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    Робин Мэттсон / Robin Mattson

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    Кстати у меня есть несколько картинок из её кулинарной жизни. Если хочешь могу закинуть на форум, там она готовит разные блюда, но самих рецептов нет.



    Nady1982 написал(а):

    Кстати у меня есть несколько картинок из её кулинарной жизни. Если хочешь могу закинуть на форум, там она готовит разные блюда, но самих рецептов нет.

    Давай, конечно...



    Вот фотографии - вроде бы они из книги, которую она написала. Или может быть из её кулинарного шоу которое она вела.





















    Простите меня за плохое качество картинок, но к сожалению других нет...



    Вот ещё несколько статей о Робин, но все они на английском. Если кто - нибудь сможет переведите и выложите сюда перевод. Мне вот интересно о чём там пишут...



    MAY  2008
    Current Events

    This Spring Robin went into full cleaning and updating mode.  She and Werner especially enjoyed planting lots of spring flowers on their patio and watching the progress of their daffodils and tulip bulbs.  Everything came to fruition for Werner's big birthday party on April 6th.  Although Robin took Werner out to a romantic dinner at Chanterelle (where they handwrite the menu of sophisticated French cuisine to be served daily) on his actual birthday April 4th. Robin of course prepared all the food and chose all the wines for the party herself. Including the magnums of Champagne for the birthday toast.

    On behalf of the James Beard foundation Robin acted as judge for the Beard Foundation's Broadcast Awards.  The winners will be announced June 6th and Robin will be attending the awards dinner with Werner by her side.

    Next Robin and Werner are off to Europe and will be spending a week at the Paris apartment of Lisa Hesser de Cazotte, Robin's good friend and Executive Producer of Passions which is set to go off the air, unfortunately.

    Before they leave they are looking forward to attending the screenings of many of the entries in the Tribeca Film Festival.



    JULY  2008
    Current Events

    Robin wanted me to thank you for remembering her birthday.  (And thanks for remembering mine also Janice).

    Robin and Werner have been enjoying their summer since returning from springtime in Paris. The Fourth of July was celebrated with friends upstate.  Swimming in their private pool was divine. There was a tremendous lobster dinner enjoyed as well. They have been taking in a bit of the local music scene as there are so many outdoor concerts in New York City in the summertime. Visiting museums and enjoying movies are also favorite summertime activities.  Cookouts and gardening on the deck are pretty much a daily occurrence.  They are already harvesting lots of fresh herbs and tomatoes.  Robin has joined a CSA, which for those of you who don't know, is a Community Sponsored Agricultural program.  She picks up her fresh fruit and vegetables directly from a farmer once a week.  She has discovered a few new food items and has been busy working them into to her culinary repertoire.  She can usually be found in the kitchen where she develops new recipes and prepares fresh local and seasonal cuisines.  She continues to hold wine tastings every Friday at Famous Wines and Spirits throughout the summer.  If you are ever around the Financial District in NY, stop by the store and say hello.



    WINTER 2008

    Current Events
    After spending some time in Crescent City with Robin's family for Thanksgiving, Robin and Werner are celebrating the holidays at home with their cats.  They have two adopted cats and have two fosters.  It is a challenge decorating the tree with all four cats helping.
    Werner brought home a beautiful 8-foot Spruce that is holding up fine due to the fact he has attached it to the ceiling so the cats can not knock it over.  So far that has been a success.
    Baking cookies has been a favorite activity and the Amaryllis flowers Werner has been bringing home are in full bloom.  All is well and they are visiting with family and friends over the season.  A special New Year's Eve celebration is planned with their friends Nancy and James at their home upstate.  Kin Shriner gave a call to Robin last week and threatened to come out for a visit between Christmas and New Year's Day. It is always a fun time when Kin comes to town.  We hope your holidays are warm and wonderful. Enjoy the gifts and good spirit in which they are given.  Happy Holidays.  All the best.



    SPRING  2009

    Robin has started writing a cooking column for her good friend and publisher Tom Citrano.  He has just launched the New York City edition of a magazine called "Natural Awakenings". It can be found in many parts of the U.S. but Robin is only writing for the Manhattan edition.  Her column includes recipes for a healthy lifestyle and her culinary adventures while participating in a community-sponsored agricultural group (CSA) she joined last spring.  Every week she was picking up a basket of surprises delivered to a location in her South Street neighborhood from a local farmer.  She would take them home and experiment with different ways to combine the flavorful ingredients in an effort to make them come together in the most delicious manner.

    Even though there are still colder days, Werner and Robin have already started grilling on their patio and bringing the food inside to eat.  Friends are invited over at least once a week to experience Robin's flair with food of all kinds.  She has included a recipe that will turn anything grilled into something memorable. Her Salsa Verde (contained in this newsletter) is a lovely way to use up bits and pieces of left over bunches of herbs or if you do not have any leftovers and do not want to buy three or four different fresh herbs, you can just use parsley.  Brush it on anything going on the grill, steaks, shrimp kabobs, and all those great spring veggies.

    Once again she was chosen by the James Beard Foundation to judge the media awards for the best episode of a cooking show last year.  The winner will be announced in May.  She is still pouring and tasting wine every Friday at Famous Wines and Spirits in the Financial District



    SUMMER  2009
    Robin appreciates your kind remembrances at her birthday.

    Werner and Robin were thrilled to celebrate their three years of marriage on June 3rd 2009.  What a way to kick off a romantic summer.  Werner surprised her with a return visit to the restaurant where they had their "first date."

    As July unfolds Robin has decided to make these truly the lazy days of summer.  The 4th of July was celebrated with friends upstate sitting by the pool with some recreational reading and taking the occasional dip in the cool refreshing water.  Not one to miss a meal, the cooking was pretty much non -stop.  As far as the food goes, they were flipping burgers and grilling sweet corn on the BBQ.  The meat came from a local sustainable farm, and was all grass fed and organic.  Next a meal composed of fresh salads made from the greens in the garden and some jumbo grilled shrimp.  The sun was shining all weekend and the living was easy.

    Robin's big project coming up is an a cat adoption event she is hosting to be held downtown at PetLand on July 30th!!  As usual, she has too many foster cats and is actively engaged in trying to find them permanent homes.  Also at the event will be many other homeless kitties that have been rescued by ANJELLICLE CATS RESCUE, a not for profit and no-kill shelter that Robin works with.
    Robin continues to write her column for Natural Awakenings in which she discusses "living greener" and gives out recipes for the fruit and vegetables she receives from the farmer's share she purchased called a "CSA."

    Robin will once again be a proud supporter of "SHARE."  She will be acting as a sous chef to a major celebrity chef at their annual fundraiser on September 21st in New York City.
    August brings another escape from the heat of the city as Robin and Werner are headed upstate to a country home for a couple more weeks of R&R poolside.
    As far as the acting world goes, things really seem to have gone down hill in the world of daytime television.

    Robin was pleased to hear she was recently recognized as one of the most Fabulous Recasts of All Time by Soap Opera Magazine for her portrayal of Janet Green from 1994-2000.  This makes it even more astonishing that when AMC brought back Janet in 2005, Megan McTavish, the head writer at that time, insisted it be Kate Collins.  Kate was Robin's predecessor.

    Have a glorious summer and eat lots of fresh AND LOCAL seasonal fruits and vegetables - they are at their best this time of year.




    After reading the book “Wishful Drinking”, Robin looked forward to seeing her childhood friend, Carrie Fisher, in her one-woman show on Broadway of the same name.  After the performance, Robin went backstage to visit with her old school chum and believe me, they had a lot of catching up to do.

    Currently, Robin and Werner are hosting six cats in their apartment.  Three of them are fosters awaiting adoption to their permanent homes.  Tom Citrano, publisher of “Natural Awakenings”, is making room in the November issue of the magazine to showcase Robin’s fosters for adoption in addition to running her cooking column.  “Adopt A Cat”  is the largest cat adoption event held in New York City.  Robin and her kitties made an appearance on both October 17 and 18 at Javitz Center hoping to find loving forever homes for her fosters.
    Robin and Werner attended a screening of James Kiberd’s (ex-Trevor, AMC) new movie, “Soldier’s Heart” which also stars Cady McClain (ex-Dixie, AMC) in New York City on October 24.  They also had a reunion with Tommy Michaels, who was in attendance.  As many of you will remember, Tommy played Tim on  AMC, son of Trevor and stepson to Janet.

    More travel is in Robin and Werner’s future.  While Robin was lending her support as a sous chef at the Sixth Annual SHARE event, she purchased a 10-day cruise.  The proceeds from this auction goes to benefit women with breast or ovarian cancer and their families.  The highlight of the trip includes a couple of days in  St. Petersburg, Russia, where she and Werner will visit the Hermitage Museum.  And of course, they will take their annual journey to Crescent City to visit family at Thanksgiving.  They typically rent a log cabin on the Smith Riiver with a big river rock fireplace, which is why they love the home in addition to its beautiful views.  Joining them will be Robin’s nephew, Sean, who happens to be a great co-chef, and they will prepare dinner together.  Every year, they promise to keep it simple but always overdo it.  Once again Robin has chosen to prepare Butternut Squash Soup (recipe can found in the Holiday 2008 issue of the newsletter and if you have Robin’s cookbook, you can find it there as well).  She feels it is a perfect first course for their holiday meal.



    SPRING 2010

    If you’re wondering why we prepared a double issue of the last newsletter, it’s because Robin was going to be busy — moving to Los Angeles!  Yes, she and Werner have relocated and are now living in sunny California.

    Robin wanted me to thank all of you for remembering her at Christmas with your kind thoughts, cards and gifts.  She really appreciated them.  (And thanks to those of you who remembered me as well.)
    And she shares with us her thoughts on the move and her new home:

    We moved in on December 31st.  We had a few friends over to celebrate our return to Los Angeles and to help us bring in the New Year.  Kin Shriner came into town for a few days and it was great spending some time with him.

    We arrived with our cats in tow and they seem to love their new home especially after that long flight from NY where they quietly traveled in their carriers underneath our seats in the cabin.  It was 18 degrees outside the day we left.  Werner made arrangements for firewood to be delivered to our new place and made short work of stacking it as soon as we got in.  He has made a fire every night since.

    Since then we have had the backyard spa restored, and have completed some landscape upgrades. We are having a lot of fun planting our spring vegetable, flower and herb garden.

    I want to send out a special thanks to Kimberly for the lovely flower seeds she sent us for Easter.  Werner planted them in pots the day they arrived and has been keeping them moist so the seeds will germinate. We are looking forward to seeing the results.

    When we first came home, we were met with an avalanche of daffodils and narcissus that had naturalized throughout the garden but as those faded away we have been putting in little touches of our own day by day.

    On Easter Sunday we had several things to celebrate, this year, Werner's birthday fell on the same day.   His birthday wish was to have a picnic on the beach in Santa Monica.  I pulled out our picnic basket and filled it with all his favorite goodies including deviled eggs, muscat grapes, Marcona almonds (dry roasted, from Spain) asparagus salad, cheeses, pate, fresh bread , and a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne with strawberries on the side for dessert.

    Next is the big kitchen renovation, a trip to Napa, and a cruise to St. Petersburg, Russia in July.

    Happy Cooking and Eating Delicious Foods this Spring plus best of luck to all you gardeners out there.



    SUMMER  2010

    Robin's kitchen herb and vegetable garden is going great with lots of tomatoes,cucumbers and hot peppers, in addition to tons of fresh herbs and Kimberly's flower seeds have blossomed.  If you have any zucchini plants growing you will appreciate this newsletter's recipe.

    The kitchen demolition has begun and the remodel is under way at Robin's house.  A new wine cellar and tasting station is part of the design as well as special cabinets for their wine glass colection.

    Robin and Werner are traveling to NY to visit family and friends mid-July and then off to Russia and a cruise through the Baltic States including stops in Denmark , Finland, Estonia, and Sweden.  But the highlight is two days in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and a visit to the Hermitage Museum.

    Upon their return to Los Angeles, Robin will be preparing to embark on a new role on a new show.  MOre on that later as it is now hush, hush.



    А ты ещё спрашивала выкладывать фото или нет!!!!! Спасибо тебе за такие фотки. Настоящий эксклюзив. В Первый раз их вижу! Такая коллекция собрана! Класс!!! :cool:



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