Donna explains that her extreme grief over the lost baby can't be shared with Ray. Sue Ellen plans to get a job and is unconcerned about the social scene she continues to worry about J.R.'s appeal. The judge's son is grateful when J.R. offers to find a job for him at Ewing Oil. J.R. tells Pam that her decision re the Marinos deal is required tomorrow when they are due to meet with Angelica. Donna silently observes as a frustrated Ray tears down the construction on the new house.
    At J.R.'s request, the detective's partner has Grace messenger over the Jason/Nancy Ewing file to J.R. Grace finds the detective's manila envelope in incoming mail and tucks it in her purse. Dusty tells Sue Ellen to have faith that she'll win out if J.R. is allowed to appeal. Unable to forget Bobby, Jenna flees Jack's romantic advances. In consideration of J.R. hiring his son, the judge promises to award custody to J.R. if the appeal is granted. Finally realizing that Ray is suffering as much as she is, Donna apologizes to him for ignoring his pain.
    J.R., Jack, and Angelica are pleased when Pam decides in favor of the co-venture. Sue Ellen makes a surprising decision that significantly affects J.R. and John Ross' future. Sue Ellen realizes it would be a mistake to take her son from his home. To everyones total shock, she announces that shes not taking John Ross after all.

    204 Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
    Harv Smithfield, the family attorney, advises JR. that even though Sue Ellen is allowing John Ross to stay at Southfork, she still has custody of the boy and can claim him at any time. If, however, Sue Ellen were to move back to the ranch, she would forfeit custody. J.R. then asks Sue Ellen to come back to Southfork, for John Ross s sake.
    Sue Ellen tells Patricia that she is not going to try to control John Rosss life the way Patricia did hers. She confides to her mother that she is considering moving back to Southfork, because John Ross keeps telling her in nonverbal ways that he needs her there. Patricia begins to pack her things to leave Dallas. The two women work out their differences and Patricia begins to understand that she can no longer manipulate her daughter.
    Jenna tells Jack that they should stop seeing each other. Jack, dismayed, asks Ray for advice; Ray suggests that he just slow down a bit, that perhaps Jenna isnt ready for romance so soon after Bobbys death.
    Sue Ellen moves back to Southfork. Mandy, upset by the news, seeks out Cliff Barnes for Chinese food and a chat. Barnes suggests revenge.

    205 Curiosity Killed the Cat
    When a ruptured water main floods their house, Ray and Donna move into Southfork. Clayton tells his lawyer that hes having financial problems and needs to sell off some of his smaller companies to keep his refinery going, but he doesnt want Ellie to know about his problems. Everyone in the family has noticed how distracted Clayton has been, but he is not aware of any difference in his behavior.
    Pam opens a package addressed to Bobby from his friend Matt Cantrell and is surprised to see it holds a huge uncut emerald and the promise that theres more to come from his South American mine. When Pam tells J.R. about the emerald, he scoffs and tells her that it must be fake, since Cantrell is a loser.
    J.R. and Angelica continue to do business. Cliff has been telling Mandy that the two are involved in more than business, but Mandy has refused to believe it. Cliff gives her a tip-off that sends her to Angelieas hotel, from which she sees JR. emerge in the early morning, thus confirming Cliffs accusation and her own suspicions. Furious at JR.s betrayal, Mandy flushes the diamond bracelet he gave her down the toilet, Jack, upset by Jennas jilting him, takes off for places unknown so that he can clear his head. JR. is annoyed when Jamie says even she doesnt know how to locate her brother.

    206 The Missing Link
    Angelica is concerned about Jacks disappearance because she has an opportunity to put her secret plan into action in Caracas shortly. JR. assures her that Jack will be back when needed, but both he and Angelica are anxious.
    Matt comes to Dallas to meet with Bobby and is shocked to discover his friend has died. He and Pam chat about Bobbys dreams and how Matt has lived out all their boyhood fantasies, and Pam decides to back Matt in the mine. JR. agrees to sell his interest in Cantrells mine since he thinks the whole thing is a waste of time. Mark Graison is not thrilled at Pams enthusiasm for the mine; he feels that Pam is becoming too involved with Bobby and his ghost.
    Mandy leaks information about Ewing Oil to Cliff which results in his cancellation of all equipment orders to make sure that JR. doesnt get the items he needs for his drilling with Marinos Shipping. J.R cant understand how this has happened to him, but soon discovers that Mandy is the spy. He sadly vows revenge.
    Jamie, who has been working with Cliff at Barnes Wentworth since they got back together, goes on a site inspection and is crushed by an avalanche of oil barrels. Shes rushed to the hospital, where blood tests reveal that she has a very rare type of blood. The doctor urges the family to locate Jack, who might make a suitable blood donor. Without the right blood, Jamie will die.

    207 Twenty-Four Hours 
    As Jamie lies unconscious, the doctor stresses the urgency of finding a compatible blood donor. While Mark Graison and Sue Ellen try to find other possible donors, JR. offers a $25,000 reward to anyone who can locate Jack Ewing. J.R. claims to be acting out of concern for his cousin, hut the truth is that he needs Jack for Angelica to produce in Caracas in a matter of days.
    Jack has gone to an isolated fishing lodge to be alone to think about his problems with Jenna and has no idea that he is being sought. Jenna, distraught and blaming herself for his disappearance, goes to Jacks apartment to find clues to where he may have gone. Some photographs trigger her memory of his fishing cabin. Jenna and Ray fly out in the Southfork plane to New Mexico and return with Jack.
    According to Angelica, Jack was so important to her plans because he was the illegitimate son of Dimitri Marinos. When the doctor announces that Jacks blood is an exact match to Jamies, J.R. is left with serious doubts.

    208 The Deadly Game
    J.R. uses Graison Researchs computers to analyze Jacks blood and discovers that Jack and Jamie did indeed have the same parents. He realizes that Angelica has been lying to him, but hes not certain why.
    Angelica, having missed her chance to use Jack in Caracas, now wants him to appear at an oil conference in Martinique. Smelling a rat, J.R. decides to sell part of his share of the Marinos deal to the cartel.
    Matt Cantrell gives Pam a brooch set with emeralds from their mine. Pam decides to go down to Colombia to see the mine for herself, even though Mark is furious at the thought. Pam is saddened by his refusal to understand her need to go to Colombia.
    Ellie secretly buys up the companies that Clayton has for sale.
    "You cant keep buying everything Clayton is selling," Punk Anderson advises her. "Youll go broke if that keeps up"

    209 Blame It on the Bogota 
    Matt and JR. meet secretly to confirm their deal: J.R. has been providing Matt with the money, the loose stones, and the brooch for Pam in order to eon her into sinking money into the mine. He plans on using her incompetence in this deal against her in his legal campaign to oust her from Ewing Oil. Then JR. feeds Cliff some phony information about the mine, enticing him to contribute $2 million of his own money to be Pams partner.
    J.R.s satisfaction with his progress on the mine and the Marinos deal is marred by his discovery that his mother has put up her 10 percent of Ewing Oil as collateral to buy a business through an unnamed Houston broker. JR. begins work to find out why. Pam is so excited about her upcoming jungle adventure that she forgets a dinner date with Mark. Mark confides to Sue Ellen that Pam and Bobby were planning to remarry and his feelings that he and Pam may not have a future together after all.

    210 Shadow Games
    By Joel J. Feigenbaum
    In Los Gatos, Colombia, Matt scans the post office, desperate to get a package of emeralds that JR. is sending him for their con. The chief of police, Luis Rueda, reveals to Matt that he has the package and that he considers Matt to be a very suspicious character.
    J.R. has noticed that Grace has befriended Jack and that the two are beginning to be an item J.R is certain this is a ploy on behalf of Angelica to gain control over Jack, and he is still not certain why Jack is so vital to Angelicas plans.
    Sue Ellen, who has blossomed in her position as the Fund raiser for Graison Research, has so impressed JR. that their relationship begins to take a new turn. JR. asks her if he may escort her to the fundraising auction she is hostessing for Graison Research.
    Clayton discovers that it was Ellie who was behind his buyouts, and while angry at first, he comes to realize what a loving gesture she made. He decides to sell all of Farlow Industries and devote himself to the ranch, horse breeding, and Miss Ellie.
    Matt and Pam leave Los Gatos for the mine, a few days trek into the jungle. Matt leaves camp to take a swim in the river after everyone goes to bed. Pams screams bring him racing back to camp, where he is knocked unconscious and left for dead.



    211 Missing
    When Matt comes to he discovers that the camp is destroyed and that Pam and everyone else are gone. He makes his way back to Los Gatos and calls J.R , who decides to come to Colombia to meet with Matt in person. He tells Matt to wait twelve hours, and then call Cliff and Mark. Once he puts the calls through, Cliff and Mark make plans to head down to Colombia.
    JR. stands in the shadows as they arrive. He has explained to Matt that he never meant any harm to come to Pamhe just wanted to discredit her. He has also bribed the police chief into helping out with the case.
    While he is gone, JR. has instructed Sly to explain his absence by telling everyone he is away on business in Europe. Angelica does not believe his cover story and worries that he has discovered her plan. She instructs Grace to seduce Jack. Matt, Mark, Cliff and Rueda are setting up a search party when a young boy arrives with a package for them. It is the emerald brooch Matt gave Pam.

    212 Dire Straits
    In Colombia, Mark and Cliff work anxiously with Rueda in the desperate attempt to gain Pams release. Cliff is perplexed by the $100,000 ransom demand. "Why did they ask for so little when they could have had so much more?"
    Reluctantly, Mark and Cliff agree to let Matt go alone to deliver the money. Mark believes that Matt may have had something to do with the kidnapping and will now skip out with the money. When Matt is late in returning, Mark is sure his worst fears are being confirmed.
    Back in Dallas, Ellie and Donna have fears of their ownthat Jenna may be cracking up. Jenna agrees to see a psychiatrist, but when at her first appointment she finds herself opening up to him somewhat, she catches herself withdraws, and then dismisses him.
    Mandy confesses to J.R. that she was the spy. JR. feigns surprise, never revealing that he already knew and used her to take phony information to Cliff. He has his eye on Sue Ellen, in whom he has taken a renewed interest. When Jerry Kenderson brings Sue Ellen home from work and gives her a friendly kiss goodnight, J.R. stands in the shadows, watching.

    213 Overture
    Pam insists that she still wants to be taken to see the mine, much to Matts dismay. In a panic that she will discover the truth, Matt calls J.R., who tells him to simply explain to Pam that much excavation will be needed before she will see any real evidence of emeralds; she shouldnt expect to see them lying on the surface.
    In Dallas, JR. invites Sue Ellen to accompany him to Martinique, where he is headed for a big oil conference.Sue Ellen rejects his overtures and refuses his offer. Hurt, JR. calls his private eye with instructions to start digging for dirt on Jerry Kenderson.Ray, filling in for Donna at the school where she has been doing volunteer work, finds himself particularly taken with one of her students, a young deaf boy living with a foster family.
    Only Jenna is not doing well. When her psychiatrist brings up the day before Bobbys death, Lucys wedding day, she rushes out of his office in a fit of anger.

    214 Sitting Ducks
    JR., who has asked Sly to get him all the available information worldwide on Dimitri Marinos, has begun to smell a rat and is holding back in his dealings with Angelica. He connects with a man named Alex Garrett, a former attorney of Marinoss, who mysteriously warns J. R., "Watch out for Angelica Nero."
    J.R. decides to go with Jack to Martinique, but to proceed slowly and to find out more from Garrett once he gets there.
    Pam gets back to work with J.R. and finds the situation just as unpleasant as ever. When she discovers JR.s latest tricks with the cartel she gets furious, but JR. tells her that her situation in Colombia just proves how inept a businesswoman she really is. Mark helps Pam realize that she doesnt have to carry on for Bobby just to prove how much she loved him; its time for Pam to get on with her other commitments. On the way to Martinique J.R. finally asks Jack to impersonate Marinos. Jack is furious, but J.R. assures everyone that Jack will cooperate because it is in Ewing Oils best interests that he do so. Jack is resentful, but finally agrees. He feels betrayed by Grace as well he should. Behind his back Angelica, Nicholas, and Grace hatch a terrible schemeJack and J.R are to be blown up on the yacht.

    215 Masquerade
    In Dallas, Pam is becoming increasingly concerned about Jennas deep psychological distress. She tries to help Jenna, but is rejected. Inadvertently, Pam tells Jenna that she and Bobby had planned to remarry right before his death, and that Bobby had told Pam that Jenna had known about his feelings.
    In Martinique, J.R. continues to try to connect with Garrett, but with no success. Finally the attorney agrees to see him, but only if there is no chance the two men will not be seen together. They settle on a meeting at the upcoming costume ball, where they will both be in disguise.
    Meanwhile, Jack and Grace make up and agree to start their relationship over. Angelica witnesses the scene, and although Grace assures her she was just doing her job, no longer trusts her assistant. Grace warns Jack and J.R. that their lives will be endangered on the yacht the next day.
    At the ball, Garrett tells J.R that three years ago, when Dimitri Marinos was near death, he had added a codicil to his will cutting Angeliea off from Marinos Shipping. Just after that, Marinos went into seclusion. JR. begins to understand the clever scheme Angelica has been running.
    Just as Angelica introduces Jack as Dimitri, pandemonium breaks loose. The assassination attempt has begun.

    216 Just Desserts
    In the aftermath of the ball, J.R. and Jack are relieved to find themselves still alive. Grace and Nicholas both turn states witness, explaining the elaborate plan Angelica had made to prove Dimitri was alive in order to have "him" assassinated publicly. Alex Garrett takes charge of the Marinos affairs and explains to JR. that although he must temporarily halt the EwingMarinos deal, once things are straightened out, he will resume the deal as planned.
    Back in Dallas, Pam worries about Jenna. She explains to Mark that she let slip the truth about Bobby and that Jenna hadnt believed her. Mark later confronts Jenna, assuring her that it really is true: Bobby and Pam did plan to remarry. Still Jenna does not believe it. Finally Jenna breaks through to a blocked memory of Lucys wedding and remembers that she did release Bobby. Jenna decides to move away from Southfork with Charlie.
    Donna agrees to adopt Tony, much to Rays delight.
    Pam realizes that she has gone as far as she can with Bobbys dreams and that she should get out of Ewing Oil. She decides to sell Christophers Ewing shares to JR.



    217 Nothing's Ever Perfect
    JR. is jubilant as he prepares to buy Christophers shares of Ewing Oil and finally take over as undisputed head of the company. He is further thrilled with the deal he made with the cartel, to buy them out of the Marinos deal at fifty cents on the dollar. The cartel members have no way of knowing that Garrett will make good on the deal, so they are more than happy to sell out to JR. J.R. takes out a $1 billion loan so that he can pursue his two projects at the same time.
    Jenna apologizes to Jack and goes to Bobbys grave to say goodbye to him. Having straightened out her problems with Bobbys death, Jenna decides to stay on at Southfork, perhaps she and Jack can work it out. Angelica, now hiding in Europe, buys fake documents and begins her plot for revenge. She finds Nicholas in Zurich, and kills him with a well placed hat pin.
    JR. discovers that theres nothing in Kendersons background that can be used against him but stumbles on some interesting tidbits about Mark Graison in the process. He decides to speed up investigation into Graisons past. Sue Ellen tells Jerry that she cannot leave Southfork for him. When she bumps into Mandy she is shocked to learn that she and JR. have broken up. Mandy tells her the cause was another womanSue Ellen. Convinced that Pam has finally put Bobbys death behind her, Mark asks her to marry him, and she says, yes, one more time.

    218 J.R. Rising
    Sue Ellen tries to get J.R. to admit that he broke up with Mandy for her, but he wont commit. He does seek out Kenderson and plants more seeds of discontent.
    Cliff throws in his hand with the cartel, in the hopes that together they will have the power to beat JR. at his own game. JR. discovers that if he defaults on any of his loan payments, he will lose Ewing Oil. Hes not too worried, though, and gives Garrett the go-ahead on the Marinos wells.
    Donna and Ray begin the adoption proceedings, but fear that Rays manslaughter conviction for Mickey Trotters death will stand in the way. They overcome that obstacle, but find that Tony doesnt want to be adopted by them.
    Matt discovers emeralds in Colombia and decides to go back to Dallas to show Pam. Angelica, still undercover, enters the United States, intent on revenge.

    219 Serendipity
    The drop in the price of oil forces J.R to shut down his stripper wells, those wells that only pump fifteen barrels of oil a day. Since he is anticipating five-thousand barrels a day from the Marinos deal, hes not worried.
    Ray and Donna discover that Tony has been hurt emotionally by another family he loved and is therefore reluctant to be adopted because he thinks the same thing will happen. They resolve to keep working on it.
    Mark tells Sue Ellen that J.R. has been snooping around into his and Jerrys past lives, looking for dirt. Sue Ellen, furious, confronts J.R., who tells her that he only did what he did because the thought of losing her is so difficult for him. Mark is so enraged that he finally admits to Pam and Cliff that they were right about J.R. all along. Cliff hopes this means Mark will throw in with him and merge Graisco with Barnes Wentworth. Jamie is so worried about a new feud that she goes to see J.R. and begs him to leave Cliff alone.
    Sue Ellen breaks up with Jerry Kenderson, explaining that she wants to give J.R. another chance.
    Angelica is booked for speeding and carrying a gun but is soon released and continues on her way to Dallas.

    220 Thrice In a Lifetime
    JR. settles in to life being just about perfect: he finally has control of Ewing Oil, Jack has decided to leave Dallas, and Sue Ellen admits that she and JR. do, indeed, have a special thing between them which she cant find with anyone else. J.R. in turn promises Sue Ellen that he will never take her for granted again.
    Marilee is so angry at J.R.s latest ruthless schemes that she tells Cliff that she and the other members of the cartel are ready to band together with him to go after Ewing Oil. Cliff cant wait to do battle again, but Jamie steps in and takes matters into her own hands, by going to J.R. and personally asking him to promise to leave Cliff alone.
    Pam and Mark progress with their wedding plans. When the invitation to their wedding arrives at Southfork, Ellie is misty eyed and pensive. Donna also is pensive when, after finally getting Tony to agree to being adopted by the Krebbses, the application is denied because of Rays criminal record.
    Angelica meets with an explosives expert who does some fancy work in her custom-made briefcase as she prepares to take on J.R.

    221 Hello, Goodbye, Hello 
    When he discovers that Garrett has shut down the Marinos wells, J.R. angrily threatens his former friend. Without the wells, J.R. faces financial ruin; but if JR. has to go down, hell take others with him.
    His snooping into Jerry Kendersons past has revealed a choice secret about Mark Graison. Graison was involved in a college prank that resulted in a student death and can be tried at any time.
    The new hired hand, Ben Stivers, alludes to a secret of his own in a life related to the Ewings in previous times. Punk Anderson thinks the man is familiar to him, and Ellie, too, is made uneasy by the memories he brings up.
    J.R. and Sue Ellen attend the fundraiser she has organized for Graison Research and get along fine with forincrly fending family members. Sue Ellen is convinced JR. really has changed.
    The two have a wonderful time and Sue Ellen moves back into JR.s bedroom as a live-in wife. Sue Ellen tells John Ross that his parents are committed to making their marriage work.
    But Angelica has other plans.

    222 Blast From the Past
    Worried that his empire may collapse, JR. agrees to do business with Angelica Nero, who has returned from her hideout to offer J.R. some papers that will give him power over Alex Garrett. At gunpoint, Angelica forces JR to her car and gives him a sample of the documents she is selling. JR has them authenticated and is delighted with them and agrees to pay her. They agree to meet at the office on Sunday for the exchange.
    Pam and Mark are married at Marks home. Moments before the ceremony, Ellie tells Pam how much she loves her. All the Ewings and Barneses turn out for the family event. Donna and Ray have finally adopted Tony. Jack refuses to reconsider staying in Dallas, but promises Jamie that she will get to keep his snazzy sportscar while he is off in parts unknown.
    JR. gives Sue Ellen a new engagement ring as the two resume their married life. He postpones a Sunday family outing to go to the office to meet Angelica,she keeps him waiting an extra hour. When Angelica shows up, she pulls the pin from her explosive briefcase, setting the timer on the detonator. J.R. and Angelica exchange a few angry words, during which Angelica vows to kill Jack and J.R., then JR. calls in the police, who listened to the conversation and can now book Angelica. As she is led away, Angelica screams that its too late Jack and J.R. anyway.
    Dallas dream season Jack EwingWorried, JR. telephones his cousin. Jack and Jamie are in his sportscar, just about to leave for the airport when Jack hears the phone and runs back to answer leaving Jamie waiting in the car. As JR. asks if Jamie is safe, the two men hear an explosion. Jacks car is blown to smithereens. J.R. rushes out of his office to go over to Jacks.
    Sue Ellen, who is worried about JR. being so late decides to drive to town to find out whats wrong. knows that JR. is meeting Angelica and senses danger. JR. leaves in one elevator just as Sue Ellen enters the office from the other elevator. Seconds later, the brief case explodes, wrecking the Ewing Building.
    On the morning after her wedding, Pam wakes to the sound of running water. She walks into the bathroom and opens the shower door, and sees a man who looks exactly like Bobby Ewing.
    "Good morning," he says.
    Broadcast: 16-May-1986 w: Joel J. Feigenbaum , Peter Dunne d: Michael Preece
    NOTE: In the end credits, it states "Patrick Duffy as " but does not say which character he played. Producers obviously did not want to state that he was definitely returning as Bobby in order to keep the cliffhanger of his return as secret.
    The ending of this episode with Patrick duffy in the shower was origionally taped seperately as an irish spring soap commercial. There was also an alternate ending in which Pam's new husband was in the shower. This was done as a clever way of preventing the ending from leaking



    (10 : 223-251 ) / Dallas / 1986 - 1987

    223 Return to Camelot, Part I
    Pam awakens from a dream only to find that Bobby is really alive and everything that happened in the previous year was just her dream world. J.R. doesn't have to go far to find grounds to divorce Sue Ellen. Ray tries to take his mind off his problems with Donna. Jenna's future plans are still uncertain. Cliff rallies together independent oil producers.

    224 Return to Camelot, Part II
    J.R. tries to talk Donna into taking up a lobbying position in Washington, and he endorses her at a public gathering. Ewing 12 on fire after an explosion. Ray and Clayton hire Wes Parmalee[Steven Forrest]. Mandy has another confrontation with Sue Ellen over J.R. Jenna moves out of Southfork and has to face a disobedient Charlie. Sue Ellen hires a detective to spy on J.R and Mandy.

    225 Pari Per Sue
    Sue Ellen decides to embarrass J.R. by going into business as a manufacturer of women's erotic clothing. Cliff grows closer to Jack as he tries to gain control of Jack's interests in Ewing Oil. Donna becomes busier with her Washington lobby work, adding to the rift in her relationship with Ray. Friction rises between Ellie and Clayton after her meeting with Wes Parmalee.

    Miss Ellie is shattered by what she discovers in Wes' bunkhouse quarters. J.R. loses his temper as Sue Ellen's campaign against him gains momentum. J.R. makes plans to save the ailing oil industry. Pam feels a sense of déjà vu as she makes a major decision about her life. Charlie rebels against Jenna. Cliff gets half a million dollars and feels that he's on his way to gaining a share of Ewing Oil.

    227. ENIGMA
    Miss Ellie orders Wes of Southfork and rejects his claims. Ray tracks Wes down, looking for answers. Miss Ellie reveals Wes' story to Jock's closest friend Punk Anderson. J.R., furious with Sue Ellen for having him and Mandy followed, offers her a divorce. J.R. and Mandy fall unwittingly into Sue Ellen's plot as her lingerie company employs a sexy model. J.R. and Bobby are shocked when they turn to the Cattlemen's Bank for a multimillion dollar loan. Donna is in Washington, lobbying to assist the oil industry. She is puzzled when she calls Ray and Jenna answers the phone. J.R. continues trying to raise the price of oil.

    228. TROMPE L'OEIL
    Clayton warns Wes that he will fight to keep him off Southfork and away from Ellie. J.R. and Bobby are convinced that Wes' claims are false until he pays them a visit at Ewing Oil. Ellie keeps her mind off of Wes by helping Pam plan her wedding. Sue Ellen's plan to get even with J.R. goes better than she expected. The unexpected arrival of his ex-wife shakes Jack's contemplation of riches from his ten percent share of Ewing Oil. With fifty percent of Ewing Oil as a guarantee, J.R. and Bobby start expanding the business. J.R.'s meeting with B.D. Calhoun leaves him confident that oil prices will rise again



    Warned that Wes' claims might stand up in court which would change control of Ewing Oil, J.R. and Bobby start investigating his background. Sue Ellen visits Wes and offers to help him. Sue Ellen's plan works as her sexy advertising for the lingerie is successful. J.R. is furious with Sue Ellen and Mandy. Jenna thinks her stomach pains are the start of an ulcer born of her arguments with Charlie. Cliff introduces himself to Jack's wife, April Stevens. He tells her he wants to buy her five percent of Ewing Oil. Donna asks Ray if he's having an affair with Jenna. He challenges her to move from Southfork and into his new house.

    Pam and Bobby's bliss is shattered by an outburst from Ray on their wedding day. J.R. uses the outburst as a last attempt to get Jenna to the wedding. Wes shows up and refuses to leave until Ellie agrees to meet him later. Jamie attends the wedding with Jack and is shocked to see Cliff arrive with April.

    Bobby and Pam are forced to make a difficult decision in the face of Ray's startling revelation. J.R. receives shocking news about Wes that may have a profound effect on the control of Ewing Oil. The possibility that Wes may be Jock makes the bank freeze Ewing Oil's credit line. Ellie goes through with her secret meeting with Wes. April schemes with Cliff against Jack. J.R. makes the necessary payment to further his plan to raise the price of oil.

    232. Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball ?
    Disagreement continue between Miss Ellie and Clayton over Wes Parmalee. Clayton feels he has to fight both Parmalee and Jock's ghost. A Hollywood producer named Bruce Harvey[Jonathan Goldsmith] expresses an interest in Mandy Winger. J.R. is concerned about Bobby's situation, with Jenna's baby on the way. The C.I.A. warns J.R. against associating with B.D.Calhoun. Cliff invites April to the Oil Baron's Ball. Ray tells Donna that the fate of Jenna's baby should be entirely her choice. J.R. wants April to sell him 5 percent of Ewing Oil. Cliff wants his $500,000 back from Jack. Parmalee''s x-ray offer more surprise for J.R. and Bobby. Pam and Bobby meet April Stevens. Jenna and Ray stay from the Oil Baron's Ball. At the ball,Parmalee shocks the oil community. Parmalee agrees to take a lie-detector test. Clayton threatens to kill Parmalee.

    Wes makes a stunning disclosure at the Oil Baron's Ball. After he is confronted by J.R., Clayton, and Bobby, Wes agrees to take a lie detector test in order to prove he is Jock. Ellie requests another secret meeting with Wes. Clayton arrives at a disturbing conclusion. April plots to cash in on her former marriage to Jack. Pam makes an unsettling proposition to Jenna. Sue Ellen forces a showdown with J.R. Jamie reaches a decision about her marriage to Cliff.

    With the evidence mounting that Wes Parmalee is really Jock, Bobby leaves for South America in search of information to disprove the claim. Bobby faces the grim duty of retracing Jock's accident in South America. J.R. pressures a confused Miss Ellie to declare Parmalee a fraud. Sue Ellen cashes in on her plot to get back at J.R. and Mandy learns who the benefactor of her good fortune has been. Donna continues her lobbying duties in Washington D.C. J.R. attempts to abort his plan with B.D. Calhoun to raise the price of oil. Miss Ellie reluctantly meets Parmalee for dinner.



    235. BAR-B-CUED
    Bobby returns from South America with evidence regarding Wes Parmalee, but it's an unexpected and uninvited guest who provides Miss Ellie with the shocking truth. J.R. and Clayton grow closer as a result of the Parmalee calamity. Pam seals her business deal with Cliff before he is cornered into paying for Jamie's service as oil consultant. Parmalee has interesting encounters with both Jeremy Wendell and April Stevens. J.R. receives reassuring news concerning B.D. Calhoun and the Middle East. Jack gives Jamie an unusual gift. Donna has a brief but intriguing meeting with an important senator in her efforts for the oil lobby. Cliff provides further sparks at the barbeque.

    An angry Clayton goes on a manhunt. Miss Ellie seeks the aid of her sons in calming her furious husband. J.R., confident that the Middle East situation is at rest, learns some frightening news concerning B.D. Calhoun. Donna returns to Dallas with a decision about her marriage to Ray. Jeremy Wendell approaches Cliff with a devious business proposition

    Threatened by B.D. Calhoun's menacing presence, J.R. takes the necessary steps to rid himself of the mercenary. Pam's suspicious investigation into some of Cliff's business "deals" prompts him into reconsidering Jeremy Wendell's proposition. Jenna attempts to sever more ties to Bobby. April Stevens eyes a fortuitous opportunity when she "accidentally" runs into Ewing Oil nemesis, Jeremy Wendell. Jenna's pregnancy continues to put a strain on Bobby and Pam's marriage. Donna decides to move off of Southfork.

    238. TICK TOCK
    Sue Ellen is unsuspecting when Calhoun, whom she knows as Peter Duncan, "accidentally" bumps into her and Pam. Ray feels the frustration of losing his wife and his unborn child. Pam's increasing overprotective nature around Christopher concerns Bobby. Jeremy Wendell pursues his plan to ruin Ewing Oil. Ray and Clayton, in an effort to forget their troubles, resume their work together in the horse cutting business.

    Ewing Oil makes a financial comeback as Bobby and J.R. secure important deals, but J.R. is too overcome with anxiety about B.D. Calhoun to savor the success. Bobby becomes suspicious when J.R. acts overly concerned about Southfork's security system. Cliff reluctantly goes through with Jeremy Wendell's plan to undermine Ewing Oil. April Stevens continues her ploy to gain back her 5 percent of the company. Ray and Jenna's friendship is put on hold while he decides to pursue a custody case with Donna for his unborn child, but she is unexpectedly rushed to the hospital in Washington D.C. with excruciating stomach pains. Sue Ellen has another inauspicious run-in with "Peter Duncan."

    240. CAT AND MOUSE
    J.R. reveals the reason for his mysterious actions to Bobby. B.D. Calhoun terrorizes J.R. with continuing his dangerous game playing. Bobby and Pam fear Sue Ellen has resumed her drinking when she doesn't return home one night, but J.R. has good reason to believe that may not be the case. Ray worriedly travels to Washington D.C. to be with Donna in the hospital and is surprised at his reaction when the attractive Senator Dowling pays her a visit. Jenna and' Charlie feel the frustration of missing Bobby. Cliff regretfully provides Jeremy Wendell with information.



    Fearing for the safety of their families, J.R. and Bobby send Sue Ellen, Pam, John Ross and Christopher off to California to escape the menacing threat of B.D. Calhoun. But when the mercenary locates them, J.R. is forced into a deadly showdown with the terrorist. April experiences loneliness pangs. Cliff throws himself into a precarious deal and is frantic when Pam isn't there to back him up financially. Senator Dowling continues to entertain Donna. Miss Ellie and Clayton enjoy a private weekend away from Southfork.

    242. OLIO
    J.R. pays an emotional price for his involvement with B.D. Calhoun, but he may face a bigger danger with the law for toiling with the terrorist. Despite her growing relationship with Senator Dowling, Donna feels stifled in her efforts for the oil lobby. Bobby takes temporary charge of Ewing Oil, but it's J.R. who's doing the dirty work through Apri1 Stevens. Ray attempts to explain to Charlie why he has to stay away form her and Jenna. Pam and Cliff lock horns over her loyalties. Everyone at Southfork receives numbing news from California.

    The shocking news from California raises questions of who is the true proprietor of the elusive ten percent of Ewing Oil. J.R. and April continue their quiet search for Jack. Sue Ellen shuts down her Los Angeles lingerie operation but finds a new "Valentine Girl" for the Dallas store. Christopher and John Ross play a potentially deadly game. Ray considers playing dirty in his divorce suit with Donna. Sue Ellen and J.R. renew their love for each other.

    An ecstatic Cliff unloads a stunning bombshell on the Ewing brothers. Furious at Cliff's disturbing news, J.R. divides the Southfork house by accusing Pam of scheming with her brother to ruin Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen offers an interesting solution to Pam's predicament. April desperately seeks comfort from the men in her life. Ray arrives at a painful resolution in his custody battle with Donna over their unborn child. Miss Ellie explodes over the strife at Southfork. B.D. Calhoun continues to plague J.R.

    J.R. deviously schemes to frame Cliff for Jamie's death. While secretly maneuvering to secure the ten percent of Ewing Oil, J.R. also orchestrates a meeting between April and a friendly judge who may be helpful to their cause. Pam gets suspicious of Cliff's dealings with Jeremy Wendell. Cliff desperately attempts to raise money to back a Wendell loan. Donna brushes off the persistent Senator Dowling. An angry widow of a former Ewing employee plots revenge on the family.



    A surprise visitor comes to the Bobby and J.R.'s aid in their quest for the ten percent of Ewing Oil. Jeremy Wendell reveals Cliff's underhanded business dealings to Pam, but not before both she and Bobby come to her brother's defense for allegedly murdering Jamie. Bobby, attempting to clear the air between him and Ray, gets a shock when he visits Ray's house. J.R. asks a wary Sue Ellen to move back in with him. Ray and Jenna reach an understanding.

    247. WAR AND PEACE
    An intensive court battle over ten percent of Ewing Oil results in a stunning decision, causing pandemonium in both the Ewing and Barnes camps. J.R. and Bobby enter into a vicious battle with Cliff. Sue Ellen contemplates bringing Mandy back to Valentine Lingerie. Pam continues to struggle with the thought of Jenna carrying Bobby's baby. Ray experiences the joys and anxieties of having a teenager in the house with Charlie living there. Donna goes into labor at a political fundraiser. Mrs. Scottfield and CIA employee Alfred reach a fateful decision about their attack on Ewing Oil.

    Double-crossed by J.R. and April, Jeremy Wendell vows revenge on Ewing Oil and he may have found it in a small Texas newspaper. A banner headline implicating J.R. in terrorism activities not only provides Wendell with ammunition, but outrages Miss Ellie and the rest of the Ewings. Mandy returns to be Sue Ellen's "Valentine Lingerie" girl but she has designs on doing much more. Ray goes to Washington, D.C. for the birth of his child and reaches an understanding with Donna and Senator Dowling. An expectant Jenna ponders her living situation.

    Tired of J.R.'s underhanded business tactics, Bobby, Ray and Miss Ellie "sell out" their shares of Ewing Oil to J.R. News from Washington hurls the Southfork family members into angry turmoil. Sue Ellen cautiously hatches a plot to test J.R.'s supposed loyalty. Pam finally confronts Jenna. A very wealthy April Stevens reciprocates on past feelings of humiliation.

    250. TWO-FIFTY
    Miss Ellie is distraught over the fate of both Clayton and Ewing Oil. J.R. desperately scrambles to defend himself and the company against the justice department charges. Jeremy Wendell continues to coerce Alfred and Mrs. Scottfield into cooperating against the Ewings. Mandy reveals the true reason for her return to Dallas. Bobby unexpectedly bumps into a very expectant Jenna. Senator Dowling agrees to help Bobby investigate the chances of saving Ewing Oil. Pam attempts to serve warning to Cliff about the impending demise of Ewing Oil, but he is wary of her loyalties.



    Jenna names her baby Lucas, after her father. Ray visits Jenna at the hospital and they discuss the future. J.R. has to explain himself in front os Sue Ellen after she sees a picture in the newspaper of him and Mandy Winger. Mandy tells a shocked Bruce Harvey that she's after J.R. Doctors tell Pam that she can have a baby. Mrs. Scottfield reveals her scheme to a stunned Bobby. J.R. almost gets trapped by the Justice Department but manages to get out at the last minute. Christopher learns he was adopted. J.R. and Bobby strike a deal with the Justice Department. Miss Ellie learns of Clayton's heart problem. Sue Ellen confronts Mandy over J.R. Jeremy Wendell reveals his plot to J.R. Pam and Bobby's dream's and plans are shattered as tragedy strikes Pam when her car crashes into a tanker and explodes.

    Season 11 (1987-88)
    252. After the Fall: Ewing Rise
    Pam is taken to the hospital with third-degree burns and serious injuries from the car crash. J.R. embarks on building a new company -- J.R.E. Industries. Doctors tell Bobby that Pam will most probably live. Cliff feels guilty about letting Digger down regarding J.R. and Ewing Oil. Jenna nurtures her new baby boy. J.R. and Sue Ellen get closer. April offers Cliff her help in coping with Pam's tragedy. Miss Ellie urges J.R. to make some changes after the loss of Ewing Oil. April meets Wilson Cryder, Jeremy Wendell's executive assistant. Bobby must face Christopher and explain about Pam. J.R. consoles Bobby.

    253. After the Fall: Digger Redux
    Pam continues in the hospital. J.R. builds up his new company. Sue Ellen gets rid of Oswald Valentine. April consoles Bobby over Pam's tragedy. Cliff meets Harrison Dandridge -- Dandy -- (Bert Remsen) who reminds him of Digger. J.R. secretly examines Pam's last will. Ellie and Clayton disagree about his health. Christopher is disappointed that he can't see Pam. Sue Ellen meets Nicholas Pearce (Jack Scalia) and immediately catches his eye. An unexpected guest appears at Pam's hospital bed.

    254. The Son Also Rises
    Christopher runs away from Southfork to Dallas Memorial Hospital. Pam makes very slow progress in her medical condition. Charlie has problems with kids at school because of Jenna living with Ray. Clayton is fed up with Ellie telling him to rest and relax. He doesn't want to be treated like an invalid. J.R. meets Wilson Cryder. Charlie pressures Ray to marry Jenna. Bobby confronts Katherine Wentworth at the hospital. Christopher feels left out because he's adopted. J.R. meets Casey Denault (Andrew Stevens). Dandy shows up at Cliff's office.

    255. Gone with the Wind
    Bobby has a doctor fly in from L.A. to help Pam. Ray asks Jenna to let Bobby see Lucas. Sue Ellen is surprised by Nicholas Pearce's no-nonsense approach. Cliff throws Dandy out of his offices. J.R. and Casey Denault put on an act in front of Marilee Stone and Jordan Lee. Nicholas Pearce urges Sue Ellen to expand Valentine's Lingerie. April meets Nicholas Pearce. J.R. uses Casey to reclaim his business power. Miss Ellie and Clayton keep arguing over his health. Doctors warn Cliff and Bobby before taking bandages off Pam's face. Jenna and Ray wonder how to handle the new situation of Bobby coming to see Lucas. Pam disappears from the hospital.



    256. The Lady Vanishes
    Bobby tries to determine why and how Pam disappeared from the hospital. Cliff is upset with Bobby for not having turned Katherine to the police. Nicholas Pearce has big plans for Valentine's Lingerie. J.R. is happy with Casey Denault's services. Bobby and Cliff suspect Katherine in Pam's disappearance and they hire a detective. Serena Ward reappears in Dallas and asks J.R. to help her friend. Pam leaves a farewell letter for Bobby and Christopher.

    257. Tough Love
    Bobby gets depressed over Pam's disappearance. J.R. and Ray unite to help Bobby. Wilson Cryder tries to intimidate J.R. April consoles Cliff. A mysterious woman takes pictures of Christopher. Bobby explains to Christopher about Pam's leaving. Jenna offers Bobby her friendship. J.R. uses Serena to find out information on Wilson Cryder. The Ewings learn to live with what Pam asked for in her last letter. Dandy tells Cliff he found oil. Nicholas Pearce tries to get Sue Ellen and April to work together.

    258. Last Tango in Dallas
    Bobby meets Lisa Alden (Amy Stock). Jenna and Ray get romantically involved. Nicholas Pearce wants April's business. Dandy talks Cliff into looking for oil. Pam leaves Bobby her power of attorney for her Wentworth Industries stock. Bobby goes on dates with Lisa. Ray comes to the Oil Barons Ball with Jenna. J.R. meets Nicholas Pearce. Ray proposes to Jenna. Clayton's heart condition causes more problems.

    259. Mummy's Revenge
    Clayton's heart problem leads to an operation. J.R. seeks information on Kimberly Cryder. Charlie is upset that her mother is not ready to marry Ray. Clayton's operation is a complete success. Sue Ellen wonders what Nicholas Pearce is up to. Casey is tired with providing "services" to Marilee Stone. April seeks Bobby's advice on how to spend her money. Sue Ellen is worried over Nicholas Pearce's strange behavior. Ray asks Jenna to be honest about the real reason behind dragging her feet about marriage. Jenna consults Miss Ellie about Ray's proposal. Bobby and Christopher spend time with Lisa. Pam files for divorce from Bobby.

    260. Hustling
    Bobby explains divorce to Christopher and gets a surprise reaction from him. J.R. meets Kimberly Cryder (Leigh Taylor-Young). Sue Ellen has her first fight with Nicholas Pearce. Miss Ellie comes to visit Lucas. Jenna is worried that Ray will get back with Donna. Bobby decides not to fight the divorce and asks the family to regard Pam "a closed subject." Marilee Stone tries to hit on Bobby. Ray appears to be free after Donna announces her marriage to Senator Dowling. Christopher grows fond of Lisa. Cliff feels he should listen to Dandy out of loyalty to Digger. Jenna accepts Ray's proposal. April investigates Nicholas Pearce's past. JR. plays games with Wilson Cryder and becomes interested in his wife.



    261 "Bedtime Stories"
    Bobby decides on a name for his company, Petro Group Dallas; Ray and Jenna announce their engagement; Nicholas is upset that J.R. went to his boss about the way Nicholas is handling Sue Ellen's account; Bobby tells Lisa that he and Christopher need to stop seeing her because Bobby is concerned Christopher is getting too attached to Lisa so soon after Pam leaving; Nicholas calls his father to warn him that someone from the old neighborhood may have recognized him in Dallas; J.R. approaches Bobby with a plan to destroy WestStar Oil; the reason for Lisa's interest in Bobby and Christopher is revealed; J.R. continues to seduce Kimberly Cryder, but she may not be quite the pawn he had imagined.

    262 "Lovers and Other Liars"
    Dandy is upset that Cliff has stopped drilling on his land and later, at gunpoint, forces the crew back to work; J.R. urges April to secretly and slowly buy WestStar stock; Lisa disobeys Bobby's wishes and arranges to meet Christopher; Sue Ellen spies J.R. up to old tricks again; J.R. learns that the largest shareholder of WestStar stock is Dr. Herbert Styles and that he has an unexpected connection to Kimberly.

    263 "Brothers and Sons"
    The land in East Texas may not contain oil, but it does have a lot of natural gas; Bobby rediscovers his passion for the oil business; Jenna isn't happy with Ray's choice for his best man; J.R. tells Casey about a company he wants Casey to acquire for J.R.E., but Casey considers buying the company for himself; April continues to dig into Nicholas' past; Ray and Jenna's wedding day arrives; Christopher learns he was a new half-brother; Sue Ellen meets Kimberly; Lisa shows up at the Ewing barbecue with legal papers for Bobby.

    264 "Brother, Can You Spare a Child?"
    Nicholas comforts April when she is upset over not being invited the annual Ewing barbecue; Miss Ellie becomes involved in a project for the DOA, leaving Clayton feeling bored; Cliff talks to Miss Ellie about the history between the Barnes and the Ewings; Christopher feels that Bobby doesn't want him anymore, now that he has a biological son; Sue Ellen arranges a dinner date with herself and J.R. and Kimberly and Wilson Cryder; Casey swindles J.R. by buying Brinker Oil for the cartel he has formed and lies to J.R. about not being able to acquire the company for J.R.E.; Lisa threatens to reveal that Bobby bought Christopher from her brother, then confesses feeling guilty to a surprising partner.

    265 "Daddy's Little Darlin'"
    Bobby warns Sue Ellen that his custody suit could rehash a lot of old Ewing dirty laundry; J.R. inadvertently learns from one of Casey's cartel members that Casey cheated him out of Brinker Oil and then sets Casey up to buy a worthless piece of property from him; Cliff tries to buy off Lisa; Clayton is intrigued by a portrait he sees at a gallery; Bobby asks April out to dinner; J.R. meets Dr. Herbert Styles who makes him an interesting proposal.



    266 "It's Me Again"
    J.R. tells Kimberly that he will divorce Sue Ellen and marry her, but she has to divorce Wilson first; Nicholas tells Sue Ellen that he is withdrawing from her account; at J.R. request, Lisa makes friends with Cliff and learns that a farmer will not give Cliff the Right Of Way across his land to attach Cliff's natural gas pipeline to the main line meaning Cliff can't sell his natural gas; Jenna tells Bobby that she still loves him; the man that recognized Nicholas returns to April's restaurant and she questions him about Joseph Lombardi; Clayton meets Laurel Ellis, the woman in the painting he purchased; Ray catches Charlie in the barn with her boyfriend Randy (Brad Pitt); with Sly's help, J.R. buys the farmland Cliff needs.

    267 "Marriage on the Rocks"
    Ray wants to be a father to Charlie, but she's not interested; J.R. goes to Cliff with a proposal to bring down WestStar; Nicholas tells Sue Ellen that J.R. has had both April and Sly buying WestStar stock; after hearing that Kimberly has started divorce proceedings against Wilson, J.R. talks to a lawyer about his chances for custody of John Ross should he divorce Sue Ellen; Bobby feels betrayed when he sees Cliff having dinner with Lisa; J.R. gives Nicholas his permission to have an affair with Sue Ellen.

    268 "Anniversary Waltz"
    J.R. forgives Casey for his betrayal; Nicholas tells Sue Ellen that he doesn't want her to be with him only to get revenge against J.R.; Cliff agrees to J.R.'s proposal and signs over to J.R. the voting rights for the WestStar stock he has bought in return for the Right Of Way over the farmland J.R. purchased; while Miss Ellie works on her DOA project, Clayton continues to spend time with Laurel; Jenna gets upset with Charlie and slaps her; Bobby realizes the truth about J.R.'s involvement with Lisa

    269 "Brotherly Love"
    Bobby learns that he may be able to get the Ewing Oil name back again; J.R. tells Lisa that he doesn't need her anymore and to leave Dallas; Casey asks Sly out for a date; when Cliff gets his natural gas pipeline hooked up he wants to celebrate, but instead he finds out how empty his life really is; Kimberly is getting tired of waiting for J.R. to leave Sue Ellen.

    270 "The Best Laid Plans"
    Laurel tells Clayton that he should get back to the man he used to be; Sue Ellen questions Nicholas about J.R.'s ability to take control of WestStar; April is concerned Bobby won't want to see her if he found out about her past relationship with J.R.; Sue Ellen joins forces with Bobby to ensure J.R. never gets Ewing Oil back; J.R. sets Sue Ellen up to catch him with Kimberly; Miss Ellie sees something upsetting; Charlie asks for Bobby's help in dealing with Ray and Jenna, but Ray resents Bobby's interference.



    271 "Farlow's Follies"
    Ray, Jenna and Charlie agree to put aside their recent difficulties; Clayton decides to go back to work; Sue Ellen's unwillingness to give J.R. a divorce is putting his plan to take over WestStar in jeopardy; Bobby travels to Washington to see about getting back the Ewing Oil name and meets Kay Lloyd, one of Senator Dowling's staff members; Miss Ellie spies Clayton with Laurel again and believes he is having an affair; April reveals a secret to Bobby.

    272 "Malice in Dallas"
    Lisa returns to Dallas and renews the custody fight for Christopher; Charlie is skipping school and failing her classes, so Jenna and Ray consider sending her away to boarding school; Clayton isn't having an affair, but more suspicious circumstances convince Miss Ellie that her marriage is in serious trouble; April warns Nicholas that there may be people after him and he visits his parents to tell them that they may have been found out; Kimberly is afraid J.R. won't marry her if he can control of WestStar without her and takes steps to ensure that can't happen; a verdict is rendered in the custody trial.

    273 "Crime Story"
    Lisa goes to Southfork to say goodbye to Christopher; Casey informs J.R. about his meeting with Kimberley; Sue Ellen tells J.R. that she knows exactly what he's been up to; April is frightened when the men looking for Nicholas contact her; Laurel's friend David tries to blackmail Clayton for $50,000 to keep his silence regarding Clayton's alleged affair with Laurel; Bobby continues to get closer to Kay and later tells April that he doesn't think that their relationship should go any further.
    274 "To Have and to Hold"
    Two men come April's apartment to 'talk' to her about Joey Lombardi and she tells them that Joey Lombardi is now Nicholas Pearce and where to find him; because of J.R. the price of WestStar stock is dropping and J.R. asks Ray buy some stock to help him take control of the company, but Ray refuses; Ray and Jenna tell Charlie that they want to send her to a Swiss boarding school and she is not happy about it; the mob men are looking for Nicholas' father and Nicholas sets up a ruse to make them believe his parents are dead; Casey opens up to Sly about his father's business dealings with J.R. and his own ambitions; Miss Ellie finally reveals to Clayton her suspicion that he is having an affair.

    275 "Dead Reckoning"
    Despite Clayton's vow that he is not having an affair, Miss Ellie tells him that she cannot trust him and asks him to leave Southfork; Jenna decides to accompany Charlie to Switzerland to help her adjust to her new boarding school; Cliff is becoming more and more agitated over all of the money he is losing due to the drop in the price of the WestStar stock J.R. made him buy and he begins to take tranquilizers to help him sleep; an enraged Clayton assaults David after hearing that David lied to Miss Ellie about Clayton having an affair with Laurel; Casey is becoming increasingly tired of working for J.R., but he lacks the money or the connections to really make it big.



    276 "Never Say Never"
    David is dead and Clayton is arrested for murder; Miss Ellie stands by Clayton, but lets him know it's mostly for appearances; with Jenna and Charlie in Switzerland, Ray is feeling lonely in his big empty house, until he meets Connie; Casey goes to Cliff and tells him that they have a lot in common because the way Jock treated Digger is exactly the way J.R. treated Casey's father; Cliff begins to overuse the tranquilizers; Bobby is upset when a senator he meets in Washington asks for a bribe in return for his help to get the right to use the Ewing name back for Bobby; concerned about the added stress the fight for WestStar is putting on the already frail health of her father, Kimberly goes to J.R. and informs him that she will convince her father to back J.R., however, J.R. is not interested in a truce, he wants a total surrender.   

    277 "Last of the Good Guys"
    Clayton informs Miss Ellie that he doesn't want to continue living at Southfork if it's just for show, but Miss Ellie doesn't want Clayton to leave, she just needs more time; J.R. sets his sights on Laurel; Ray sleeps with Connie, but immediately regrets it; Sue Ellen asks Nicholas to buy her a large amount of WestStar stock; Casey realizes that J.R. will never let him out from under his thumb, so he tries to make a business deal with Cliff; J.R. gets proof that Clayton didn't kill David and he's willing to use it, for a price; Kimberly is surprised to get Sue Ellen's support in the battle for WestStar, but the fight may cost Kimberly something more dear to her.

    278 "Top Gun"
    Cliff's abuse of tranquilizers is becoming more and more apparent; Bobby is told that he will never get back the Ewing Oil name; Kimberly blames J.R. for her father's death; Nicholas finally confides in Sue Ellen about his past; Connie is not willing to let go of Ray; Bobby is having a difficult time accepting the demands of Kay's career; Clayton is disgusted to learn that J.R. blackmailed Laurel into bed in return for getting the murder charges dropped. The shareholders at WestStar elect a new Chairman of the Board and JR expects to be elected, using the voting rights from April, Cliff and Sly, but is stunned when Sue Ellen arrives at the meeting as a secret shareholder and votes against JR, preventing him from taking over WestStar.

    279 "Pillow Talk"
    J.R. is furious with Sue Ellen for siding with Kimberly and voting Jeremy Wendell back as Chairman of WestStar; Sue Ellen leaves Southfork, but J.R. prevents her from taking John Ross; Ray orders a very unstable Connie to stay away from him; J.R. informs Casey that he no longer needs his services; Miss Ellie wants Clayton to be co-owner of Southfork.

    280 "Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork, Again"
    A psychotic Connie tries to stab Ray; Jenna is frightened at what she finds when she returns home from Europe; Cliff informs J.R. that he has sold his natural gas field and his WestStar stock to Jeremy Wendell; Miss Ellie is angry with J.R. for keeping John Ross away from Sue Ellen; Bobby gets the right to use the Ewing Oil name; J.R. is furious after learning that Clayton is now co-owner of Southfork and leaves the ranch; Cliff agrees to give Casey a chance; Bobby and Kay decide to end their relationship because neither is willing to give up their career and move; Lucy returns home.

    281 "The Fat Lady Singeth"
    Lucy takes a liking to Casey after he tells her that he hates J.R.; J.R. blackmails Jeremy Wendell and re-acquires the former Ewing Oil assets from WestStar; Jordan Lee tells Cliff that he saw Pam; Jenna forgives Ray and they decide to leave Dallas; a confrontation over John Ross between Nicholas, Sue Ellen and J.R. has a tragic ending. During the fight, JR throws Nicholas over the balcony and Sue Ellen retaliates by shooting J.R.



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